Is Star Clicks Legit – StarClicks Review

I know a lot about Paid-To-Click (PTC) site that makes me stay away from them.

Recently, a group of people asked me, is Start Clicks Legit?

This was the first time that I heard about this online work from home opportunity.

These people were excited about making a lot of money with StarClicks. I asked them to show me the website.

I told them that they will not get rich with Star Clicks. Everything they have heard about this PTC site is just hype, not real.

I offered them a quick review of StarClick explaining how the PTC scheme works.

Their excitement quickly faded as they discovered it’s not easy to make money with PTC sites.

Now, I am sharing with you my StarClicks review conversation with them.

Here’s why you are not going to get rich with

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Star Clicks Review Summary

Name: Star Clicks

Business Type: Paid-To-Click site

Investment: Free

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  • Star Clicks provides you an opportunity to earn a penny for every advertisement you clicked.
  • Free members receive limited ads to click each day, while paid members receive unlimited ads.
  • PTC work is time-consuming with low pay. You have to spend all day clicking ads to earn $11.
  • If you are happy earning $11 per day, then Star Clicks is for you.
  • Those looking to earn a full-time income online, don’t waste your time and money with StarClicks.
  • Star Clicks is not a legit work-at-home opportunity.

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What Is StarClicks?

StarClicks is an advertisement platform connecting advertisers with publishers (individual users).

Advertisers paid StarClicks for the opportunity to promote and market their products or websites on the platform.

Individuals join Star Clicks for the opportunity to make money online by clicking and viewing ads.

This advertisement platform is known as Paid To Click (PTC) site.

Yes, Star Click is a PTC site. This site is owned and operated by Easy Logic, which was launched in 2019.

If you visit Starclicks, you will find more publishers joining the platform than advertisers. No well-known advertisers are using this PTC site.

Like Swagbucks and InboxDollars, you earn pennies with PTC sites. The max daily earning for Star Clicks is $11. I’ll explain more later.

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How Does Star Clicks Work?

Star Click offers two membership accounts, an advertiser account, and a publisher account.

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You sign up for an advertiser account to promote products or websites on the platform.

Since this StarClicks review is about making money online, we are going to discuss the process of signing up for a publisher account.

StarClicks Sign Up

If you want to earn money with Star Clicks, you must register for a publisher account.

StarClicks offers three types of membership accounts, Free, Gold, and Platinum.

All new members start with a free account, Silver.

The registration process is simple. You just need to provide your name, date of birth, home address, and phone number.

Star Clicks will send an account activation link to your email. You must click on this link to activate it. After your account is activated, you can view ads and earn money.

You also have to do a phone verification to receive payment. You can request the mobile verification code via WhatsApp or text messages. Once you get the code, you enter this into the mobile activation section of the StarClicks account to complete the registration process.

You need to upgrade your membership account to increase the daily earning amounts.

Now, let review Starclicks’ memberships and pay rate.

Start Clicks Account And Payout

As a new member, you start with a free account. This free account has a daily earning limitation. StarClicks provides free members with 11 ads each day. This means your daily earning is max out at $0.11.

You must upgrade to Gold or Platinum accounts to increase the daily earning.

Star Clicks allows only one upgrade. You can upgrade your free account to either Gold or Platinum.

If you choose to upgrade to the Gold account, you are stuck at Gold and cannot upgrade from Platinum later.

The cost to upgrade to Starclicks gold membership is $20 per month. Your daily earning increase to a max of $7.

If you decide to go Platinum, your monthly cost is $49, and your max daily earning is $11.

People get excited that they can earn $11 per day. This allows them to recoup their monthly investment and earn profits.

But if you do a full analysis of this investment, the number doesn’t add up.

Star Clicks pays $0.01 per review ad. It will take you all day clicking 1,100 ads to earn $11 if there are enough ads.

Earning $11 each day generates monthly revenue of $330. So, your max monthly income from StarClicks is $281, after deducting the $49 monthly fee.

How can you get excited to earn $281 after working 8 hours a day for a month?

You better off get a job flipping burger at McDonald’s. They pay $10 to $15 an hour.

Star Clicks is not a good opportunity to earn money online.

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StarClicks Payment Proof

A common complaint against Star Clicks is for nonpayment.

Earning $11 each day generates monthly revenue of $330. So, your max monthly income from StarClicks is $281, after deducting the $49 monthly fee.

The StarClicks payment proofs are real. But, when each ad click only pays $0.01, it will take forever to earn $50 to cash out.

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Star Clicks says min payout for PayPal deposit is $50 and $5 for Bank Transfer. According to members, this statement is not true. You need $50 for both payout options.

Yes, you will get paid. But it takes months to meet the StarClicks payment threshold.

Is Star Clicks legit?

Star Clicks is a legit PTC site that pays a penny for each ad view. You can make money clicking ads, but it takes forever to earn a few dollars to cash out.

Saying Star Clicks is not a scam because this PTC site is verified by Verisign, UKTrustSeal, and UK Companies House means nothing.

When you invest money in an opportunity, you want to make a lot of money from it.

I agree that StarClicks is legit. But I will never pay $49 for an opportunity to earn $0.01 or $0.02 per click. This is ridiculous. You are trading dollars for pennies. How can this be a smart investment?

Do you just throw money at anything legit?

Is Star Clicks Worth It?

Never invest money with Star Clicks or PCT sites. These investments are not worth it.

This is like buying a job. You are paying $49 per month for the opportunity to click and view ads. You can do this for free with survey sites such as Swagbucks or InboxDollars. They pay $0.02 for each ad that you view.

I just don’t understand why do people waste their money and time with Star Clicks?

This is not a real investment or business opportunity. You are buying your own clicks, paying $49 to click ads for $0.01. A smart investor will never fall for this Star Click trick.

Let me ask you this,

Why do you want to make money?

To earn extra cash, be your own boss, or quick your corporate job?

But to make money, you look for a real work at home opportunity that generates a full-time income.

You want to make a lot of money to quit the 9-5 job. You will never achieve financial freedom with Star Clicks. This is not a good investment.

Please, don’t waste your money and time with Star Clicks.

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I hope this Star Clicks review answers your question, is Star Clicks legit or a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your Starclicks experience below.

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