Funnel X Project Review

David Dekel, the founder of the Funnel X Project, sent me a private invitation to join his $300 per day money making system for free.

What happened next was the most amazing thing ever, I clicked on the link to watch a video presented by David Dekal himself about “The Funnel X Project.”

Mr. Dekal says he’s going to give me his $300 per day affiliate marketing system for free. All I have to do is follow his simple instructions.

OK, so I watched the entire video but have no clue what this Funnel X Project is all about. This system is confusing.

If you are new to the affiliate marketing business, you’re left wondering if this is a great business opportunity or another scam?

Here is the deal, if you want to join the Funnel X Project, at least you should read this:

“This system is NOT FREE. Mr. Dekal is lying to you and me.”

The Funnel X Project is David Dekel’s own personal sales funnel created to sell other products to you which he claims to help you build an online business.

So basically, he allows you and me to join for free, but then we have to purchase a bunch of tools and services to create a Funnel X Project.

If you are interested in purchasing your own Funnel X Project, then I will break it down for you steps-by-steps in this Funnel X Project review.

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What Is Funnel X Project about?

Funnel X Project System is nothing more than a sales funnel, a marketing system, promoting various products and services to you as a customer.

The tools and services that needed to make Fennel X Project to work are GlobalMoneyLine, (MCA) Motor Club of America, ClickMagick, Aweber, and Udimi which I will discuss each one below.

You start as a customer of the Funnel X Project. Then you invite friends and families to join this same money making system. You make an affiliate commission when they join and purchase the products.

Funnel X Project is not a free system. You need to understand this, to make this system work, you must purchase the 5 products above. This is the real cost of joining the system.

How does the Funnel X Project System work?

This entire process is simple. You join the system, purchase the five recommended products, then promote the same system to make money online.

Here’s the process of making money with Funnel X Project.

  • It is free to join.
  • But to make money, you are required to purchase the 5 different programs.
  • David Dekel or the person invited you will earn an affiliate commission from these sales.
  • The next step is adding your affiliate links from the 5 products that you just purchased into the Funnel X Project system.
  • You are then invited other people to join the same system through your affiliate link.
  • Your invites go through the same process which earns you a commission.

To entice people to join, Funnel X Project is offered as a free money making system generating $300 per day.

However, your free membership will not generate money unless you purchase more tools and services.

But what are these tools and services? And how they make this system works? Now, let us discuss each of them in details.

Global MoneyLine Membership

Moneyline is nothing more than a lead generation system which allows you to collect leads and communicate with your downline.

GlobalMoneyLine is a very spammy site. If you joined as a free member, do expect to receive all sorts of junk marketing emails from people promoting their Multilevel Marketing (MLM) business or work from home opportunities. Don’t use your personal email. I made this mistake when I joined as a free member.

After you became a free member of the Funnel X Project system, you are asked to set up a free account with GlobalMoneyLine under David. This is the first step to promote and make money with this system.

As a free member, you cannot earn affiliate commission with Moneyline. If you want to make money with this system, you must upgrade to one of the following levels:

  • Bronze membership- $20
  • Silver membership- $50
  • Gold membership- $100
  • Platinum membership- $250
  • Diamond membership- $500

This is the first purchase you have to make with Funnel X Project which David earns an affiliate commission.

The Moneyline affiliate compensation plan is a little unfair to newbies.

At the start, you receive zero commission for the first two sales.

After the first two sales, you get 100% commissions from all your direct referrals.

You also earn a 50% commission on your downline referrals, after their first two sales.

The compensation plan above applies to every level of GlobalMoneyLine.

For example, if you upgrade to Bronze level, you only receive a commission for any Bronze upgrade, not the other level. This creates a sense of urgency for people upgrading their level. This is a marketing trick.

Many people consider this system as an MLM, but I look at MoneyLine as a scam.

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This money system generates earnings based on membership fees, not real products. Basically, the people in the downline directly pay their upline. This is a pyramid scheme where investment from new member immediately distributes to current members. There is no real sale or investment involved.

Joining and upgrade your GlobalMoneyLine account is the first requirement to make money with Funnel X Project.

Join Motor Club of America (MCA)

This is another affiliate commissions for David.

After becoming the MoneyLine member, you are asked by David to join MCA under the Total Security option which cost $39.90 for the first month and a $19.95 per month thereafter.

MCA is an MLM company that offers vehicle-related services. The most popular one is roadside assistance. This is similar to the AAA with the only difference is members are also giving an opportunity to earn commissions by recruiting others into MCA.

Roadside assistance sounds like a nice service if you have a car. What if you don’t have one?

You still have to pay the $19.95 MCA monthly subscription to maintain your active membership status to earn commissions. This is a costly opportunity.

Wonder why 99% of people fail in MLM business.

Additional Tools and Services

MCA and MoneyLine are the two main products that are required to make money as an affiliate of the Funnel X Project system.

