OPM Wealth Review – Warning Signs Of OPM Wealth

I can see why people say OPM Wealth is not legit.

OPM Wealth means “Other People Money.” The idea of using other people to get rich is no different from saying get-rich-doing-nothing. Both opportunities are scams.

Who in this world is stupid enough to lend a stranger their money without asking for anything in return?

Here is a quick review of the OPM Wealth opportunity:

“OPM Wealth assists you in getting a business loan to invest/purchase a membership in their business opportunity.”

Does this sound like using other people’s wealth to make money for yourselves?


OPM Wealth is tricking you into using your credit to brow money and turn it over to them. You are on the hook for the loan.

I am writing this OPM Wealth review to show you why this business opportunity is not legit.

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OPM Wealth Review Summary

Name: OPM Wealth
Business Type: Money Gifting Scheme
Investment: $2,00 – $27,500

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  • OPM Wealth is a promoter of a cryptocurrency scheme known as PLUTUS PLAN.
  • PLUTUS Plan pays out 70% of the money new members invest as commission to current members. The other 30% goes to administrative fees.
  • Every dollar that you invest with OPM Wealth is paying out to current sponsors. They require you to purchase your membership with cryptocurrency.
  • OPM Wealth is not a cryptocurrency investment. You are using Bitcoin to pay for the membership.
  • Cryptocurrency is the favorite payment system for scammers to avoid prosecution. Once you pay OPM Wealth with Bitcoin, it is gone.
  • The only way for you to recoup your investment with OPM Wealth is by recruiting others to join the Plutus Plan.
  • I call this a money gifting scheme because you receive nothing with the membership. You are giving away cryptocurrencies for the opportunity to promote an illegal scheme.


What Is OPM Wealth?

OPM Wealth is a website that promotes a cryptocurrency gifting scheme known as Plutus Plan.

The company promotes itself as a modern way for people to legitimately earn cryptocurrency.

The membership offers no products or services, only the opportunity to promote the Plutus Plan.

OPM Wealth money gifting scheme uses the 2-tier commission system. The system distributes every dollar invested by new members to current members.

The only way for new members to make money is by recruiting other people into the scheme. The recruits agree to give money, in the form of cryptocurrencies, to them and their sponsors for free.

The system operates on the belief that there is an unlimited amount of people looking to invest in a money gifting scheme. However, this is not true.

This type of money-making scheme only attracts those looking for quick ways to get rich.

Everyone knows get-rich-quick opportunities are scams.

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Who Found the OPM Wealth?

The identity of the OPM Wealth owner is not clear.

Many people consider Stefan Dessalines the owner, but he seems to be a spoke person. There is no information indicating to us that he is the founder of OPM Wealth.

Why does the founder hide the identity?

It indicates to us this OPM Wealth is a scam. The owner doesn’t want people to know who he or she is to avoid future prosecution.

I would never invest in a business opportunity where the owner or management team is unknown. Adding to this is the requirement of payment in cryptocurrencies. These are red flags signaling the business opportunity is not legit.

OPM Wealth System Review

In this section, we are going to discuss the OPM Wealth business system.

What does the company sell?

What is the cost?

How do you make money? And more.

OPM Wealth sells membership, nothing else.

When you are investing with OPM Wealth, you receive nothing in return. You are given the right to resell the Plutus Plans.

You become a member by agreeing to give thousands of dollars away to strangers (the sponsors) in the system.

OPM Wealth Cost

You can indeed join the program for free. However, to make money you must purchase a Plutus Plan.

The cost to join OPM Wealth depends on the Plutus Plan you purchased.

OPM Wealth cost is broken down as follows:

  • Hermes Membership – $2,000
  • Apollo Membership – $5,000
  • Athena Membership – $8,500
  • Poseidon Membership – $14,500
  • Zeus Membership – $27,500

The lowest level of investment is $2,000, and the highest level is $27,000.

Some people are willing to give away $27,000 for a chance to trick others into giving them $27,000.

Does this sound like a good investment?

