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We had several discussions on the topic of making money online taking surveys.

You might remember we have talked about, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Survey Junkies, and more

This morning, we are going to review Vindale Research. Yes, it’s another survey site!

Why are we talking about Vindale Research?

We received a few requests from our readers. Some people want to know, “Is Vindale Research Legit?”

I don’t know why this question was asked. As I always say, most online survey sites are legit.

But, is Vindale Research a legit survey site?.

I don’t know, Do you?

Let’s find out together in this Vindale Research review.

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Vindale Research Review

The name “Vindale Research” tells us, this is a consumer market study and data collection company.

Is Vindale Research legit?

I visited the company website… OK, I can see why people wonder, “Is Vindale Research legit?”

This survey site claims to pay $10, $20, and up to $50 per survey…

This sounds extremely high, but it’s not automatically making Vindale Research a scam…

I went out and looked for more info on Vindale Research and here’s what I discovered.

Vindale Research, founded in 2005 with Headquarters in New York, US.

The company was owned and operated by SayForExample up until 2018, then acquired by iGain LLC.

This company history and background suggest Vindale Research a legit survey site.

But, does Vindale survey pay up to $50? This claim seems to be a little exaggerated!

Does Vindale Research Really Pay You $10, $20 Or $50 A Survey?

Vindale Research survey rewards are in line with Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and other survey sites, which rewards $0.10 to $2.00 per survey.

Cash rewards are based on the time required to complete a survey.

So, a 5-minute survey pays $0.25, while a 66-minute survey pays between $1.50 to $2.00… I don’t consider making $2.00 an hour is a good option to make a living…

Now, to get paid $50 or $75 dollars, you must participate in product testing or study group… This paid rate is within the industry standard.

The problem with products testing and study group are limited… maybe you get one invitation per year…

When I say maybe… I mean you might not get an invitation at all!

Vindale Research advertises their surveys, pay $10 – $50 is misleading… This is a marketing hype…

I want to say this before someone in the audience screaming, “I made $200 a month with Vindale Research!”

I know, you can make $200 a month taking surveys,

BUT, if you are willing to spend 8 to 10 hours a day taking surveys, why not become a writer, you can make between $6,000 to $10,000 a month.

I am not saying Vindale Research a scam… I’m just saying Vindale Research is misleading…

How about we put this in dollar terms:

Vindale Research pays $50 per survey, and you completed 1 survey a day… This is $350 a week (7 days)… You should make $1,400 a month.

Do you know anyone makes $1,400 a month with Vindale Research?

I have never met a single person making over $1,000 a month taking surveys!

Yes, Vindale Research does offer a $50 survey, but it’s rear… It’s very hard to find one… Most Vindale Research Surveys pay pennies.

While Vindale Research is legit, but don’t expect to get rich taking their surveys.

Vindale Research Payment Method

Vindale Research pays members real money, not with points.

It is similar to InboxDollars

With the cash payment, there’s no need for conversion (from point to cash)… You can request for a payout once meeting the cash out requirement.

Vindale Research cash out requirements is $50… This is high compared to Swagbucks and InboxDollars, which you can cash out with $5.

Why the $50 minimum cash out is high?

Well, because it can take people months to reach this amount.

I take surveys to kill some free times, not to make a living.

I prefer Swagbucks and InboxDollars because I can get my money for a cup of coffee anytime…

With Vindale Research $50 minimum payout, Ha… ha… ha… I don’t know when I’ll get my coffee cash?

Vindale Research pays members by check and direct PayPal transfer… If you know me, I want every online payment by PayPal.

Receiving a PayPal payment is quick, safe, and simple… All you need is an email, and less than 1 minutes, you get your money.

Requesting Vindale Research payout by check can take weeks!

Vindale Research A Scam

I want to take our last few minutes Coffee Talk to look into this claim, “Vindale Research a scam.”

There seem to be a large number of complaints from members for not receiving payment, or their account gets closed for no reason.

These problems occurred toward the end of 2018 and early 2019… It turned out, this was right after iGain LLC took over Vindale Research…

You can read a few of these complaints by visiting iGain BBB page, which I did…

It seems to be a software update glitch which caused these non-payments or account terminations.

Adding to this is the lack of customer services from Vindale Research… Vindale Research only offers email customer services…

We all know how email customer services go… Not the best!

When all of a sudden, your account gets terminated, you lost all your earnings, some over $50, or not getting your payment, and you cannot contact the company… What would you do?

File a complaint with the BBB and go online to warn others that Vindale Research is a scam.

Who can blame people for doing this…

The problem is with Vindale Research for a lack of communication with members during the transfer of ownership.

Vindale Research has resolved most of the complaints with the BBB, but the damage has been done…

Now, everyone is saying Vindale Research a scam… It doesn’t pay its members for completing surveys.

I am not a member of Vindale Research for several reasons,

  • $50 minimum payout is too high for a survey site,
  • it doesn’t have that many surveys comparing to InboxDollars or Swagbucks,
  • it doesn’t offer a $5 signup bonus, which you can get from Swagbucks and InboxDollars,
  • lack of customer service, and last
  • it’s not honest… I don’t like the way Vindale Research telling people that their surveys pay up to $50… which leads people to believe they can make a lot of money taking Vindale Research surveys… which is not true!

Those are my reasons not to join Vindale Research,

But, not because Vindale Research is a scam.

Yes, Vindale research is a legit company…

If you want to get rich, taking online surveys is not the way… Become a writer and you’ll never have to worry about money!

Do you agree with me, Vindale Research is legit!

What’s your experience with Vindale Research? I want to learn from you…

Until next time!

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