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What is the cost to join the Wealthy Affiliate online training program?

Wealthy Affiliate offers four different prices: Free Membership, First Month Membership, Semi-Annual Membership, and Annual Membership.

Most people start as a free member with the Wealthy Affiliate program. If you are still a little hesitant and wonder what is the trick under this free deal? I can tell you this, there is no trick or secret. The free member is one of the four types of membership offered by Wealthy Affiliate. You can stay as a free member forever if you like. There is no pressure or upsell to upgrade. It is entirely up to you to decide when to upgrade to a premium membership. Most free members upgrade to premium after their business took off or they decide to seriously invest in their online business. It only costs when free members decide to go premium. Your wealthy affiliate cost is determined by the type of membership that you choose to upgrade. I’ll show you which membership account is best for your situation. But it always smarts to start as a FREE WA MEMBER.


How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate cost? 

Once a free member, you are now asking yourself how much does Wealthy Affiliate cost? And whether it’s worth it to upgrade to premium member?

I am here to help you make that decision. In this post, I will discuss Free membership vs. Premium membership and its benefits. I will provide side by side comparison of the membership cost and benefits. I will introduce you to different Wealthy Affiliate discount programs, payment schedule and when to sign up to get the most benefits.

I will start by letting you know there are four different costs for Wealthy Affiliate membership. First is the free members, second is the first-month premium membership cost, third is the regular monthly premium membership cost, fourth is the yearly or annual payment premium membership cost. These are the four options for Wealthy Affiliate cost. Which one is right for you? Read on to discover the full strategies and tips on getting the best discounts for your Wealthy Affiliate cost.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership cost  Free Vs. Premium Membership
Wealthy Affiliate Free Account Sign Up Wealthy Affiliate Member Login


Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Wealthy Affiliate offers two types of membership:

You can join for Free, many people start out with a free membership account. This is a smart way to go because it’s giving you the opportunity to explore and learn about the company. Affiliate marketing is not for everyone. If you love to write, then we suggest you look at this free membership opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate. Most of your work as a blogger or affiliate marketer is writing about something you love. This is fun. Imaging of making a lot of money writing what you love, this is the life of a blogger. 

Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate are not all bloggers or affiliate marketers. More and more small businesses join the program because they want to get cheap web hosting services and access to its community of more than a million members for just $49 per month to promote their products and services. It is cheap compared to Google Ads and other online marketing.


Wealthy Affiliate Membership costs

  • Free membership or Starter membership: the cost is $0. It is free to join. You can stay as long as you like at
    Wealthy affiliate membership

    Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership


    this level.

  • Premium membershipthere are three different Wealth Affiliate costs for premium members.
  1. The first-month premium memberships cost is $19.00, a 59% discount off the regular membership price. This price offers you more time to evaluate the program. Many free members use this option to have access to more advanced training lessons after the 7 days trial period.
  2. The regular monthly premium membership cost is $49.00 per month. You can set this up as an automatic payment from your PayPal account or Credit Card.
  3. The yearly or annual payment premium membership cost is $359. Most Wealthy Affiliate reviews do not tell you this membership option. If you can go annual, this is the best option because, under the annual membership, the cost is about $20 per month as compares to the regular monthly membership, the cost is $49 per month.
  4. There are Wealthy Affiliate discounts available which I have discussed in detail in my Wealthy Affiliate A Scam or What? Click here to see the discount for Wealthy Affiliate costs

The decision to stay as a free member or go premium is all up to you. There is no pressure from anyone for you to go premium. However, most people decide to switch to premium because the benefits associated with the premium account are too good to give up.


Wealthy Affiliate Free vs. Premium Membership Benefits

Everyone starts out as a free membership upon joining Wealthy Affiliate. When you sign-up, Wealthy Affiliate does not require payment information. You only need an email address to register for a free account. You can look for yourself.

wealthy affiliate free premium membership

Wealthy Affiliate Free Vs. Premium Membership

Your free account gives you full access to 10 training lessons which you will learn to set up your WordPress website, your own blog and monetize it all. Include with this account are 2 free websites that you can use to build your online business or build your own personal website. You decide what you want to do with them. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to monetize it all for free.

The free member also gets 30 searches on Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool, to help you create content that earns serious cash from your website. 

There is no expiration on your free membership account. You can stay for as long as you wish.

After a while, most members go premium because they realize to earn serious money online, you need advanced training.

I suggest you try out the Free Account first before going premium. >>> Try the Free Account Here.

