Become A Tupperware Consultant – “Tupperware MLM” Review

When was the last time you attended a Tupperware party?

This question reminds me of my Grandmother. Yes! That long ago!

I completely forgot about the Tupperware MLM business opportunity. Not too many people talk about becoming a Tupperware consultant anymore.

Is the Tupperware consultant still around?

Does anyone even want to become a Tupperware consultant today?

The last time I attended a Tupperware party was more than 30 years ago. When my Grandmother still alive. She was not a Tupperware consultant. She just loved to attend the parties.

Back in the old day, Tupperware parties were a social gathering event, a way for people to meet up and chit chat, and for kids to enjoy the food.

That’s how I remember Tupperware, when a friend recently asked me, “Is Tupperware consultant still around?”

You might be wondering, why are we reviewing Tupperware? A dead ML business opportunity.

That’s what I thought.

The Tupperware consultant business has changed and reinvented itself adopting technology to compete in the 21st century.

Wait until you meet the new Tupperware consultant.

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Tupperware Review

I remember a Tupperware consultant as a popular and successful business lady that everyone wants to befriend at the Tupperware party.

I did not know they are at the party to sell Tupperware products…

Yes, like Mary Kay, the majority of Tupperware consultants are women.

65 plus years ago, Tupperware mlm was considered a revolutionary opportunity for women to achieve their own financial success.

Tupperware consultants have been doing Tupperware parties long before Mary Kay Consultants…

Now, I know, Tupperware consultants are independent business owner selling Tupperware products, which is food storage containers.

However, you don’t see many private Tupperware parties being held today… The reason?

Tupperware takes their party online, holding virtual parties, mostly for fundraising.

Yes, as Tupperware consultant, you are not only building your own financial future but doing it while supporting a good cause.

So, are you interested in becoming a Tupperware consultant?

How To Become A Tupperware Consultant?

Now, Tupperware is an mlm… So, to become a consultant, you need a sponsor.

You can find a Tupperware consultant in your area, or you can find one online to sponsor you.

Once you select a consultant, the cost to become a Tupperware consultant is $99.

You have three options to pay for a Tupperware starter kit,

  • if you pay online, through an online consultant, you have to pay the full $99 at the time of registration,
  • if you register with a local Tupperware consultant, you can start your Tupperware business with $39 down and $60 later, or
  • you can start through Tupperware Confident Start Program, wherein the new consultant puts down $39… And within 90 days, if that consultant makes $1,000 or more in sales, Tupperware will pay the remaining $60.

You must be wondering how I got these startup information… Well, I talked to a local Tupperware consultant… Yes, they still existed!

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I told her that I want to interview her Tupperware business for your Coffee Talk discussion…

I offered her free coffee if she agreed to sit down with me, which she accepted the offer.

So, after registering and purchasing your Tupperware starter kit, you are ready to launch your business.

All new Tupperware consultants are required to either host or attend one Tupperware party to learn the process of selling Tupperware products.

Now, this takes us to the next topic,

What Is A Tupperware Party?

Tupperware party is a promotional event for consultants to sell Tupperware products…

Traditionally, Tupperware party is privately held, in the customer’s home…

This means the Tupperware consultant first, must find customers willing to host the Tupperware party,

the host invites guests and prepares foods,

the consultant provides Tupperware products to hold the foods,

during the party, the consultant conducts live products demonstrate and guests are allowed to have a close-up look at various Tupperware products,

guests can place orders with the consultant, and

depend on the number of orders, the host will receive merchandise gifts proportional in value of products sold.

Then in the 80s, responding to sluggish profits and sales, Tupperware reinvented itself and introduced catalogs party, followed by the online virtual party.

A Catalog Party is where the consultant provides the host, mostly charity fundraising events, with catalogs, brochures, and order forms. The host collects orders and returns to the consultant for processing.

Online Virtual Party takes place through a private group created on social media networks by the consultant. Customers are invited to attend the event and can order Tupperware products at a special discount price.

