Is OnMyWay App Legit – On My Way App Review

Earn passive income for not using your phone while driving.

On My Way (OnMyWay) offers drivers an opportunity to make money driving safely, stay off the phone, and keep their eyes on the road.

I must admit. It does make you pause for a few seconds.

Is this for real?

Is OnMyWay app legit?

I want to know more about this passive income opportunity.

Or at least, how much does On My Way app pay?

After completing the On My Way app review, I am a little disappointed.

On My Way app doesn’t pay as much as my current work from home business.

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OnMyWay App Review Summary

Name: On My Way App

Business Type: Passive Income

Investment: Free

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  • On My Way is a get paid to drive a safe app.
  • Every driver in the US can earn money with the OnMyWay app by download and install it on their phone.
  • The app proprietary technology starts tracking the mileages when the car is moving faster than 10 miles per hour.
  • On My Way app pays both driver and passenger $0.05 per mile to not use the phone while driving.
  • The app also gives you a $10 bonus for joining this safe driving program.
  • But you are not going to make a ton of cash with this app. It will not replace your full-time job. You can’t even earn enough to pay for gas.
  • On My Way app makes money collecting data from your phone to share with advertisers and sponsors.
  • It is not a safe way to earn passive income.

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What Is OnMyWay app?

The OnMyWay is a tracking app that pays drivers for every mile that they do not text and drive.

This app uses money as a reward to encourage drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

OnMyWay was founded on Jul 24, 2019, by Chloe Palmer and Courtney O’Donnell. The company headquarters in Charleston, SC.

The app makes money by collecting and sharing your personal data with advertisers.

The business concept is good, but it’s not safe to join the On My Way app to make money.

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How Does On My Way App Make Money?

On My Way app makes money by collecting data from your phone and sharing them with advertisers and sponsors. The company revenues depend on gathering a mountain of data on users.

You must provide an email address, phone number, street address, and date of birth to register for an account. OnMyWay app requires a copy of your driver’s license to verify the information.

App users must grant OnMyWay wide-ranging of permission to access their phone. It includes bank account information, text messages, contacts, and location for the app to track them while driving.

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On My Way app stores all the data in the company database.

The company makes money by selling the users’ data to sponsors and advertisers who want to conduct targeted marketing.

Your phone and the phone of all your contacts are spam with messaging ads.

That’s how the On My Way app makes money.

How Does On My Way App Work?

The first step is to download and install the free OnMyWay app on your smartphone. You can download this app through Google Play or Apple Store.

After installing the app, you need to register for an account. You must grant the app with full access permission and a copy of your driver’s license to verify your identity.

The app is running in the background and tracks the driver movement. It automatically disables text messages and income calls when the car is traveling more than 10 miles per hour.

Drivers can only make and accept calls if the phone is connected to in-car Bluetooth.

On My Way app will send out an automatic text response to all incoming messages as follows:


Most people hate this self-promotion text message.

The app records every mile that you drive without using your phone. On My Way app pays you a few pennies for each mile.

That’s how On My Way App works to earn you money.

How Much Does On My Way App Pay?

This is the most asked question about this app.

I want to tell you, it’s not much.

On My Way says that you can earn up to $0.05 per safe mile driven.

There’s a reason I use the phrase “you can earn up to…” I’ll discuss more later.

There are three more ways the On My Way app pay you:

  1. You earn a $10 sign-up bonus.
  2. You get paid a $2 referral bonus when someone signs up through your link.
  3. You also earn $.02 for every safe mile your referrals drive.

It sounds like you can make a lot of money using this app. Well, not really.

You are not earning real money. You get paid with OnMyWay Cash.

One dollar of On My Way cash is equal to $0.10 payout. At this rate, the On My Way app pays you $0.05 for 10 miles of driving.

You have to redeem OnMyWay cash earned from sign up bonus, mileage driving, and referral bonuses for gift cards.

Things get worse when you want to cash out your OnMyWay cash.

How To Cash Out On My Way App?

It’s not easy to cash out your earnings with the On My Way app.

First, the On My Way app doesn’t allow cash out with direct deposit into your bank, PayPal, or Venmo accounts.

OnMyWay Cash is only redeemable for gift cards at the minimum amount of $10, which is about 2,000 miles of driving.

The app offers three cash out options:

  1. $10
  2. $100
  3. $250
  4. $1,000

The $10 is the most popular deal. This deal has a limit of 200 gift cards.

The $10 and $100 deals are always sold out making it impossible to redeem your OnMyWay Cash.

If you want to cash out for the $250, you must drive 50,000 miles. The $1,000 deal required 200,000 miles of driving.

It’s impossible to earn with the OnMYWay app. This is a terrible way to earn passive income.

I make easy money as a wealthy affiliating marketer, then selling my personal data to On My Way App for a few pennies.

Is OnMyWay App legit?

OnMyWay App is legit, but it’s not a safe way to make money. This app collects and tracks your phone to share them with third parties, advertisers, and sponsors.

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Even if you trust the On My Way app with your phone data, the earnings will make you uninstall the app.

You earn $1,000 for driving 100,000 miles. This is the life of the car. This takes years to achieve.

Are you willing to allow the On My Way app to track your locations and movements for over 10 years to earn $1K?

I’ll let you decide.

The misleading advertisement and terrible pay rate have generated lots of scam complaints against the On My Way app.

On My Way App Scam Complaints

The #1 On My Way app scam complaints is, ‘Not Redeemable for Cash.’

The next popular scam complaint against On My Way app is, ‘it is not reflecting the total amount of miles.’

People think that they receive 5 cents for each mile of driving. They don’t understand that they get paid in OnMyWay Cash.

On My Way misleads the public about the pay rate. The company advertises on their website that ‘you get paid $.05 cash for every mile of driving without texting.’

This is untrue. You get paid with OnMyWay Cash, not real cash.

Even though, On My Way app is legit. But the misleading in earning advertisements make the company untrustworthy.

You cannot trust the OnMyWay app with your phone data. It’s unsafe to make money with the On My Way app.

Final Review Of On My Way App

I must say On My Way app does have a fantastic business idea, rewarding drivers for safe driving habits.

But this is not a real way to earn passive income. You earn only $1.00 for 200 miles of safe driving.

On my way app doesn’t really pay cash. There’s no option to cash out your ‘OnMyWay cash’ into Venmo or bank account.

Why destroy your car to earn a few pennies with the On My Way App?

I don’t know about you. When I am looking for an opportunity to earn passive income, I want to get paid in real money.

On My Way App is a real way to make a living.

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It might sound like a great idea to use the On My Way app to earn while driving to and from work.

But the risk to your personal data doesn’t worth it.

Why take on so much risk for a few pennies?

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I hope this On My Way App review answers your question, is OnMyWay app legit?

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

2 thoughts on “Is OnMyWay App Legit – On My Way App Review”

  1. I had the app through a referral. I had about almost 500.00. I know some of my miles weren’t tracked. Sometimes it only tracked 1 way to work. (12 miles total) so 6, 8, or 10 miles any given day. Also if you use the map app to go somewhere you’ve never been before it won’t track miles. Most recently the app glitched. Rebooted my phone and reopened the app. My balance was gone my license info was gone and the referral code I had was gone. It was like I never even had an account. My sister had a lot more miles than I did. Almost 5k in her account and it was wiped out too.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with us about ONMyWay App. Yes, it’s not safe to earn passive income by allowing a company to track your every move.


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