ShopSmarter Review: Here’s What They Say About ShopSmarter

ShopSmarter is popular for the 10% rebate on every purchase.

You must wonder how can a company offer such a high rebate?

Is ShopSmarter legit? Or Is the ShopSmarter a scam?

You are not alone.

A Google search reveals numerous complaints of ShopSmarter as a scam, charging people credit cards as IC ShopSmarter without their knowledge. This ShopSmarter Review explains how this can happen to you.

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ShopSmarter Review Summary

Name: ShopSmarter

Business Type: CashBack

Investment: $9.97 Per Month

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  • ShopSmarter promises members a 10% cashback on purchases from their online retail partners.
  • The majority of ShopSmarter scam complaints came from members enrolling in the program through the collaborated retailers.
  • People do not aware of a $9.97 per month IC ShopSmarter subscription fee to earn the 10% cashback.
  • With so many free online cashback programs, including the popular Ebates (Rakuten), ShopSmarter doesn’t sound like a good investment.
  • To be fair, some members do think Shop Smarter legit, and the $9.97 per month subscription fee is worth it. Maybe these people don’t know about the free cashback programs.
  • Getting cashback is good, but it is not earning money. It’s a fraud to promote ShopSmarter as an opportunity to make money from home.

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What Is ShopSmarter?

ShopSmarter is an online membership shopping program that promises a 10% cash back on purchases made at more than 1,000 online store partners.

This online rebate program has a $1,000 cashback limit per year, and it’s not free to join.

The 10% consistent cashback is marketing hype. You are not going to earn a 10% cashback on every purchase.

ShopSmarter collaborates with local retail stores to promote and sell its cashback program.

The retail stores offer shoppers a 7-day trial of ShopSmarter for $1.97 at the checkout. But they don’t inform shoppers that they must cancel the membership before the end of the trial period to avoid the $9.97 membership fee.

Many shoppers were surprised to see a charge from IC ShopSmarter on the credit card statement at the end of the month.

So, they accuse ShopSmarter of a scam, charging their credit card without authorization.

If this happens to you, your best option is to file an unauthorized charge dispute with the credit card company.

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ShopSmarter Cash Back

People join ShopSmarter because of the 10% cashback. They mistakenly believe that they earn a 10% cashback on every purchase. If this is true, then the $9.97 per month membership fee is worth it.

You are not going to receive a 10% ShopSmarter cash back on every purchase.

Only the qualified purchases will receive the 10% cashback. You can end up with 0% ShopSmarter cashback on non-qualified purchases.

You must read the fine print to understand how the ShopSmarter cashback program works.

Well, you don’t have to. We’ll discuss this in the following section of this ShopSmarter review.

How Does Shop Smarter Work?

Unlike free Ebates, Shop Smarter is a membership cashback program. Therefore, you must become a paid member to earn cashback.

ShopSmarter offers new members a 7-day trial membership for $1.97. The catch here is, you can’t withdraw any cashback earned until after 30 days.

You are paying $1.97 for nothing if you decide to cancel the membership before the 7-day trial. To withdraw cashback, you have to pay $9.97 per month to extend the member 30 days.

The Shop Smarter membership allows you to earn cashback.

Here’s how a purchase qualifies for the 10% cashback.

  • ShopSmarter provides a list of online retail partners where you can earn the 10% cashback.  Only purchases made from these retail partners qualify for a cashback.
  • You must log in to your account and click on the affiliate links to shop online at a ShopSmarter retail partner.
  • ShopSmarter tracks your online shopping to reward a 10% cashback on any purchases.

As you can see, not every purchase qualifies for cashback.

  • No cash back for purchases from non-retail partners
  • No cash back for in-store purchases
  • If ShopSmarter can’t track your online purchases, you don’t earn cashback.
  • The max amount of cashback is $1,000. Anything over this amount doesn’t qualify for cashback.

It takes 5 to 7 business days for the qualified cashback to credit your ShopSmarter account.

You can withdraw the cashback by requesting a check payment on the 15th of every month.

How Much Does Shop Smarter Cost?

There are confusing reviews online as to the cost of joining Shop Smarter.

You see reporting of $9.97 and/or $12.97 as the cost for Shop Smarter.

What is the exact cost of Shop Smarter membership?

Shop Smarter costs $9.97 per month.

However, new members first join ShopSmarter paying $1.97 for the 7-day trial membership. After the 7-day trial, IC ShopSmarter charges another $9.97 for the monthly fee. New members confuse thinking ShopSmarter costs $12.97 for the first month. It’s not.

What Is IC ShopSmarter?

You will see the IC ShopSmarter charge on their credit card or bank statement the first month you join the cashback program.

Many new members get upset when they see the IC ShopSmarter charges on their credit card or bank statement. They don’t recognize the charges.

IC ShopSmarter is a billing code that ShopSmarter uses to describe the charge for the 7-day trial and the monthly membership fees.

If you see IC ShopSmarter on your monthly statement, you must have signed up to become a ShopSmarter member at a collaborated retail store.

How To Cancel ShopSmarter Membership?

Canceling your ShopSmarter membership is easier by placing a stop payment with your bank or credit card company.

You can contact ShopSmarter to cancel the membership. It’s not a guarantee that the company will stop withdrawing the monthly fee from your account.

It will be a fight to get a refund for your ShopSmarter membership fee.

You can cancel the ShopSmarter membership by calling or emailing customer service, but don’t expect this to go smoothly.

I suggest you also contact your bank and credit card company to place a stop payment to IC ShopSmarter.

Is ShopSmarter legit?

ShopSmarter is a legit online cashback program, but don’t expect a 10% cashback on every purchase.

This cashback program receives the most customer dissatisfaction complaints compared to other online cashback programs.

It’s not easy to earn cashback with ShopSmarter because there are too many limitations.

Most Shop Smarter scam complaints are from members who get tricked into joining the program by collaborated retail partners.

You are not going to earn a lot of cashback, even Shop Smarter is legit.

ShopSmarter Vs. Ebates

You should not have to pay a fee to earn cashback. This is the big difference between ShopSmarter and Ebates.

Ebates, AKA Rakuten, is a popular cashback program that you can join for FREE.

Ebates even pays you $10 for registering an account to earn cashback.

You have more options to withdraw cashback earnings from Ebates compared to ShopSmarter. You can transfer cash from Ebates to your PayPal account.

Ebates has more online retail partners compared to ShopSmarter. It gives you more ways to earn cashback.

I suggest you drive Ebates first before becoming a paying member of ShopSmarter.

Final Review On ShopSmarter

I am not a big fan of paying a monthly fee to earn cashback. It’s not a great way to save or make money.

ShopSmarter cashback is not available for every purchase. So, you still have to pay the full price when visiting the store.

The online business of offering cashback is not new. This is known as an affiliate commission split business.

ShopSmarter receives an affiliate commission for each referral. The company then shares a portion of the referral commission with users.

You get a 10% affiliate commission with ShopSmarter, but you have to pay for it. It’s ridiculous to pay for a share of the commission that is generated by your activities.

Listen, you don’t have to pay ShopSmarter to earn your cashback, affiliate commissions.

Affiliate programs are available in almost every online store, including Amazon Affiliate and Walmart Affiliate.

You can make a lot of money with affiliate programs. I earn a full-time income by joining these affiliate programs.

This article is about ShopSmarter’s review. I am not going to discuss the process of earning cashback with affiliate programs here. I have written many articles on this topic. You can learn more about this online opportunity by reading why:

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I hope this ShopSmarter review answers your question, is ShopSmarter legit?

Until next time.

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