Kevin Zhang – eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Review: Learn From Other’s Mistakes

There are strong disagreements among online reviews of Kevin Zhang and his eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course. Kevin Zhang has been heavily promoting this brand new course.

Kevin claims to turn $3,000 credit card debt into $20M sales in one year with dropshipping.

Many say this is impossible. Not all of Kevin’s students agree eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is legit.

Achieving success in an eCommerce business takes a lot of hard work, patience, and skill.

However, Kevin Zhang says he will tell you the secret of building a six-figure Dropshipping business by working only one hour per day.

Do you believe Kevin Zhang?

Is this a marketing hype or a scam?

We’re going to review the course itself, learn who Kevin Zhang is. We will find out whether Kevin Zhang is telling the truth.

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eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Review Summary


Name: Kevin Zhang eCommerce Millionaire Matersy
Business Type: Dropshipping
Investment: $2,000

  • Kevin Zhang eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is a Dropshipping course. The course covers the basics of eCommerce.
  • True, Kevin Zhang is an experienced Dropshipper. However, we doubt his $20 Million of sales in 12 months.
  • We will review the 15 modules in this course to point out the discrepancies.
  • Kevin Zhang offers a 30-day refund policy. But, you have to jump through hoops to get it approved for a full refund. We’ll explain this in this review.


About Kevin Zhang – Creator of eCommerce Millionaire Mastery

Kevin Zhang is a 23-year old eCommerce millionaire, a serial entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. He is the creator of the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course.

Zhang claimed to have generated an astounding $20 million in sales during his first year doing Dropshipping.

According to the biography of Kevin Zhang, he came from humble beginnings as the son of Chinese immigrants. He knew early on that he could not work for other people.

After graduating from college, Kevin turned down a good job offer to work for himself, launching multiple eCommerce brands.

Kevin discovered Dropshipping and decided to pursue this eCommerce business model. He launched an online business with $3,000 from his credit card.

But soon enough, he managed to put the pieces together, and the business generated $20 million within 12 months.

Kevin Zhang became the youngest member of Forbes Councils for the self-made millionaires.

On top of managing his business, Kevin Zhang is a passionate advocate for e-commerce education. So, he creates the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course to help others achieve the same dreams.

Quite a remarkable story, right?

Well, if you believe in everything you have read online.

There are a lot of fake gurus online who use hype to sell you their courses.

Not sure I buy the whole $20 million in year one bit.

Think about it: to scale an online business from zero to $20 million in just 12 months, you’d need some serious cash to pour into paid ads, inventory, systems, support, etc.

But Kevin Zhang has started this with $3,000. It doesn’t add up.

When we google the term ‘Kevin Zhang Forbes’, we can’t find any relevant results. We wonder if this Forbes story is even legit.

We also visited the Kreator eCommerce group, the Dropshipping website founded by Kevin. However, this website is a consulting firm. It promotes Kevin Zhang and the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course.

With all the facts about Kevin Zhang, it’s time to review eCommerce Millionaire Mastery to uncover the grand scheme.

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What Is eCommerce Millionaire Mastery About?

eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is a comprehensive course teaching the Kevin Zhang method of building a Dropshipping business through four stages. We’ll go into detail in the next section.

In other words, this course promises to provide in-depth education and help people to become successful eCommerce business owners just like Kevin himself.

If you are reading this review, you probably have received an invitation to watch a free webinar by Kevin Zhang.

The promotional webinar is a marketing hype about Kevin Zhang eCommerce Millionaire Mastery.

Kevin even creates a sense of urgency in his webinar recording by telling potential buyers that there are limited spots available at the $2000 price, which he’ll soon raise to $4000.

He pushes listeners to buy now to get the bonus offers which only be available during the webinar. Well, the bonus offers are still available.

Only a few suckers will fall for this scarcity scheme. Most people will want to know what’s in the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course before spending $2K.

How Does Kevin Zhang eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Course Work?

Kevin is telling you this course is the most comprehensive eCommerce training course online.

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However, the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course is actually a basic introduction to dropshipping and Facebook ads.

If you are an experienced Dropshiper, you might find the course irrelevant. I can assure you that most of the content can be found on YouTube, completely free of charge.

If you decide to waste two grands, you will get access to 15 training modules that create around these four pillars:

  1. Building a Brand and a Website that People Will Trust.
  2. Create a Relationship with Chinese Suppliers.
  3. Build an Infrastructure and Automate the Entire Business.
  4. Achieve eCommerce Mastery and Grow Your Business

That’s the short version of how eCommerce Millionaire Mastery works.

