Google Sniper – Scam or Legit Review

Google Sniper is an online text-based affiliate marketing training course built by George Brownback in 2009.

This training program claims that you can earn $1K to $3K per day from your laptop working at home by purchasing the Google Sniper training program.

George has made so many upgrades and improvements on Google Sniper over the years to keep up with the change in search engine algorithms.

The first launch version was Google Sniper 1.0, then Google Sniper 2.0, and the most recent released in 2014 was Google Sniper version 3.0.

Version 3.0 comes out with step by step video tutorials, and it seems to try and deal with most of the problems with the older versions. I’ll discuss this later in this Google Sniper review.

Still, the product has not been updated since 2014. This is a long time for a training program.

Google Sniper does contain useful information, but most of them are outdated. This means implementing the information from Google Sniper 3.0 might be more harmful to your website than useful.

The backlink strategies use in this course will get you penalized by Google these days. When this happens, your website will be rendered useless. All the hard work is gone. Your website will not get ranked in the search engines, which means you won’t get any organic visitors.

Let learn more about Google Sniper together with this Google Sniper 3.0 Review.

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About Google Sniper Review

Google Sniper is the moneymaking secret formula which has some great training in there.

However, following some strategies in Google Sniper might get you penalized by Penguin and Panda update.

This means you have to be super careful when using this training program, otherwise, you will get penalized so quickly that you can even say Google Sniper.

Today, the internet is full of scams and misleading information on the internet. It’s impossible to know which one is legit, which one out-of-date, and which one to avoid.

A strategy that I have used for years to test if an affiliate marketing training program good or bad is “Try Before You Buy.” Any legit and good training program doesn’t afraid to share with you a few online business strategies to show how the program really works.

Using this try before you buy strategy, I have discovered a #1 online entrepreneur community that helps me build this successful online business.

This Google Sniper review has provided valuable information to many online entrepreneurs like you in identifying scams, out-of-date information, and misleading facts. Here, I will discuss with you both the helpful and harmful business strategies that have been using in this ClickBank product.

Here’s How Google Sniper Works?

Google Sniper is a series of text-based and video lessons teaching step by step on how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

The process of affiliate marketing by Google Sniper is as follows:

  1. Find and Select a profitable ClickBank affiliate product
  2. Build the niche website, a “Sniper website”, to promote the product
  3. Drive traffic to the website using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  4. Earn commission through your affiliate links

Find and select a profitable ClickBank affiliate product

Google Sniper teaches people how to find and identify the most popular ClickBank products to save time and effort in choosing the right one to promote and make money.

Clickbank is a popular online affiliate marketplace for promoting digital products.

It connects digital product owners and affiliate marketers who help to promote their products.

If you want to learn more about ClickBank, I suggest reading this ClickBank University Review article to learn more about this affiliate marketplace.

Build a niche website, a “Sniper Website”, around the product

Google Sniper teaches you the right way to create a professional website tightly targeted to a specific audience that interested in purchasing the product you are promoting.

The idea here is to use the website as a marketing tool to promote the ClickBank products that you are interested in selling. Creating a website is the first step in affiliate marketing or content marketing.

That is the simple explanation of the Sniper Website. It involves a lot more. Instead of me walking you through the process, you can watch this video to learn how I create a website in less than 1 minute.

Drive Traffic Through Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Web Traffic is the source of income for all online affiliates. The best method to generate free traffic is Search engine optimization. Google Sniper will teach you the entire process of SEO.

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There are several methods of generating traffic, but most of them are paid traffic. These include PPC, CPC, etc. They are called paid traffic because they are online advertisements. You pay huge money to digital agencies to advertise your website.

Google Sniper Keyword Research Techniques

Finding the right keyword is the foundation for SEO. Your content must contain the right keyword to rank. Google Sniper 3.0 will teach you the criteria to find the right keyword for your content creation.

90% of affiliate marketers fail because they did not know how to choose the right keyword. The ideal keyword should have low competition and rank quickly in Top search results.

Google Sniper On-Page Optimization Techniques

The next step after finding the right keyword is writing ranked content which also knows as on-page optimization.

Google spider 3.0 teaches you to create posts or pages with perfect On-page Optimization technique, including adding the keyword in the Title, Permalink, and in the Meta description.

Without On-page SEO, golden keywords are worthless because you can’t rank.

Google Sniper Off-page Optimization Techniques.

Most affiliate marketers hate this tedious step where you have to spend hours to create backlinks by commenting on forums, blogs, etc.

With Google Sniper you don’t need to do a single off-page optimization to your website. You can have this step done for you by a professional with a fee. I really don’t understand why you have to pay Google Snipper to tell you to hire a professional to due backlink for you. You can find many of the technical freelancers on Fiverr easily.

Earn Affiliate commission

Google Sniper will teach you how to place affiliate links on the website to generate the most purchases to make money online.

Adding affiliate links to your website is simple once you have a website that fully SEO optimized. This is the only way to make money with affiliate marketing.

You don’t need to purchase Google Sniper to learn to add affiliate links. You can learn everything from this free lesson on How to Add Affiliate Links to a Website.

The Cost to Join Google Sniper Training

Google Sniper is not free. The training program charges a monthly membership subscription fee of $47.


This program has a few optional upsells which add up to a total of $507.

  • The Elite upgrade $187
  • The Elite Upgrade Downsell $97
  • The Case Study $97
  • Google Sniper Membership $126

Google Sniper is a ClickBank product. Therefore, the 60 Days Money Back Guarantee is applicable. However, this guarantee only applies to the main product, Google Sniper, not the upsells. Be careful to consider this before making a purchase on any upsell.

