My Business Venture Review – Is My Business Venture Legit

During my review of My Business Venture, I discovered a lawsuit filed against the business.

The class action accused My Business Venture of illegally selling an eCommerce franchise opportunity without providing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

What is the importance of the FDD?

The FDD offers investors an insight into the business opportunity’s financial performance. Investors use the FDD to evaluate profitability.

Federal and state franchise laws use the FDD requirement to protect investors from scammers.

When a franchisor refuses to provide the FDD, it’s not a good sign.

Does this mean My Business Venture a scam?

This question came to my mind after learning about the lawsuit.

I have this to tell you, My Business Venture is nothing more than a lousy dropshipping business.

You can read this My Business Venture review to learn the truth.

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My Business Venture Review Summary

Name: My Business Venture
Business Type: eCommerce
Investment: $3,900

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  • My Business Venture is franchising a full eCommerce enable superstore featuring over 15,000 products.
  • You can operate the My Business Venture franchise from the comfort of your home, full-time or part-time.
  • My Business Venture is also known as a Done-For-You eCommerce website.
  • The company claims its online superstore generates average profit margins of 35-200%. However, there’s little or no evidence to support this profit claim.
  • A full review of My Business Venture reveals to me this is nothing more than a dropshipping opportunity.
  • Owning a dropshipping website doesn’t mean you can make money.
  • Profits from the My Business Venture franchise depend on the products’ wholesale price, which the company refuses to disclose to potential investors.
  • It’s impossible to determine profitability without knowing your wholesale price. But this is not your only problem with this business opportunity.


About My Business Venture Franchise

My Business Venture is a fully automated eCommerce retail superstore founded by Thomas Stridiron in 2003.

The business system allows you to instantly become an online business owner with little or no work.

You can find this business opportunity on many franchise websites.

The big marketing point for My Business Venture is the turnkey superstore website. It sounds like you can make a lot of money just by purchasing one.

The business is appealing to people because it sounds risk-free.

Well, no business opportunity is risk-free.

To understand the risk associate with My Business Venture, you must look at the way it operates.

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How Does My Business Venture Work?

My Business Venture works as follows:

  • You purchase one of the three business packages. (I’ll discuss these business packages later in this review.)
  • Each business package includes a full operation eCommerce website with hosting and domain name.
  • Your turnkey online superstore comes with over 15,000 top-selling items and name-brand products with free shipping.
  • You collect a profit on every item sold.

The missing part of this business model is getting customers to your superstore website.

How are you going to make money on an eCommerce website without visitors?

It’s a major investment mistake to think you can make money by owning a turnkey eCommerce website.

Yes, My Business Venture will create for you a turnkey superstore website loaded with over 15,000 products but without customers.

Can you see why My Business Venture cannot provide investors with the FDD?

Because My Business Venture is selling you a predesigned website with products, nothing more.

To make My Business Venture works, you will have to invest money in marketing and training to promote your eCommerce website.

My Business Venture Website

You are purchasing a predesigned website from My Business Venture, not a revenue-generating eCommerce website.

My Business Venture website comes with no visitors, no customers, and no sales.

You are unlikely to make a sale after purchasing this predesigned website from My Business Venture.

The real work begins when you start promoting your online superstore.

The most difficult part of running a successful eCommerce business is getting people to shop at your online store.

You are competing with thousands of eCommerce websites for the same customer.

If you have zero experience in online marketing, your My Business Venture website will crash and burn. You make no money.

You must learn the process of marketing a business online before spending money on building a website.

A website is a digital tool for you to make money. It’s not a business.

My Business Venture Products

Novice and inexperienced online investors get excited about My Business Venture comes loaded with over 15,000 products.

A preloaded products website is good. But it has nothing to do with profits.

Don’t you want to know the cost to acquire the products from My Business Venture suppliers?

You are not going to make a profit if the cost to buy the product is higher than the retail price. This is business profit 101.

I am surprised to learn that people didn’t even request the price list for the products before purchasing My Business Venture.

The biggest shock when I was told My Business Venture doesn’t provide investors with a copy of the price list.

How are you going to verify the 35-200% profit margin claim by Business Venture?

You cannot.

Only a fool would invest in an online retail business opportunity without knowing the actual cost of acquiring inventories.

My Business Venture Franchise Cost

The cost to buy an opportunity with My Business Venture depends on the investment packages you purchased.

Here are the five investment packages:

  • The Standard Package costs a $795 down payment for the website setup and $99.83 per month for 36 months. You end up paying a total of $4,388.88 for this package.
  • The Professional Package costs $2,795. This is a one-time payment. It covers the cost for the website setup and limited access to a few training videos.
  • The Enterprise Package comes at $3,995. This is also a one-time payment. This package provides a website setup, training, and a custom logo for your website.
  • The Premier Package costs $4,695. This package includes marketing and basic training with MBV university.
  • The Millennium Package costs $5,595. You receive all features from the first four packages, plus a social media upgrade and a business email package.

Looking at this price list, the minimum investment to purchase My Business Venture opportunity is $2,795.

The highest level of investment is $5,595.

Remember, these prices are for a predesigned eCommerce website, not revenue generated online store.

Yes, some people are willing to pay for these websites.

My Business Venture Profit

After reviewing My Business Venture business model, I cannot tell you this opportunity is profitable.

There’s no way you can make money buying an eCommerce website with zero visitors.

Don’t buy into My Business Venture if you have no plan to promote and market the superstore.

You must be ready to work hard and spend a lot of money on digital marketing to generate sales.

Even with sales, My Business Venture might not be profitable. We just don’t know the cost of the products.

If the cost of the products is more than the retail price, you earn nothing.

Are you willing to gamble your money with My Business Venture?

Is My Business Venture legit?

It’s crazy, but I have to agree that My Business Venture is legit.

My Business Venture’s marketing tactics seem unethical. This doesn’t make the business illegal.

A smart investor will never fall for this marketing hype.

You should see that My Business Venture makes money selling predesigned eCommerce websites.

It’s true. My Business Venture website is functional, and eCommerce enabled with preloaded products.

However, this is just a website, with no visitors or traffic.

The value of an online business depends on the number of people visiting its website. A website with zero visitors has no business value.

My Business Venture sells you a website, not an online business.

My Business Venture Scam

People say My Business Venture a scam because they cannot make money with the website.

If you have done your research, you know that you cannot make money just by buying an eCommerce website.

Do you consider My Business Venture a scam?

Maybe not, you have read this review and understand the truth about My Business Venture.

Has Anyone Made Money With My Business Venture?

I don’t know if anyone makes money with My Business Venture.

Based on our review, it’s unlike you can make money owning the My Business Venture website. This eCommerce website has no visitors.

If you are buying an online retail store, you want to know the number of visitors on the site per day.

Visitors are customers. These are people who will buy products on your website.

Getting people to visit a website is not easy. My Business Venture doesn’t want you to know this. They want you to believe owning a website is all you needed to make money.

A good online business opportunity must offer both a website and a way to attract visitors.

Visitors are the most valuable assets for an online business, including mine.

I make money generating visitors for websites. This is a very lucrative online business.

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I hope this My Business Venture review answers your question, is My Business Venture legit?

Until next time.

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