Is LifePoints A Scam – LifePoints Review

People who expect to make a lot of money with online surveys will say LifePoints a scam.

Doing online surveys have never been a good way to make money online.

The average earning completing online surveys is about $1 to $2 an hour.

You are not going to earn a full-time income with LifePoints.

However, LifePoints can be a fun option to spend your free time and collect small changes for a cup of coffee.

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LifePoints Review Summary

Name: LifePoints

Business Type: Survey Site

Investment: Free

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  • People join LifePoints to do surveys and micro-tasks to make money.
  • The pay rate is $0.06 to $1.00 per completed task.
  • LifePoints doesn’t pay cash. It pays you in point that you cannot cash out until your account meets the minimum point requirement.
  • LifePoints is free to join if you don’t mind working for less than $1 per hour.
  • Disqualification is the most frustrating thing about online surveys. However, LifePoints will compensate you from 1 to 2 points for each survey disqualification.
  • LifePoints is legit, but the low pay rate doesn’t worth your time. I would never recommend LifePoints to anyone looking to earn serious money online.

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What is LifePoints?

LifePoints is an online survey site where you share your opinions and views on products or services to earn points for rewards.

If someone tells you that you can earn a full-time income with LifePoints, this is a lie.

You earn points equivalent to a few pennies for each task completed.

LifePoints was created by a joint venture of MySurvey and Lightspeed in 2019. This survey site has over 5 million members worldwide.

The website provides surveys in 26 languages in over 70 countries. Everyone can join this free platform to earn rewards.

But I must warn you, don’t expect to get rich doing LifePoints surveys.

Online surveys pay on average between $0.06 to $1.00 per completed survey if you are qualified.

People who use popular survey sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars understood online surveys are a fun activity, not a way to replace your full-time income.

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How Does LifePoints Work?

You have to be a member of LifePoints to participate in earning rewards.

The membership is free, but you will have to provide detailed personal information to qualify for each survey or microtask.

IF you don’t mind getting paid a few pennies for each completed task, here’s the process to join LifePoints.

LifePoints Sign Up

LifePoints registration is free. You can start the registration process by visiting the LifePoints website.

Similar with Swagbucks and InboxDollars, you need to provide basic information, such as your name, address, age, gender, and email for a free account.

LifePoints then send you a confirmation email to complete the registration process. You must click on the confirmation link in the email to earn your first 10 LifePoints.

Once your account is activated, you need to complete the profile questionnaires to qualify for taking surveys.

It takes a few minutes to complete the profile questionnaires. You will earn 10 LifePoints for this.

LifePoints uses the profile to notify you of survey opportunities. You then have to compete with others to qualify for each opportunity.

LifePoints Survey

LifePoints surveys are the most popular task for you to collect points.

Collecting points is how you make money with LifePoints.

LifePoints offers surveys with a variety of topics. It can be anything from daily life activities, health, travel, and shopping.

You receive survey notification based on the information you provided in your profile.

The surveys on this platform range from 10-15 minutes to complete. The compensation is based upon the length of each survey. The longer the survey, the more point you will earn.

The most frustrating thing about online surveys is getting disqualified.

Companies only need a specific number of responses to their surveys. Once that number is reached, the rest of the survey takers get disqualified.

You can get disqualified for a survey even when you’re ready hallway completing it. Once disqualified, you earn nothing.

You can be wasting hours just to get qualified for one survey on LifePoints.

How Much Does Life Points Pay?

LifePoints pays you in point, not real money. You can use these points to purchase various rewards on the site.

If you are lucky to complete a survey, Life Points will pay you as low as 60 points and as high as 350 points. The payment depends on the length of the survey. The 350 point payment is rare.

LifePoints payment of 60 points is equivalent to $0.06. This is the average reward for each completing survey. At this pay rate, you make $0.36 per hour.

Now you understand why doing online surveys is not a good way to make money.

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Does LifePoints Pay?

LifePoints does pay, but you must collect enough point to redeem for rewards.

LifePoints pays you with three options: PayPal credit, gift cards, or charitable donation.

The lowest payment you can request is 205 LifePoints. This payment option is available only for charitable donations. 205 point get you $1.80.

LifePoints offers gift cards with a minimum value of $5. You will need 550 LifePoints to get paid in gift cards.

PayPal credit payment requires the most point. You must collect a minimum of 1,200 LifePoints to receive a $10 PayPal credit.

Many LifePoints members have reported that it takes up to a month or more to earn enough points for a $10 PayPal payment.

Is LifePoints Safe?

Your personal information is not safe with online survey sites. These are consumer research firms. They share your personal information with every advertiser partners. This is part of collecting data from surveys.

Here’s a quote taking from LifePoints (parent company Lightspeed) Privacy Policy.

“… Lightspeed cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us or from our online products or services, and you do so at your own risk.”

This to show you that LifePoints is not safe. This risk applies to every online survey site, not just LifePoints.

It doesn’t worth it to sell your personal information for a few pennies.

Is LifePoints A Scam Or Legit?

LifePoints is not a scam. This is a legit survey site for you to collect points and earn rewards.

LifePoints doesn’t pay cash for each survey. You must collect enough points to redeem for rewards.

I have read many online LifePoints scam complaints where members accused the survey site of non-payments. But they haven’t accumulated enough points to cash out.

You must invest a lot of time to earn 1,200 points. I am talking about months of doing surveys, not weeks.

Even though LifePoints is legit, it’s not a place for you to earn a full-time income online.

Doing online surveys are not a real job. You can potentially waste hours completing pre-qualified survey questions without earning a penny.

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Is LifePoints Worth It?

LifePoints is a survey site that pays pennies for each completed task. You can join LifePoints as a fun way to earn money for a cup of coffee.

If you want to make real income online, then LifePoints is not worth it. You have to invest a lot of time to collect pennies.

Let me ask you this,

Why do you want to make money?

To earn extra cash, be your own boss, or quick your corporate job?

Don’t waste your time with LifePoints.

What you want is a work-from-home opportunity that pays full-time income.

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I hope this LifePoints review answers your question, is LifePoints a scam?

Until next time.

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