OPM Wealth Levels

Your earning levels correlate with the amount of money that you give to OPM Wealth.

I’ll give a summary of the commission levels in this review. You can download the OPM Wealth compensation plan to learn in detail.

Let say you purchased the Hermes Membership, $2,000.

You go out and recruit others to join.

You only earn a commission when someone joins the Hermes Membership level.

You earn nothing if a new member purchases high membership levels, Apollo and up.

The system forces members to purchase the highest level of membership to earn all levels of commission.

Those falling for this scam will always give $27,000 for fear of losing out on future earnings.

But there is no earning unless you can trick another human being to join the scheme.

Let assume you have successfully brought in a member at the $2,000 level.

Since the OPM Wealth commission structure is on 2 tiers, here is your earning:

  • You got paid $1,200 that 60% of $2,000.
  • Your sponsor earns $200. This is 10% of $2,000.

If you want to earn a 60% commission on all levels of membership, you must purchase the Zeus Membership level at $27,500.

Can You Get Rich With OPM Wealth?

The idea of using other people’s money (OPM) to get rich is exciting. But the OPM Wealth investment has nothing to do with other people’s money.

OPM Wealth uses your credit to take out a business loan for you to purchase the Plutus Plan. It’s not using Other People Money. You are responsible for repaying this loan.

Part of OPM Wealth training is teaching you how to fix or improve your credit score to qualify for a business loan.

Once you qualify, OPM Wealth will use your personal information and credit to obtain a loan for themselves.

This loan scheme is a form of fraud by misleading the lender into believing you are investing in a legit business.

You are a participant in this fraud, which means you are responsible to pay back the loan.

You receive nothing from this loan. The entire loan amount goes to other OPM Wealth members in the form of fees and commissions.

I don’t see how you can get rich with OPM Wealth.

The only way for you to make money is by fooling a lot of people to join the OPM Wealth loan fraud scheme.

I promise you smart investors will recognize this scam, using their credit to steal money.

I hope you see why OPM Wealth requires members to pay in cryptocurrencies.

Is OPM Wealth Legit?

You should understand by now that I agree OPM Wealth is not legit.

It is a money gifting scam using member credits to defraud lenders.

Everyone who participates in this OPM Wealth scheme might have committed loan fraud.

Is OPM Wealth An MLM?

OPM Wealth is not an MLM company.

The company offers no products or services to members.

OPM Wealth is a pyramid scheme. The scheme uses new member investments to pay commissions to current members.

Your earning is based on how many people you bring into the organization.

Recruiting is the only option to recoup your investment.

This pyramid scheme takes another step by using members’ credit to obtain business loans for themselves.

OPM Wealth convinces members that they are using other people’s money to invest.

But in reality, OPM Wealth uses members’ credit to obtain a loan by lying to lenders.

OPM Wealth A Scam

I strongly agree OPM Wealth is a scam.

People are taking out loans to participate in a money gifting scheme.

You pay OPM Wealth for a chance to collect commission on future memberships.

You don’t make money unless you successfully recruit others to join the scheme. The company offers no products or services for you to sell to earn income from.

Everything about OPM Wealth is relying on members scamming another victim.

Final Review of OPM Wealth

Would you give $27,500 to a stranger who promises to pay you 60% of future membership fees collected from your recruit?

No, you would not, right?

This investment scheme is not good.

  • First, you lost $27,500 as a gift to a stranger.
  • Second, you have to convince others to give you $27,500 to earn 60% while the stranger doing nothing.

Only a fool invests in the OPM Wealth scheme.

For those of you who are into get-rich-quick-scheme, I wish you luck with OPM Wealth.

OPM Wealth is not for me.

Yes, I invest in online business, but only with legit and profitable opportunities.

You make money when the investment opportunity is profitable.

If you are willing to do research, you can find many legit and profitable business opportunities to make money from home.

I understand you are here to read the review of OPM Wealth.

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I hope this OPM Wealth review answers your question, is OPM Wealth legit?

Until next time.

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