Nine University Review – Is Nine University A Scam

Ever wonder why Nine University has so many online positive reviews?

There only a few Nine University reviews on the BBB that accuse the program of a scam. Most reviews state Nine University legit.

Before we are reviewing “is Nine University a scam?”

I must ask you this question?

Are you going to spend over $10,000 to learn how to start an Amazon FBA business?

I don’t think Nine University Amazon FBA training program worth the investment.

There are better Amazon FBA training programs at a much cheaper price. We’ll discuss this at the end of the review.

But why do you want to start an Amazon FBA business right now?

The Amazon FBA business is too competitive and overcrowded. Many Amazon sellers start leaving the program to earn better profits.

It’s much cheaper and profitable to start an online business independent of Amazon control.

Let talk about it.

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Nine University Review Summary

Name: Nine University
Business Type: Amazon FBA Courses
Investment: $10,000

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Rebatest Review

  • Nine University is an overpriced Amazon FBA digital course.
  • The program teaches the process of launching an online business selling on Amazon.
  • Nine University course costs more than $10,000. Then, you need a few more grands to buy inventories, marketing, and customer services.
  • It doesn’t cost this much to learn how to sell on Amazon.
  • Many people are fleeing the Amazon FBA program to improve their profits. Why do you want to compete in a business with low-profit margins and control by Amazon?
  • Even if Nine University is not a scam, it doesn’t worth over $10K. Don’t waste your money on this program. There’s a cheaper option to start an online business.


What Is Nine University?

Nine University is a 7-week digital course teaching the process of making money online selling products on Amazon FBA.

This Amazon FBA training program was launched by Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott back in 2017.

Selling on Amazon was very profitable back then.

This online business has become too competitive as Chinese sellers invading the Amazon FBA. It’s impossible to make decent profits competing against Chinese sellers.

The popularity of the Nine University course takes a big hit as interests in the Amazon FBA business cooling down.

It’s not wise for people to invest in the Amazon FBA business today, because of the high fees and market saturation.

I don’t recommend you to waste over $10,000 on this training. It’s not worth it.

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Review Of Nine University Amazon FBA

It’s not fair to call Nine University a scam without a review of the course.

Nine University charges over $10,000 for the course. It must offer information worth at least the value.

If students cannot use the training to launch an Amazon FBA business, you must agree Nine University is a scam.

So, what includes in this Nine University Amazon FBA course?

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Nine University Bootcamp

Nine University calls this 7-week course a bootcamp. It means to help you start an Amazon FBA business within 7 weeks.

The Amazon FBA business model is breakdown into three different parts:

  1. Finding and Sourcing products to sell on Amazon.
  2. Purchasing and Shipping inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers.
  3. Listing products on

A good training program must cover all three parts for people to successfully launch an Amazon FBA business.

The Nine University course consists of 257 videos covering the following topics:

Week 1 – Navigating The Amazon FBA Seller Central

This lesson covers the process of setting up a seller account with Amazon.

Amazon requires a seller account to listing products for sale on its platform.

It provides a walk-through of the Amazon Seller Central. This is good for new sellers. However, you can get this training for free from Amazon.

Nine University also covers the process of incorporating and getting proper licensing for your business.

Weeks 2 – Find Profitable Amazon FBA Products

The secret to making money selling on Amazon is selecting the right products.

You must find a product with high profit margins with strong demands.

Nine University will train you to use the Boost Nine and Helium 10 tools to research and select the right products.

There is an additional cost for the use of Boost Nine and Helium 10 research tools. Nine University only teaches you how to use these tools to find profitable products to sell on Amazon.

Once you decide on the products to sell, the next step is sourcing them.

Week 3 – Securing Products With Chinese Elite Suppliers

This week’s training is about finding and securing a supplier from China with the best profit margins.

You learn how to talk to suppliers, negotiating prices, product packaging, and selecting a shipping method.

Nine University recommends using the same suppliers as your competitors to maintain the same product quality.

Securing products from your competitors’ suppliers has a big disadvantage, higher price.

Chinese suppliers are unlikely to offer you a better price unless your order is equal to or larger than the competitors.

Week 4 – Getting Inventory To Amazon Fulfillment Centers

This is the most complex part of the Amazon FBA business.

Sellers are responsible to get the products from the manufacture to Amazon fulfillment centers (FC).

Nine University provides tips on working with the manufacture to properly label, inspect, and deliver the products to the correct Amazon FC.

This lesson also discusses the difference between a UPC and an FNSKU barcode.

Amazon uses the FNSKU barcode system. It’s important to inform your manufacturer to place the FNSKU code on every product to get accepted by Amazon.

Week 5 – Creating A Listing To Sell On Autopilot

This week is all about creating a listing for your products. You can do this by yourself or hire a company to do this for you.

Product listing optimization is the most important process of creating a product listing.

Nine University teaches you the SEO techniques to get the best ranking for your products.

You will learn the in and out of Amazon seller listing tools to optimize your products.

Week 6 – Turn A Product Into The Product

Images will help you sell products.

Nine University course covers the basics of choosing and creating photographs for the products.

You learn the three types of photos that will drive sales.

Week 7 – Selling With Pay Per Click (PPC) And Bots

You learn to buy Amazon Sponsored Ads (PPC) to promote the products.

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Nine University introduces you to different digital marketing tools to help improve your PPC performance.

Digital marketing will be the biggest expense for your Amazon FBA business.

Beyond the courses, Nine University offers additional services to help fast-track your Amazon FBA business.

The additional overpriced services are:

  • Facebook group membership
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Training Vault
  • Boost Nine software

Nine University Cost

The combined cost to purchase the Nine University training package is over $10,000.

Here’s the actual cost:

  • Nine University Amazon FBA course – $1,997
  • Facebook group membership – $1,998
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions – $2,381
  • Coaching and mentorship – $3,998
  • Training Vault – $2,998
  • Boost Nine software – $297

Your total Nine University cost is $13,669. This is only the cost to learn.

It will cost a lot more money to launch your Amazon FBA business.

The training package is ridiculously overpriced.

Nine University Refund

Nine University offers a 10-day refund with requirements.

Here are the requirements to get a full refund from Nine University.


Looking at these requirements, you can say Nine University doesn’t offer a refund.

It seems very difficult to get a refund. You must read this carefully before purchasing the training program.

Is Nine University A Scam?

I have shared with you the Nine University courses. It is not a scam. But the overpriced tag makes this a bad investment.

You can get most of the content in the Nine University course online for free.

The Amazon FBA business is no longer a profitable investment because the business is too competitive with low-profit margins.

Many Amazon sellers are switching to start their own online retail site to improve profits.

People are calling Nine University a scam because they cannot recover their investment selling products on Amazon.

The Amazon FBA business is no longer a lucrative online business. This has nothing to do with the Nine University course.

Is Nine University Worth It?

No, the Nine University course is not a good investment.

This Amazon FBA course is too expensive. You can find cheaper training programs that deliver 10x more value.

The reason you want to start an online business is to make money.

Spending over $10,000 to learn a declined business model is not a good investment.

It’s very competitive and difficult to build a profitable Amazon FBA business in this market.

Can you see the education from Nine University is worthless?

The best way to make money online has nothing to do with selling your own products. It requires a small investment and no inventory.

I understand you are here to read the review of Nine University.

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I hope this Nine University review answers your question, is the Nine University a scam?

Until next time.

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