What Is HQ Trivia – Is HQ Trivia Legit

Have you played HQ Trivia?

A few times… But, not a winner yet!

So, you know about this game app?

Yes, why?

I can make real money playing HQ Trivia?

You can… but you have to know a lot and quick at giving answers.

This HQ Trivia is legit… not a scam, right?

Can you show us how to make money with this game app, TQ?

A group of senior ladies took turns, asking me about an app game show called, HQ Trivia.


If you haven’t played HQ Trivia, you are missing out!

This game app is one of my favorite ways to get paid playing games.

Yes… I have a list of websites and apps that pay people to do nothing but playing.


Sure, I told the ladies…

Let me get my coffee, then we can sit at that table and chit chat.

Take your time TQ, we’ll clean up the table for us.

I paid for my coffee, then headed over to join the group.

OK, who wants to learn how to make money playing HQ Trivia?

Everyone laughed and raised their hands.

I love Coffee Talk with this group of senior ladies. They are the funniest and kindest people on earth.

Does any of you, ladies, know what is HQ Trivia?

No… that’s why we are waiting for you…

Oh! So, you are stalking me…

We’re sorry to bother you every month.

No, you are not! You know I love to talk with you…

Anyway, let talk,

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What Is HQ Trivia?

HQ Trivia is a live trivia game app that pays cash if you answer a series of questions correctly.

This game app was developed by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll and released in 2017.

You can only play HQ Trivia twice-daily and on the weekends.

HQ Trivia game times are 3 pm & 9 pm EST weekdays, and 9 pm EST weekends.

So, you cannot download this app and start playing right now… It doesn’t work that way.

To play HQ Trivia, you have to wait until the show goes live.

Is this a TV show? One lady asked.

Yes, it’s a live show… by using the app, we all can play along… We cannot do that with a TV trivia game show.

Is HQ Trivia free to play, TQ?

Yes, participating in HQ Trivia is 100% free…

You just need to download the app to your mobile device, complete a quick registration, then you are ready for game time.

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How can I download the HQ Trivia app?

Ladies, it all depends on your mobile device…

If you have Apple devices, you download the HQ Trivia at the app store.

If you have android devices, you can get HQ Trivia at Google Play Store.

Once the app setup, you are ready to play.

How To Play HQ Trivia? They asked.

Yet! How Does HQ Trivia Work? Said others.

I’ll get to that in a minute…

But, first… Does everyone turn on the notification?

“What’s that?” A few responded.

Turn on the notification to alert you when the game about to start… This way you don’t miss game times.

Alright then, here’s how to play HQ Trivia,

Before each game, you receive a notification and count down begin.

Just turns on the app to play HQ Trivia.

At the bottom of the app is a small chat icon, which you can use to chat with other players around the world while waiting for the game to start.

When the host appears and welcomes players… This means the game is about to start.

Now, you must login before the game starts… If you’re late, you can only watch.

Each HQ Trivia game consists of 12 to 15 multiple choice questions…

It starts easy, then gets more difficult as the game progress.

Players have 10 seconds to answer each question…

If your answer is wrong, you are eliminated from the game.

If you survive to the end, you win the announced cash prize.

How much is the cash prize?

Well, depends, most of the time between $1,000 to $10,000… with special events, it can go as high as $300,000.

Wow, the ladies responded.

But, don’t wow yet! You’re not going to win the entire prize by yourself.

Most games end with a lot of winners… The average HQ Trivia winning prize is less than $1.


Because the prize divides amount winners.

A few HQ Trivia games had an audience of up to 2.4 million.

It’s a very competitive game…

So, our chance of winning is low?

Better than playing the lottery…

I’ll go back doing surveys… It pays better. A lady said.

I agreed you can make more money with Swagbucks or InboxDollars, than with HQ Trivia.

But, this is fun! A few ladies screamed.

Yes, the majority plays for fun, not the cash.

Do you all understand how to play HQ Trivia now?

Yes… But what about, getting your cash prize?

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HQ Trivia Cash Out, you know?

When HQ first started in 2017, players cannot cash out unless their account accumulated a minimum of $20…

However, only a small number of lucky players reach the $20 cash out requirement… adding on top of this, you forfeit all winning prizes after 90 days not cash out…

Not, a lot of happy winners with this policy.

We can see that! They all laughed…

Then in January of 2018, QH dropped the $20 minimum cash out requirement…

Winners could now cash out at any mount directly to their PayPal account.

Is HQ Trivia payout through PayPal only?

Yes, I’ll explain more about this… Because

HQ Trivia announced in January of 2019 that some game rewards are now in points, not in cash…


This HQ Trivia is not legit!

I wouldn’t say that…

There’re still cash prize games.

The points were introduced in responding to complaints, how difficult to win HQ Trivia cash.

Now, HQ Trivia rewards points for every correct answer…

Then players can use the points for in-game rewards, like stay in the game longer even when they miss a question… by purchasing a free pass with points.

The free pass can become useful in the cash game…

But, HQ Trivia might stop the point rewards anytime.

You cannot convert the point to money, like Swagbucks?

No, you can only use point for in-game rewards… However,

You now can purchase point multipliers.

What’s that?

With Point multipliers, every correct answer earns you more points… 2x, 3x and up to 4x more.

I think this is a new way for HQ Trivia to monetize on the game app.

Don’t you want to earn both point and cash when playing HQ Trivia?

Are you still saying HQ Trivia not legit?


Here’s what I want to tell you, ladies.

HQ Trivia is a game, not a way to make money.

You are to going to get rich with HQ Trivia…

It’s just a game… if you win is great… if not, who cares.

We know… a lady said… “if you want to get rich, become a writer… right TQ? Everyone laughed…

Anyone of you can write like me… It’s a quicker way to get rich compared to HQ Trivia!


It was a pleasure to chit chat with you guys… I have to go…

But before leaving, I want to say,

Yes, HQ Trivia is a legit game app…

It was created for us to have a good time, not to get rich.

So, I’ll chat with you all at 3 pm game time, Deal?

See you all later…

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