The $1 trial is no longer available. The upfront cost of joining Google Sniper is $47.

Google Sniper Training Review

Google Sniper training lessons focus on building a Sniper site and use SEO to rank the site on page 1 on Google to generate traffic.

The training contains both PDF and DVD file of step by step tutorials that cover the main component of affiliate marketing.

Here is a brief explanation of the Google Sniper Training program

  1. New member – A brief welcome by George Brown. This section is an introduction on how to navigate and use the Google Sniper program.
  2. Google Sniper Training Courses – The main courses are a combination of video, manual, and eBooks teach people the process of building niche websites as well as utilizing other online sources to delegate certain tasks to scale up your business.
  3. Webinar Training – This is the weekly Live Q&A with George to answer member’s questions on the training.
  4. New Sniper 3.0 “Cash Machine” – This new training was added to Google Sniper 3.0 to teach people 4 new marketing strategies. The 4 strategies are Twitter Domination, Facebook Marketing, Hiring Ghost Writers, and YouTube Marketing.

Google Sniper Support

Google Sniper provides basic email support. If you need help, you have to submit an email requested to open a support ticket.

Google Sniper doesn’t have a support community, no Facebook Group or forum exists with this product.

Support requests will not help members who have not completed all the training and set up a marketing campaign. If you stuck in the middle of the training, you out of luck.

Is Google Sniper A Scam?

Google Sniper is not a scam. This is a decent affiliate marketing training program with a few outdated techniques.

I have made money online using some principles similar to Google Sniper, such as building a niche website to promote products from an affiliate marketing program.

However, one big business disadvantage with Google Sniper is that the training program is unable to keep up with the change and update of Google’s algorithm.

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The last update was in 2014, 4 years ago. Four years without an update means that you are not going to get the results. You might even get penalized by search engines.

Google Sniper Founder

George Montagu Brown is a successful internet affiliate marketer.

Brown created his first digital product in 2009 when he was only 17 years old and named the company GDMB.

GDMB is also the publishers of this Google Sniper product.

When this program was first launched, it helped many people to quit their jobs and earn a full-time income online using the Google Sniper system.

The product went viral on ClickBank.

However, fast-forward today, this product is not worth the price anymore due to lack of update which makes it’s harder to achieve online success.

Google Sniper Red Flags

Upsell is not by itself a scam. However, when the upsell product has nothing to do with furthering your online success, then to me it is a scam.

One thing we can say is that George focuses more on making money for himself instead of helping members to make money.

Every year, Google makes a few updates to the search algorithm. However, Google Sniper 3.0 was the last update about 4 years ago. This is a serious problem because some SEO techniques used in these lessons can potentially harmful to your business.

Here an example, Google Sniper still teaches the exact match domain technique to improve your rank. But today, Google will actually punish your website if you are using this technique. The exact match domain is no longer a valid SEO strategy.

Can you make money with Google Sniper?

The process of building niche websites that rank on top search results to make money online is the basic affiliate marketing

When Google Sniper was first launched in 2009, it had a lot of success helping people making money online.

In those days, you can easily rank in the top 10 positions using Google Sniper SEO techniques and earn a decent amount of money.

However, the training program has been falling behind on improvements, and updates made it impossible to achieve the same online success.

Today, you will have a hard time earning any amount of money with Google Sniper 3.0.

Who is Really Making Money with Google Sniper?

George himself and the affiliates promoting the product, not the people who bought Google Sniper.

This program was the No.1 home business product on Clickbank for 3 consecutive years after launch. It has paid over 5 Million dollars in affiliate commissions.

My guess is that most of the affiliate commissions are generated from the upsells.

Would I invest in Google Sniper?

I would not recommend purchasing Google Sniper today because of the lack of updates to improve the training program.

This affiliate marketing training program is more likely to hurt you, then help you in building a successful online business.

Does Google Sniper work?

The method of building a ranked website to make money online does work.

The problem with Google Sniper is outdated training lessons. If Google Sniper updates the training lessons to meet all Google Algorithm changes, then it is safe and secure to buy it.

Alternative to Google Sniper

I have been working online as an affiliate marketer for years now. Here’s my profile.

I start my online journey with a Free Affiliate Marketing Training Program similar to the Google Sniper, but Free.

This system is more popular with a proven success record. The system is known as ‘The 4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success.

The 4 steps are: find a niche, build a website with SEO content, generate web traffic, and website monetization.

Google Sniper affiliate marketing process

This video also explains the 4-step system.

Click on the video to start. >>>>>>>>>

The Real Way to Make Money Online

One training program that I recommend to all newbies and beginners is the Wealthy Affiliate University.

The Wealthy Affiliate University is the leader of online affiliate marketing training with hundreds of up-to-date video lessons teaching everything about the process of affiliate marketing.

Here are a few features that I like about the Wealthy Affiliate University training program compared to Google Sniper.

  • It is FREE to join: No payment required and No upsell. Click here to train for free.
  • Free training lessons: Basic affiliate marketing lessons are free. Click here for 10 Free Lessons
  • Free tools: This program offers 2 free websites and free keyword research, for their students to practice what they have learned. Click here to check out the tools.
  • Finally, I know that this program works because I have used this training to build a successful online business making over $6K a month. Here’s my profile.

I invite you to join this program and train with me. You can connect with me and I can help you along the way. This is my free offer. Click the link below to start free training and

Google Sniper review free online business coach

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