Money Looper Review – Is Money Looper Legit

You have read about Money Looper reviews. But you cannot get a direct answer to your question, is Money Lopper legit?

The majority of reviews call Money Lopper a scam. After conducting my researches, I do not entirely agree with this statement.

The methods that Money Looper uses to make money online are legit. The problem is that you will not make a lot of money using the Money Lopper training.

If you purchase the Money Lopper relying on the marketing hype of making $5,000 per month, I can see why it’s a scam.

But smart entrepreneurs always research before investing in a business opportunity. This is the best way to maximize profits.

This Money Lopper review is written to help you can decide if the investment is right for you.

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Money Looper Review Summary

Name: Money Looper

Business Type: Make Money Online

Investment: $37

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  • Money Looper is a bundle of eBooks and short video instructions about making money online doing surveys and other low-paying online tasks.
  • This program was put together by Mike Dee, who claims to have made millions of dollars with Money Lopper.
  • The program reveals “money loopholes” for you to make money online quickly.
  • After paying $37, the Money Looper teaches you three money loopholes to make money: the PickyDomains, the Cardpool, and the TV Ratings.
  • One problem, these are not money loopholes. They are small tasks that you can do online to earn pennies, not millions.
  • The Money Looper is a waste of time.


What Is Money Looper?

Money Looper is an online training program claiming to teach people the secret to make money known as “money loopholes.”

The founder, Mike Dee, claims the system can help you make $5,000 or more per month.

The Money Looper promises to reveal the secret for you to make millions online automatically, with little or no work.

The program offers a $70 reward for those watching the webinar videos to the end.

This entire program is a scheme to sell a bunch of eBooks and short videos about making money with online surveys and affiliate marketing.

As for the $70 reward, you get this in a form of a discount toward the purchase price. There is no real reward.

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About Mike Dee and The Money Looper

Mike Dee claims to be the creator of Money Looper. This individual is also known as Mike Thomas.

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We have found no information about Mike Dee or Mike Thomas online. There is no record of his success as a make money online entrepreneur.

Everything we know about Dee is from the Money Looper videos.

Mike Dee seems to be a fictitious character created by an unknown individual to promote unrealistic income claims.

The Money Looper is nothing more than marketing hype to sell information that you can get for free online.

Money Looper Training Program Review

Here’s what you get after purchasing Money Looper.

The program contains a few short videos and PDF files offering tips on how to make money online.

Yes, there is no secret inside the Money Looper system. There is no program or software to help you make money online.

The short videos discuss three Money Loopholes:

  1. Picky Domains Loophole – You make money by selling domain names. Mike uses the Shopify website to generate domain names. He then offers them for sale on the Pickydomains site. When someone uses or purchases the domain names, you make money.
  2. Cardpoole Loophole – You make money by doing surveys on the Surveyjunkie website to earn gift cards. Mike tells you to sell the gift cards on a site called Cardpool to get cash. This is the Cardpoole Loophole.
  3. TV Rating Loophole – This loophole uses the Neilsen app to make money. You earn $50 a year for installing and allowing the Neilsen app to track your spending habits.

The eBooks, or PDF files, offers three secrets to make money online:

  1. 7 Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing – This short eBook gives a broad overview of making money as an affiliate marketer. The information is so basic that you cannot use them to make money.
  2. Power Of Article Marketing – This eBook discusses the techniques of writing articles and publishing them on different forums to promote products.
  3. Affiliate Directories – This is similar to article marketing. However, you are submitting your articles to affiliate directories.

Money Looper doesn’t have any secret for you to make money online quickly.

Affiliate marketing and online surveys are real ways to make money online. But they are not money loopholes.

Affiliate Marketing is an online business that requires serious training, much more than a few PDF pages from Money Looper.

Money Looper Cost

Mike says if you purchase the Money Looper immediately after watching his webinar, the cost is $37.00. This price is after giving a $70 reward.

If you try to leave the website or click away without purchasing, the price drops to $3.95.

You save a lot of money not purchasing Money Looper right after finishing the promotional video.

Yes, Money Looper only costs $3.95.

So, do you think a program that costs $3.95 will generate Millions in returns?

No, I don’t think so!

How Do You Make Money With The Money Looper?

Surprisingly, there is a way that you can make money with Money Looper by tricking people to purchase the program from you.

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Mike encourages you to promote his Money Looper to earn commissions.

You end up in a loop of recruiting people to join Money Looper, who then go on selling the same program to others.

At the end of the day, the person who makes the most money with Money Looper is Mike Dee.

Is The Money Looper legit?

Most online reviews say the Money Looper a scam because the entire system has made unrealistic income claim.

If you use the unrealistic income claim as a standard to determine a scam, then every business opportunity is a scam.

Future earnings are unrealistic.

So, is Money Looper legit?

The short answer is yes.

However, just because Money Looper legit doesn’t mean you can make money.

You should not invest in a business opportunity based on legit or scam.

If you want to get rich, invest in business opportunities that generate PROFITS!

Money Looper is not a profitable business opportunity. Who cares whether is legit or not.

Some people might say, the system only costs $3.95.

So what! I am in business to make money. If a system is promoted as a cash cow, then it must generate profits.

I would never waste my money on Money Looper.

Final Review Of The Money Looper

Money Looper is another money-making opportunity that promises you the moon and stars but delivers hell.

This program target lazy people who want to get rich doing nothing. If this is true, then why Money Looper is legit?

It’s legit because Money Looper has an earning disclaimer. This disclaimer tells you the income claims in the promotional video are not real. This is legit under the law.

When I invest in an online business opportunity, I look for PROFITS, not legit.

Most scams cannot show profits.

A legit opportunity has no problem showing profits.

Making money online is real. The internet has created more billionaires than any industry. You know this. This is why you are researching for an opportunity to start an online business.

There are a lot of legit ways to make money online. I understand you are here to read my review of Money Looper.

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I hope this Money Looper review answers your question, is the Money Looper legit?

Until next time.

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