Premium member gets full access to all levels of training courses. This is an overview of the benefits of being a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate:

You get unlimited community supports. You can talk, chat, discuss business issues or ask other successful members for help and advice. This is a big bonus because you will face difficult business issues that you need expert helps with always available in the Wealthy Affiliate community.

You get 50 WordPress websites with hosting to build out your business online.

The membership also comes with your own blog. A fantastic opportunity for you to use to promote your online business inside Wealthy Affiliate as well as on the internet. We always suggest people take full advantage of the free blog to promote, promote and promote their business. 

The premium member also gets access to an unlimited training course, both video and live. 

Another important feature of this membership account is unlimited use of Jaaxy, Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool. I have written about this in an earlier discussion. You can access it here, Keyword Tool Video.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Sign Up

wa change lifeSing Up for an account with Wealthy Affiliate is easy. You just need an email account. You can get one free from either Gmail or Hotmail. The registration takes about 3 minutes and you will be exploring your way inside the company forum. Click here to enter Wealth Affiliate.

I recommend new members to first complete their account setup, once they are registered. The account setup is quick and painless.

Your profile is very important, just tell something about yourself so when you start talking to members of Wealthy Affiliate, they know whose you are. I find people more likely to be a friend and help you when they have a face and a name. This is true for any forum on the internet.

Sign-Up for the free account first, I think this is a wise thing to do. >>>> Click here for my tips


Wealthy Affiliate Member Log In

I include this for people that forgot how to access their free membership account after sign-up.

There are two ways to log into your free account:

  • No login or password required: you can directly login from your email account. Just go to your email and look for the welcome letter, you can click on the link from there to access your account.
  • Log into your account from the main webpage. You will need a password and email account to log in this way. Click here to login

This completes my review of Wealthy Affiliate Cost Explained 101.

I hope that you find this review useful in your research. Gives Wealthy Affiliate a try and tell me what you think.

Wealthy Affiliate Cost
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Wealthy Affiliate Cost
Wealthy Affiliate cost for membership is as follows: Free member $0, Regular premium member $49, annual premium $358. You can get a discount for your membership by up to 40%. Read this first before joining to learn how to get this big discount.
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8 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Cost

  1. Janna says:

    I am so glad I found Wealthy Affiliate. I start out as a free member. Wealthy Affiliate charges me nothing to join. It is giving me the opportunity to learn about building a successful website through the detailed courses they offer and also through other more experienced bloggers. Definitely worth trying. After signing up for the free membership, I quickly upgraded to premium.

    1. OnlineBzDog says:

      Janna, you did it the right way by starting with Wealthy Affiliate as a free member. It is a great opportunity to test the program before committing to long-term. We glad that you found your new home with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s great to receive a vote of confidence from a current member. Thx.

  2. Brandon says:

    Amazing review brother. What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is the fact that it’s 100% free, yes the cost to join WEalthy Affiliate is free, for as long as you want to be a trial member. There’s no pressure to upgrade if you don’t want to, just move at your own pace and earn money that way instead. It is such a great affiliate training program and I can’t recommend it enough. Great job on the review.

    1. OnlineBzDog says:

      Yes, the cost to start training with Wealthy Affiliate is free. The funny thing is people do not believe it until they come to the sign-up page. They are surprised to see that only an email address is required to register. Sometimes we wonder why people go from websites to websites to confirm whether Wealthy Affiliate is worth it. All they have to do is get a free account and experience it for themselves.

  3. AJ says:

    Hi there

    This is a very good review of Wealthy Affiliate cost and membership. I think wealthy affiliate personally has made such a huge difference in my life by far in regards to the online affiliate marketing world. I can’t thank the community enough for what they all do. If you have not joined this yet, get aboard, its life-changing and the best part is its free for the first 7 days to make sure you’re wanting to go all in. Excellent post.

    1. OnlineBzDog says:

      AJ, thank you for confirming the cost to join Wealthy Affiliate is free. It’s worth a lot to have a current member stop by our site. We know that people will not believe us, but they will believe you. If you want to talk to AJ, you can get a free account and meet him inside Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. Peter says:

    Well written, thorough and informative discussion of Wealthy Affiliate cost. Very helpful side-by-side comparison of the free and premium memberships. Good job.

    1. OnlineBzDog says:

      We try our best to give you a full picture of all the benefits that Wealth Affiliate premium membership offered. We want you to be 100% sure when you sign-up. We know this is a commitment for many people. We want you to take as much time as needed to make the decision going premium. It is a big commitment for someone to start their own business, and we do not want to rush them.

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