AOJ Online Jobs Review – Is AOJ Online Jobs Legit

Making money from home online is no longer a dream. Many of us are making millions of dollars each year.

The challenge is finding the right or legit opportunity.

There are so many scams online. How do you know which one is legit and profitable?

The best way to avoid online scams is by reading customer reviews like this AOJ Online Jobs review.

You want to know if AOJ Online Jobs legit before investing time and money.

Your concern is real and legit.

You must have a lot of questions regarding the AOJ Online Jobs work-from-home opportunity.

I’ll tell you this, you are not going to earn a full-time income with AOJ Online Jobs. This is not a real make money online opportunity.

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AOJ Online Jobs Review Summary

Name: AOJ Online Jobs

Business Type: Work-From-Home Opp.

Investment: Free

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  • AOJ Online Jobs is a website that claims to offer work from home jobs to those struggling to make money online.
  • Over 3.3 million people have joined AOJ Online Jobs believing this online opportunity legit.
  • Every visitor to the website is asked to complete pre-screening questions to start working and make money with AOJ.
  • According to online reviewers, AOJ Online Jobs doesn’t have real jobs.
  • This website uses the work-from-home opportunity to make money themselves. I’ll explain more below.


What Is AOJ Online Jobs?

AOJ Online Jobs is a website that promises to provide job seekers with a non-traditional job, the chance to make money working from home.

However, this is not a legit online job site. AOJ Online Jobs connects you with other online job portals, such as survey sites, to secure employment. was created by Peter, an experienced web designer, in February 2018. The website went through multiple rebranding over the years.

If you are searching for work from home jobs, you probably have come across the following business names:


All the domain names above direct you to AOJ Online Jobs.

The business goal of AOJ Online Jobs is getting you to work on simple tasks to earn pennies from Get-Paid-To Sites. If you are not familiar with GPT sites, I recommend following the link to read our review on them.

GPT sites are not real work from home jobs. It’s impossible to earn a full-time income doing surveys or microtasks.

Yes, you are not going to get a real work from home job with AOJ Online Jobs.

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How Does AOJ Online Jobs Work?

AOJ Online Jobs works by convincing people that the website offers real and legit work from home jobs.

AOJ runs this promotion online to recruit job seekers:

“Yes… We are looking for people nationwide interested in working from home… We are accepting applicants regardless of past or current experience and employment status.”

Those struggling to make money online will click on this ad to visit AOJ Online Jobs.

Once on the website, AOJ Online Jobs asks you to complete 6 simple pre-screening questions before you can start the two steps hiring process.

The truth is you can skip the pre-screening questions and click to continue steps #1.

Step #1 is watching a video review of AOJ Online Jobs to start your job application.

When you click to apply, AOJ connects you with a LifePoints survey site to register for a free account. Your new job is doing online surveys.

If you are not happy with LifePoints, you proceed to step #2 of the AOJ application process.

Step #2 introduces you to more survey sites, starting with InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and more survey sites.

After you have created multiple accounts with different survey sites, the next step is accessing the AOJ Online Jobs training area.

To access the members training platform, you must provide a name and an email address.

The AOJ training program has 9 lessons teaching the process of starting an affiliate marketing business. It has nothing to do with job training.

After completing the AOJ Online Jobs application process, you become a member of multiple online survey sites. This is the purpose of the AOJ website.

Is AOJ Online Jobs Real?

No, AOJ doesn’t have real jobs. There is no opportunity on AOJ Online Jobs that is going to pay you $12 – $25 per hour.

AOJ Online Jobs tricks you to join survey sites. Your work from home job is doing online surveys. This type of work pays $1 – $2 per hour.

There have been numerous scam complaints against AOJ Online Jobs for posting fake work from home job advertisements.

AOJ uses fake ads to earn referral fees when you register with survey sites. This website does not offer any real job.

Is AOJ Online Jobs Legit?

You can say AOJ is not a scam, because the website is free.

But AOJ Online Jobs is not a legit online job opportunity that pays $12 – $25 an hour.

The website is filled with fake job ads tricking people into registering with online survey sites to collect referral commissions.

If you asked me, is AOJ Online Jobs legit? I will tell you NO.

There is no work from home job that exists on this website. The entire scheme is fake.

Many online reviews of AOJ agree that this website runs fake work from home ads to promote their affiliate marketing business.

They make money by directing people to survey sites to collect referral commissions.

AOJ Online Jobs is making money from you. There’s no real work from home job on this website.

AOJ Online Jobs Reviews By Users

According to many AOJ Online Jobs members, the money you will earn from this site is not worth the time or effort.

Most online surveys pay pennies, and it will take a long time to earn enough for a paycheck.

People are not happy with AOJ because of their unethical ways of promoting their online business. The website runs fake ads to promote online surveys as a full-time earning opportunity from home.

We all agree that you can make money with online surveys, but these are not real jobs.

AOJ Online Jobs BBB Review

You will not find AOJ Online Jobs on the BBB, because the BBB doesn’t handle false or fake advertisement complaints.

If you want to file a complaint against AOJ, you must file with the FTC.

The BBB only deals with transactional disputes between consumers and businesses.

Since AOJ Online Jobs is a free website, the BBB does not offer any rating or dispute resolution for this type of business.

Honestly, you don’t need the BBB to tell you that AOJ Online Jobs is not legit.

I don’t trust the BBB rating, because businesses can buy their rating with the BBB.

You are better off reading AOJ Online Jobs reviews than relying on the BBB to tell you if it’s a scam or legit.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online money-making opportunities to expose scams.

I can tell you that AOJ Online Jobs does not offer real jobs. This platform is created to recruit you to join survey sites.

Final Review Of AOJ Online Jobs

AOJ Online Jobs run fake work from home jobs to target beginners and those that struggle to make money online.

The website convinces people that they have real jobs. But the jobs that they offer are doing online surveys.

You are not going to earn $12 to $15 with AOJ Online Jobs. This is a marketing hype to get you to visit the AOJ website.

So, don’t waste your time with the AOJ Online Jobs platform.

I understand you are here to read this AOJ Online Jobs review.

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I hope this AOJ Online Jobs review answers your question, is AOJ Online Jobs legit?

Until next time.

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