Let see what you learn from each training module.

Module 1 – Introduction To eCommerce Millionaire Mastery

The first module contains three lessons that cover the basics of eCommerce and Dropshipping.

Kevin offers his advice on how to think like an entrepreneur and the skills to launch an online business.

Module 2 – Branded Niche Dropshipping

The module number begins with Kevin criticizing single products and general stores. He then introduces you to his ways of building a Dropshipping brand with the perfect niche.

Kevin Zhang shows his method is far better and more effective than other generic dropshipping methods out there.

The second lesson goes over the process of setting up a Shopify store and connecting Oberlo with AliExpress.

The final lesson covers how to import products from AliExpress and link your AliExpress affiliate code with Admitad to earn an 8% commission on all sales.

Kevin Zhang talks about Branded Dropshipping. Then, showing you how to set up a Shopify store selling generic products imported from China.

Module 3 – Online Consumer Psychology

The four videos in this module briefly introduce the elements of customer psychology.

You learn the different types of consumer psychology and how to identify the target market for the product.

Module 4 – Shopify Store Design

This module offers eighteen videos that cover the process of setting up a Shopify store.

Kevin Zhang gives a lot of attention to this module as he feels that a beautiful and well-designed Shopify store is the key to success.

You learn to create content that speaks to your website visitors and convert them into paying customers.

Well, you can find a lot of videos on YouTube that teach the same content.

Module 5 – Setting Up Facebook Account For Advertising

This module focuses on Facebook ads. Kevin will teach you how to set up your Facebook business manager account and a Facebook page to display the ads.

You also learn the digital marketing tactics of using Facebook pixel to track and retarget customers who have visited your store.

Module 6 – Making Engaging And High Profitable Advertisements

This module covers the topic of creating a piece of content for the Facebook advertisement.

You learn to provide the correct information in your ads, what words to use to get more customers, how to use targeting, and more.

Module 7 – Engaging & Profitable Ads

Facebook ads are the key to your success.

This module teaches the steps of creating an effective Facebook ads campaign.

You learn to collect the data from the ad, interpret them, and scale your campaign to get more sales and when to stop it from running.

Kevin also discuss the basic techniques of copywriting in this module.

Module 8 – Facebook Ad Strategy

This module focuses more on Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO).

Kevin covers the three types of audiences on Facebook.

You learn to optimize your Facebook ad campaign through analyzing data, making use of performance metrics such as ROAS and cost per purchase, and creating lookalike ads.

Kevin teaches some advanced re-targeting methods and Facebook ad manager features.

The module also includes videos on exporting customer emails and creating custom audiences.

Module 9 – Important eCommerce Business Principles

This module discusses some basic business terms and principles.

Kevin Zhang talks about gross margins, revenue, sales models, managing sales, etc.

Module 10 – Effective Sales Strategies

This module looks at how leveraging order metrics in your basic accounting.

You learn when to use a subscription-based model, when to use product bundles, and when to use a free plus shipping model.

There‘s also a short video on using sales and when to apply these across your store.

Module 11 – Email Marketing & SMS Marketing For Dropshipping

This module is all about leveraging email and SMS to communicate with your customers effectively.

You learn to automate the process of sending out emails to customers.

Module 12 – A/B And Testing Multivariate & Heat Maps

This module has two lessons on using A/B split testing to increase conversion rates.

You can learn how to do A/B tests, how to set up a multivariate test, and how to implement heat maps on your website.

Warning, this process of testing is laborious and might cost you a lot of money.

Module 13 – Bulletproof Customer Support

You get nine lessons focusing on optimizing customer service.

Kevin teaches you how to handle returns and exchanges. He talks about how to set up your first order, start with customer service, hire a team and automate the process, and more.

You will get the scripts on how to deal with customers.

Module 14 – Keeping Your Business Alive

This module is about keeping your dropshipping business sustainable.

You learn how to get back a banned Facebook ad account, and there are scripts included.

Kevin Zhang will teach you how to protect your products from copycat dropshippers and report them to Shopify or Facebook for DMCA takedown.

There are videos on dealing with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and other watchdog groups to keep the number of negative feedback in check.

The module also teaches you how to comply with FTC laws and handle payment processor disputes.

Module 15 – Building Advanced Infrastructure To Achieve Full Automation

Once your Dropshipping business is up, you need to hire people to get more free time.

