Is Rat Race Rebellion Legit – Rat Race Rebellion Review

Work from home jobs have become a popular option for us to balance work and family.

More companies are offering work from home jobs. The problem is landing a legit one.

We rely on online job boards like Rat Race Rebellion to connect with employers. But, is Rat Race Rebellion legit?

Can you find a legit work from home job using Rat Race Rebellion?

In this Rat Race Rebellion Review, I’ll show you a legit work from home job doesn’t mean a good paycheck.

Here’s a real alternative to earn a full-time income from home.

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Rat Race Rebellion Review Summary

Name: Rat Race Rebellion

Business Type: Online Job Board

Investment: Free

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  • People use Rat Race Rebellion to help them find a legit work from home job.
  • But not all jobs on Rat Race Rebellion are working from home because you must leave the house to complete the job.
  • The pay for the jobs on Rat Race Rebellion is not good either. Many pay less than minimum wage.
  • Rat Race Rebellion offers legit side jobs to earn extra income, not full-time works.
  • Are you looking for ways to earn a full-time income? Then you must read my alternative work from home opportunity at the end of this Rate Race Rebellion Review.


What Is Rat Race Rebellion?

The Rat Race Rebellion is a free online job board dedicated to helping people find legit jobs to make money from home.

The Rat Race Rebellion website was launched by Christine Durst and Michael Haaren in 1999.

The founders claim to have appeared on 200 plus nation media as an expert on working from home. This statement is misleading because working from home is not the same as landing a legit work from home job.

Most online scammers are self-proclaimed experts.

Since this online job board is free, people automatically assume every job on Rat Race Rebellion is legit. This is not true.

Rat Race Rebellion has this warning:

“… it is incumbent upon you, the job seeker, to do your own due diligence for each job you apply to avoid scams.”

Even Rat Race Rebellion can’t guarantee that every work from home job listing on its site is legit.

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Rat Race Rebellion Jobs

You can find a variety of jobs advertised on the Rat Race Rebellion.

Rat Race Rebellion organizes the jobs into different groups. The most popular job groups are Daily Jobs and Non-Phone Jobs. I’ll discuss these jobs group.

But first, let talk about is Rat Race Rebellion a real work at home jobs.

Rat Race Rebellion Work at Home Jobs

Rat Race Rebellion doesn’t offer a work at home job.

You can use this online job board to find a work from home job.

You must understand not all jobs on the Rat Race Rebellion are working from home.

Mystery Shoppers, Courthouse Researchers, and Mobile Notary jobs require you to leave the house.

You will also notice that almost every Rat Race Rebellion work at home job is part-time or side gigs offering a low pay rate.

Rat Race Rebellion Daily Jobs

The Rat Race Rebellion daily jobs are the first place for job seekers to visit.

This webpage features the latest work from home jobs from across the internet.

On my first visit to the Rat Race Rebellion daily jobs, I was a little disappointed.

It features mostly online surveys, sales reps, and customer service works. These are not legit full-time work from home jobs.

You earn pennies doing online surveys.

Sale reps and customer service reps are business opportunities, not a real job paying a fixed salary.

The Rat Race Rebellion’s daily jobs are not legit jobs. They are business opportunities.

Honestly, this popular work from home business opportunity is much better than the Rat Race Rebellion’s daily jobs.

Rat Race Rebellion Non-Phone Jobs

Let talk about the Rat Race Rebellion Big List of Jobs & Gigs group. Most of the jobs feature in this group related to talking on the phone.

These jobs include customer service, appointment reservations, phone interviewer, travel reservations, phone outreach, and more.

However, the Rat Race Rebellion classifies these jobs as non-phone jobs.

I visited a few jobs on the Big List of Jobs. I discovered many of them were business opportunities, not work from home jobs.

When a company pays you as an independent contractor, it doesn’t offer you a job. It’s offering you a business opportunity.

You must carefully review jobs listing on Rat Race Rebellion before applying because many of them are not legit work from home job.

If you do your research, you might land a legit non-phone job on Rat Race Rebellion. It doesn’t mean you will make a lot of money.

Is Rat Race Rebellion legit?

The Rat Race Rebellion is a legit online job board. But Rat Race Rebellion doesn’t guarantee that every job on its website is legit.

You should conduct due diligence on every job that you apply to avoid scams.

It’s not easy to find your dream work at home job on the Rat Race Rebellion website.

Once you find a job, the pay rate is so low that it doesn’t worth your time persuading its.

Then you have business opportunities listed on Rat Race Rebellion as work from home jobs. You must be careful with these.

You should not have to pay for a job. If a work from home job asking for an upfront payment, it’s likely a scam.

Rat Race Rebellion Complaints

You are not going to find Rat Race Rebellion scam complain online.

What you will find are complaints regarding the quality of Rat Race Rebellion jobs.

People accuse Rat Race Rebellion of posting the same work from home jobs against and against.

Well, if the jobs are still open, keeping them on the job board is not a bad thing.

The problem is with the low pay rates. This has generated a lot of complaints against the Rat Race Rebellion.

People complain that Rat Race Rebelling work from home jobs are quite demanding with low pay rates.

To be fair, the Rat Race Rebellion has no control over the pay rates for jobs listed on its website.

However, the Rate Race Rebellion is guilty of promoting side gigs as full-time jobs.

I have conducted lots of Online Business Reviews. I can tell you that the Rat Race Rebellion is legit. But the jobs are not legit work from home jobs.

Most of the jobs listed on this online job board are side gigs that offer low pays. Don’t expect to earn a full-time income on Rat Race Rebellion.

Final Rat Race Rebellion Review

There are people who have been using the Rat Race Rebellion for years still unable to find real work from home jobs.

But we cannot blame Rat Race Rebellion. People should have known that the jobs on this job board are not high paying jobs.

Low pay rates are common with online gigs and part-time jobs.

I will say this, Rat Race Rebellion is not a place to find real work from home jobs.

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Since this article is a review of the Rat Race Rebellion, I am not going to discuss my process of making passive income from home.

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I hope this Rat Race Rebellion review answers your question, is Rat Race Rebellion legit?

Until next time.

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