I say these are opportunities because paying the memberships does not guarantee you a commission. You only earn commissions, if you can recruit others to join the system and purchase the products. This is the only way to make money under this system.

The additional tools and services are recommended to help you in promoting and recruiting the new member into your down. These services cost additional money.

Aweber email autoresponder

Aweber is an email marketing tool that many affiliate marketers used to run their email marketing campaign or to communicate directly with their customers.

This tool gives you the ability to build an email list by collecting and capturing emails with opt-in forms and landing pages. You can also set up an email autoresponder to send out automated messages to your subscribers.

This is a powerful marketing tool that people used to promote products and services through email.

This tool is similar to GlobMoneyLine which also allow you to send out automated messages to your subscribers which is your downline.

You cannot use GlobleMoneyLine to promote Fennel X Project because all the people under you are also members of the system. This is why you need Aweber.

This service will cost you between $15 – $149 per month depending on the number of subscribers on your email list.

You need Aweber to handle your Funnel X Project email marketing, as well as an opportunity to make money by referring new people to Aweber.


This is an affiliate link tracking tool to help you better understand and optimize your earnings. This is a very powerful tool.

However, this tool is not cheap. The cost is anywhere between $12 – $97 per month.

The main reason that this tool was recommended by David is that you can earn commissions with it. I don’t believe you need this tool as a beginner because there is no traffic, or clicks, to optimize.

Udimi marketing service

Udimi is an online advertising platform which allows you to run an email marketing campaign using other people’s email list.

This is a great way to promote your online business when you don’t have an email list.

However, this service is not cheap. It can cost you anywhere between $0.50 to $0.60 per click.

This means every time someone clicks on your email link, you are charged $0.50. It sounds cheap, right? NO!

The risk of email marketing is the low conversion rate. Ideally, you will need to spend over $1,000 on advertisements each month to generate enough clicks to make this system works. This is very costly.

The opportunity to earn an affiliate commission with Udimi is the only reason this service is in Funnel X Project additional services. It has no benefits for a beginner.

Funnel X Project system is nothing more than a sale funnel to drive commissions for David Dekel. This sale funnels system starts with free registration, then follows with a series of upsells. Members are told to purchase 5 different products with each netting David an affiliate commission every time.

The Funnel X Project Membership Cost

I hope you can see that this system is not free. It is a very costly opportunity. The free to join is just a marketing hype to get you excited. If you don’t purchase the upgrade, the Funnel X Project is worthless.

Let takes a look at the real cost of the Funnel X Project system:

  • GlobalMoneyLine membership has 5 price levels, starting at $20, $50, $100, $250, and $500.
  • Motor Club of America is a monthly subscription with $39.90 then $19.95 thereafter.
  • The Aweber email autoresponder is a monthly subscription from $15 to $149
  • ClickMagick affiliate tracking tool costs from $12 to $97 per month.
  • Udimi marketing service costs $0.50 to $0.60. (A minimum of $1,000 monthly advertisements to make this system works.)

If we just take the lowest cost of the tools and services required by the Funnel X Project, the total initial investment is $1,086.90 ($20+$39.90+$15+12+$1,000) per month. This is not free.

The Funnel X Project Business Review

The initial investment requires for Funnel X Project business is high for a funnel system.

The next question is whether this is a good online business opportunity to invest?

A high price doesn’t mean a bad investment. If the opportunity can bring in good profits, then the high price is justified. However, I cannot see it from this system.

Is the Funnel X Project a scam or legit?

You cannot say that the Funnel X Project is a scam because it is free to join. You don’t have to purchase any of the products on the system.

The system uses an urgent need or high-pressure marketing tactic to entice you to make a purchase. This is a legit affiliate marketing technique employed by many businesses from small mom-and-pops to big corporations to make sales.

A smart person, or investor, must test out the product before making a purchase. As an investor, you are required to conduct proper market research before making an investment.

This Funnel X Project Review is a market report providing you information on the system, so you can make an informed business decision.

Can You Make Money With this System?

Yes, you can, but it requires hard work and a lot of money. This does not mean you will make a profit with the system.

As I have stated above, this is nothing more than a sale funnel using to promote various products to earn affiliate commissions.

You can make money by promoting the Funnel X Project system. When someone joins and goes through the same process, you earn commissions on all the product sales.

The biggest challenge is to find new members to join your Funnel X Project system. This is the #1 reason people fail with the MLM business model.

This system promotes two MLM companies, one of them, which I considered a scam and the other is a dying business. I don’t see how you can recruit people to join these businesses.

Not a lot of people go online to invest in an MLM opportunity. People go online looking for an internet business opportunity. The most popular is affiliate marketing. This is why David promotes Funnel X Project as an affilaitemarekting system.

The Funnel X Project system uses the affiliate marketing title to lure people into the system, but at the end of the day, this is not an affiliate marketing business system. It is a funnel system to promote MLM business opportunit.

You might like to join this system, but MLM opportunity is not for me.

Affiliate marketing business is more lucrative and much cheaper to launch.

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