So, if you want to become a Tupperware consultant, you can use Tupperware party to sell products three ways: in the home, online, or through catalog parties.

OK, we have discussed the process of becoming a Tupperware consultant… how consultants use Tupperware party to generate products sale… Now, let’s look at the consultant commissions or earnings.

Tupperware Compensation Plan

Under the Tupperware mlm compensation plan, a consultant has two ways to make money selling Tupperware:

Commissions on personal sales and commissions on team sales,

BUT, before we discuss the Tupperware compensation plan, an important requirement that we must first talk about is the “Consultant Monthly Quota!”

Why do we care about this sales quota?

It turns out, under Tupperware mlm, you’ll lose your rank and downline if you fail to meet the quota… This is huge!

This means failure to meet the sales quota, you’re out of business.

The Tupperware sales quota is $62.50 a month, or $250 every 4 months… So, if you miss sales quota after 4 months, you are considered inactive…

What happens when a Tupperware consultant become “Inactive”?

  • All downline is transferred to the upper line in the organization, and
  • The consultant loses all ranks and starts from the beginning.

If you’re OK with this sales quota requirement, then let talk about the Tupperware compensation plan.

As a consultant, your starting commission is 25% on all personal sales.


If your monthly sales volume reaches $1,500, you receive an additional 5% bonus commission on all personal sales for the month.

When your total monthly sale is $4,000 or more, you receive another 10% bonus on all sales.

So, as a Tupperware consultant, you can potentially earn up to 35% in retail commission, if you meet the $4,000 sales volume requirement for the month.

Besides commissions from personal sales, you can earn commissions from team sales,

to do this, you have to reach the Tupperware Manager position, which earns you another 4% – 8% depending on the team sales volumes.

The requirements to become Tupperware Manger are:

  • Sponsor three consultants,
  • Maintain a personal sales volume of $500 a month, and
  • Team sales volume of at least $2,000 a month.

The next income level is Tupperware Director position, which 6% to 12% on team sales volume.

Here are the Directorship requirements:

  • Sponsor 9 consultants,
  • Maintain a personal sales volume of $500 a month, and
  • Team sales volume of at least $10,000 a month.

Tupperware compensation is simple to understand…

BUT, remember, you must meet the $62.50 monthly sales quota in 4 consecutive months to earn commissions with Tupperware.

So, this brings us to the last question,

Is Selling Tupperware Worth It?

Looking at all the information we have in front of us on Tupperware mlm business opportunity,

What do you think?

Would to become a Tupperware consultant?

I know… I would not! Here’s why,

Selling Tupperware is a declining business, not a lot of interest in the products.

Nobody wants to attend a sale party in this internet age, when was the last time to attend the Tupperware party?

Then, my #1 reason, “Sale Quota”, why do I have to buy the products to earn commissions?

It should be reserved… Tupperware should pay me every time that I introduce a customer to their products! This is known as Affiliate Marketing.

With affiliate marketing,

I don’t have to buy a starter kit,

I don’t have to recruit,

I don’t have to host parties,

I can work at home, or anywhere,

I don’t have to deal with sales quota, downline, sponsor, or processing orders, and

the best part, I am my own boss, I can work as much or as little as I like, take as many vacations I want… enjoying my writer lifestyle!

As an affiliate marketer, I earn as much, even more, commissions per sale than a Tupperware consultant!

Why would I give up my lucrative business to become a Tupperware consultant?

Would you?

If you are not familiar with the business of affiliate marketing, I suggest you spend some time looking over these 10 Free Affiliate Marketing Lessons, it will offer you a better perspective of making money as an affiliate marketer… you should use this to compare with mlm business opportunity before investing.

As a writer, affiliate marketing is the most lucrative option for me to make money online… behalf you can become a writer like me!

Well, there you have it… that’s everything I know about Tupperware mlm…

Do you have anything to share?

Until next time we meet…

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