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Amazon never gives away free items.

When you heard about getting free Amazon products through the Extreme Rebate (Extremerebate), you must wonder, is this Extreme Rebate legit?

Why would Amazon sellers give away free products? What do the sellers get in return?

Should you trust Extreme Rebate, or is this an online scam to steal money?

All these questions are legit.

Let me offer you a simple answer: ‘There is a catch with Extreme Rebate.’

The items you get for free are not free. You are giving up something very valuable in exchange for the free items.

You become a member of systemic fraud.

This Extreme Rebate review will explain the true costs of participating in these schemes.

Buyers beware!

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Extreme Rebate Review Summary

Name: Extreme Rebate

Business Type: Rebate Money

Investment: Free

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  • You can get a free product from Amazon through the Extreme Rebate in exchange for VP review.
  • Amazon Sellers use Extreme Rebate to boost their sales.
  • Buyers participate in Extreme Rebate to receive free products.
  • The rebate process takes up to 72 hours to complete with Sellers have the right to reject the rebate.
  • According to Amazon, Extreme Rebate is not legit because this is a purchased (fake) review scheme.
  • You can get banned by Amazon for offering fake reviews.
  • You might make a few dollars with Extremerebate, but you are scamming buyers who rely on your fake review.

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What Is ExtremeRebate?

Extremerebate is a platform for Amazon sellers to purchase VP reviews by offering members a deep discount or rebate on their Amazon purchase.

Extreme Rebate is a Hong Kong company offering services to Amazon sellers and buyers in the US, UK, CA, DE, FR, and JP.

Amazon prefers to showcase products that sell at full price, in high demand and good reviews. The rebate scheme is the best way to achieve top rank on Amazon.

Amazon sellers use Extremerebate to manipulate product ranking for more exposures and sales.

Amazon buyers participate in the Extreme Rebate to receive free products in exchange for their verified buyer (VP) reviews.

As you can see, Extreme Rebate is not a free rebate program like Rakuten (Ebates), Swagbucks, or Honey.

You are paying for the products with an honest review. However, your product review is not honest and truthful.

Now you understand why Amazon considers Extreme Rebate as an illegitimate review scheme to hurt innocent buyers.

Yes, you are willing to participate in this systemic fraud for your own benefit.

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How Does Extreme Rebate Work?

Extreme Rebate offers something to both Amazon sellers and buyers. I’ll discuss each Extreme Rebate partner program and how it works.

To become an Extremerebate partner, you visit the company website to create a free account by entering your email and creating a password.

Once you confirm your email, you are a member of Extreme Rebate.

Extreme Partner Rebate Program For Sellers

Amazon sellers use Extreme Rebate to purchase VP reviews. The VP reviews help improve ranking and sales for products that don’t perform well on Amazon.

Sellers create the product listing with a 100% cash back rebate offer for members that are willing to give a positive review of the product.

Buyers purchase the product from the seller on Amazon at full price and give a positive review.

Seller refunds the full purchase price to the buyer for the VP review.

That’s how Extreme Rebate works.

Extreme Rebate For Buyers

A buyer searches the Extreme Rebate website for deals.

The buyer contacts seller for the rebate code and link to purchase the item on Amazon.

The buyer is required to pay the full retail price, even if the item is overpriced.

Once the purchase on Amazon is completed, the buyer login to their Extreme Rebate accounts and reports the order number and rebate ID.

The buyer must wait up to 72 hours for the seller to process the rebate payment.

However, the seller has the right to deny the rebate.

If the seller declines the rebate, the buyer’s sole remedy is to cancel the account and stop using Extreme Rebate.

Can you see how sellers can use this to scam you into buying junk products at full price?

Is Extreme Rebate legit?

Every online Extremerebate review claims this scheme, not a scam.

According to Amazon, Extreme Rebate is not legit. The eCommerce retail giant will ban anyone participates in a fake VP review scheme.

The Amazon VP review system was designed to assist buyers in their purchasing process and to avoid bad sellers.

How can you say Extreme Rebate legit when the scheme helps bad sellers and scammers to commit fraud by offering fake VP reviews?

Extreme Rebate is a scheme to manipulate the Amazon ranking system to promote unpopular, low quality, and expensive products.

Yes, people are willing to participate in this scam for an opportunity to receive a free product.

Why do I keep referring to Extremerebate as a scam?

As it turns out, people don’t always get their refund from Extreme Rebate.

Is Extreme Rebate A Scam?

A bad seller is not an honest seller.

Amazon sellers can use Extreme Rebate to scam you into purchasing unwanted products at an expensive price.

Let me walk you through this Extreme Rebate scam process, then give you a few proofs that I have found online.

  • A seller creates a rebate offer with Extreme Rebate for a low-perform product in his Amazon store.
  • You accept the 100% rebate and purchase the product at full price.
  • You submit the order number and rebate ID for a refund.
  • You wait for the refund, and the seller refuses to honor the rebate.
  • You have just bought a low-quality product paying an excessive price.

That’s how the Extreme Rebate scam works. Here are the customer reviews about this Extremerebate scam.


You can Google for more of these Extreme Rebate scam reports.

Honestly, anyone who participates in the Extreme Rebate review scheme should know it’s not legit. You are not only hurting yourself, but your fake reviews affect many more innocent buyers.

Site Like Extreme Rebate

It’s funny to see people searching Google to find sites like Extreme Rebate that are legit.

Don’t people get it? These fake VP review schemes are not legit.

There are numerous sites like Extreme Rebate setting you to scam you and innocent Amazon buyers.

Here are the two popular sites like Extreme Rebate, RebateKey, and Rebatee.

You should never join these fake review schemes.

Does Extreme Rebate Work?

Extreme Rebate is using rebates to manipulate the Amazon product ranking system.

It appears to work for Amazon sellers, but Amazon is catching up with the Extreme Rebate scheme.

I am sure honest Amazon sellers have filed complaints against people using the Extreme Rebate to purchase VP reviews. This scheme is unfair to both Amazon sellers and buyers.

Extreme Rebate buyers will also return products as more and more rebates getting deny. This will certainly raise a red flag with Amazon.

Sooner or later, Amazon will take action to combat these illegitimate schemes. Until that happens, Extreme Rebate does work to help sellers improve their Amazon store sales.

Final Review Of Extreme Rebate

Anyone who participates in a scam will get scammed.

You are getting nothing free from Extreme Rebate. You are selling your positive reviews to bad sellers. These sellers use these reviews to scam innocent buyers. Those participating in fake review schemes are scammers themselves.

As a successful Business Review writer, I know the power of positive reviews. Online businesses rely on honest reviews to build trust with customers.

Businesses can make a lot of money with positive reviews. This is the reason Extreme Rebate creates this scheme to help bad Amazon sellers.

I love writing review articles to help people avoid online scams. My reviews are honest and true.

Reviews are the most powerful tool to make passive money online.

Since this discussion is about ExtremeRebate review, I will not go into the detail of making money online writing review. If you want to learn more, I leave you two article which I have shared with many readers why:

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I hope this Extreme Rebate review answers your question, is Extreme Rebate legit?

Until next time.

Please share your Extreme Rebate experience below.

2 thoughts on “Is Extreme Rebate Legit – ExtremeRebate Review

  1. Seek says:

    Are there any sellers that will pay for honest reviews on Extreme Rebate?

    1. T Q says:

      You must provide a positive review to participate in Extreme Rebate, even the product is terrible. Amazon is against paid review.

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