The last module looks at automating the operation of your store.

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It begins with finding and hiring virtual assistants on Upwork or Fiverr.

You get 15 lessons where you can learn about hiring slowly and firing fast, finding the right team members, giving people more than they deserve, how to improve your order delivery, and more!

After that, Kevin provides you with the scripts to help you negotiate with Chinese suppliers for a better price.

After reviewing the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery 15 modules, we realize it only covers Facebook ads to generate sales. It’s not a comprehensive training course.

A comprehensive eCommerce course must cover other popular platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Google. There’s no way you can generate $20 million in revenue in 12 months without utilizing all these digital marketing platforms.

It cannot be a multi-million dollars course. The entire story doesn’t make any sense.

The Cost To Buy Kevin Zhang eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Course

eCommerce Millionaire Mastery will cost you $2,000. This price is available during the webinar.

Kevin Zhang says he will raise the price to $4,000 soon. He pushes visitors to buy now to get the discount price.

Zhang even offers a payment plan with five payments of $500. You end up paying $2,500 for the course if you take this payment option.

In other words, Kevin Zhang is trying to get as much money from you as he can.

So, what happens if you don’t like the course?

Kevin give you a 30-day action-based money-back guarantee.

OK, what the hell is a 30-day action-based money-back?

Zhang requires buyers to jump through hoops to get a refund.

Here’s a list of the requirements (taken directly from customer support):

  • You must submit a request no later than 30 days after your purchase, together with all the following action-based steps:
  • You must watch at least 60% of the lessons; and
  • Build a Shopify store after the purchase date and provide Kevin with the link to verify; and
  • Create at least 3 Facebook ad creatives using the EMM strategies; and
  • Create a Facebook ad account with a minimum of 1 active campaign; and
  • Attend at least one weekly live call hosted by Kevin Zhang.

Your chance of getting a refund is near impossible.

This eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is nothing more than an eCommerce nightmare to me.

Is Kevin Zhang Legit?

There are two camps for this legit question.

If you buy the Kevin Zhang $20 million success story, then you have no double eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is legit. After all, the course came from Kevin Zhang’s success.

If you like me, this $20 million of sales in one year is BS.

One year is enough time to turn $3,000 into $20 million with Dropshipping. Logistically, this is impossible.

I understand using a success story to persuade buyers.

But, this Kevin Zhang story is a scam.

What Good About Kevin Zhang eCommerce Millionaire Mastery

  • Kevin Zhang is real. Even though I don’t buy his success story, he is real.
  • You get the course and lessons.
  • eCommerce Millionaire Mastery has a refund policy.
  • Kevin Zhang has had some success with Dropshipping. You will learn the basics from him.

What Bad About Kevin Zhang eCommerce Millionaire Mastery

  • eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is not a comprehensive course. It focuses on Facebook ads only.
  • Since the course covers the basics of Dropshipping, $2,000 is too expensive. You can find most of the materials on YouTube for free.
  • eCommerce Millionaire Mastery refund policy is a joke. They make it hard for you to get a refund.
  • There is no way you can generate $20 million of sales in 12 months with this course.
  • Kevin Zhang is not active in his Facebook group. He mostly posts announcements and never responds to student questions.

Is Kevin Zhang eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Worth It?

Up to this point, can you really get rich quickly with the Kevin Zhang eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course?


Here’s my review of the course.

  • Kevin Zhang promises to teach you a unique approach to Dropshipping, which he named Brand Dropshipping. But, he is offering the basics of eCommerce. You are just another eCommerce store on the internet.
  • Zhang has some experience with Dropshipping. However, I don’t believe his $20 Million a year story. As an experienced online business owner, I can tell you that it takes some blood, tears, and money to scale a dropshipping business to six-figure.
  • This eCommerce course focuses heavily on Facebook ads. When you think about it, having only one source of traffic is never a good idea. What about free traffic from search engines?
  • Last, why pay $2,000 for materials that you can get for free on YouTube? $2K is a significant amount of money. You can find a lot of Kevin Zhang lessons on YouTube channels and free online courses.

For all the reasons above, I don’t think eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is worth it.

I am not saying that eCommerce Millionaire Mastery is a scam. However, the fact is that the course is nothing more than marketing hype.

Are you buying a course to start a successful business? Then, don’t waste money on this Kevin Zhang get-rich-quick scheme.

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I hope this ECommerce Millionaire Mastery review answers your questions.

Until next time.

Please, share your experience below.

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