Local Boss Review – Is Local Boss Legit

Lead generations for local businesses have become the hottest trend for making money online.

Dozens of online training programs promise to teach you the process of creating a multi-million dollar lead generation digital agency. Local Boss is one of them.

When I research a few of them, I see all hype with no income proof.

It makes you wonder, is the lead generation training program like Local Boss legit?

I decided to look into the Local Boss to see what this is about.

Now, I am writing this Local Boss review to offer you the truth. Here’s why this is all hype.

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Local Boss Review Summary

Name: Local Boss
Business Type: Digital Ads Agency
Investment: $5,000 +

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  • Local Boss is a digital training program teaching the process of making money selling leads to local businesses.
  • There is not price published for this program. You must attend a 1-on-1 sale call to learn your price. You get a price quote from $3,000 to $5,000.
  • Local Boss requires a large sum of funds because this business model uses Facebook advertisements to generate leads.
  • Generating sale lead with Facebook ads is expensive and competitive. You can lose thousands of dollars in a few minutes.
  • The risk with Local Boss is not about getting scam. This business model requires face-to-face selling.
  • After generating the leads, you have to sell them to make money. It’s not easy.
  • If you hate sales, you will not make money with Local Boss.


The Local Boss Review

It’s always the right step to research an online business opportunity before investing.

I am writing this Local Boss review to give you an understanding of this training program.

Local Boss is a digital lead generation business. This business model requires two steps to make money:

  1. First, you generate leads
  2. Second, sell the leads to business owners.

There are other training programs similar to Local Boss. You can check our review on Modern Millionaires, Officeless Agency, Bossless Forever, Lead Generation Coaching, and more.

Here’s how Local Boss teaches you the process of generating and selling leads.

WARNING, this business is not a true home-based business. You must conduct sales meetings with business owners to make money. It requires traveling.

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Local Boss Program

The Local Boss program teaches you two important steps to build a successful digital agency:

  1. Building a client base.
  2. Facebook ads training.

The two steps have a total of 6 lessons. The lessons are organized as follows:

  1. The foundation – This is an introduction to lead generation business. You get to know Adam Davies and how he become successful with the Local Boss business.
  2. Building your agency – This lesson teaches the process of setting your online business. You learn about building a website to capture leads. You learn to set up the payment system to accept money over the phone. You learn every step of launching your first digital agency.
  3. Client attraction – You learn to attract clients using both online and offline methods. Local Boss covers the process of building an email list and email campaigns. It covers the process of converting visitors into clients. This lesson essentially teaches you how to sell. Cold-calling will be your best option to promote your digital agency to local business owners.
  4. Funnel lead generation – You learn about ClickFunnels, and how to use this program to convert web traffic into leads. ClickFunnels is not free. You will have to pay a monthly fee to use this service.
  5. Funnels for different niches – This lesson covers the low, mid, and high ticket niches. It is important to use the right funnels to convert these different web traffic.
  6. Facebook ads training – This is how Local Boss generates web traffic. This method is known as paid traffic. This paid traffic is direct to the funnels to convert into sales leads. Local Boss will teach you everything about running ads on Facebook. The program offers step-by-step and done-for-you ad templates to use for certain niches.

Local Boss teaches the business model known as “Paid Traffic.” This business model relies on ads to generate sales leads. Regardless of what Local Boss teaches you, you will need a lot of money to pay for Facebook ads.

You have to pay for FaceBook even if the ads fail to generate leads, or no business buying the leads, or clients refuse to pay their monthly bill.

This business is expensive and risky.

How Much Does The Local Boss Cost?

People report the Local Boss cost as high as $5,000. This is for the lesson and coaching only.

However, the biggest expense for this business is Facebook advertisements.

You have to purchase Facebook ads to generate leads for business owners. This money is a total loss if you are unable to sell the leads to local businesses.

You can lose thousands of dollars on ads that generate ZERO sales.

Now you understand why Local Boss doesn’t publish the actual cost to start this business.

You must schedule a 1-on-1 sale call with an agent to learn your cost to train with Local Boss.

Many entrepreneurs have reported a price drop from $5,000 to as low as $3,000 after they declined to pay full price. You need to know this important information because you can save $2,000.

Remember, you don’t make money purchasing the Local Boss training. You must have additional cash on hand to pay for FaceBook ads. The advertisement budget can go as high as $10,000.

You must find clients to recover these costs.

Can You Make Money With The Local Boss?

This business model generates revenue by helping small businesses generating sales leads. You make money when businesses agree to purchase them from you.

But before you can sell the leads, you have to generate them. This process requires a lot of money and time.

Once you have some sales leads, you then cold-call local businesses to sell them.

Your potential clients are small businesses that already utilized online advertisements but advertising badly. You come in and show them how Local Boss can improve their revenue. If the business owners like your proposal, they sign a contract with you. This is how you make money.

You can charge businesses a monthly fee or a commission on each sale generated by the leads.

Then, you have to collect the cash at the end of the month. Sometimes, clients refuse to pay you after receiving the service. This is another problem with Local Boss.

As you can see, making money with Local Boss is not easy. This is not a work-at-home business.

You love to hit the road, pound the floor, and knock on doors to sell leads. If you hate cold-callings and sales, you cannot make money with Local Boss.

I don’t know if you want to pay over $5K for this.

For me, I love to roll out of bed and take five steps to my office. I prefer working as an affiliating marketer.

Is Local Boss legit?

Local Boss is a legit digital agency training program. You get the video lessons, nothing more.

You wouldn’t be able to build a successful business unless you have additional cash to buy FaceBook ads.

The local lead generation business is very competitive. You must be ready to spend a lot of your hard-earned money to generate leads. This money is a loss if you cannot sell them to businesses.

It’s very difficult to break into this business because everything is built on results.

Local Boss suggests you give free leads to business owners to show results. This means more loss for you.

Now you understand why some people call Local Boss a scam.

My Final Review Of Local Boss

Local Boss is an expensive business model with an uncertainty of earning profits.

FaceBook advertisement is getting more and more expensive. Unless you are willing to waste a lot of money on ads, purchasing the Local Boss is worthless.

Local lead generation is a very competitive business. You must be ready to hit the road, knock on doors, and do sales presentations to make money.

Regardless of what Local Boss says, this is not a work-at-home business.

There is no reason to take so much risk with Local Boss hoping to earn a few dollars.

There are more lucrative opportunities for you can earn a full-time income at home today.

I understand you are here to read my review of the Local Boss.

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I hope this Local Boss review answers your question, is Local Boss legit?

Until next time.

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