UserTesting Review – Get Paid to Test Websites

UserTesting is one of my favorite websites to earn a few extra bucks and waste time while having fun doing it.

The idea of evaluating other people websites and offering feedback for cash is an exciting side gig.

If you are excited and thinking of using UserTesting to earn a full-time income online, then you will be disappointed.

According to UserTesting, this is “a great way to earn a few extra dollars on the side,” and not a way to get rich.

This is not a job or an online business opportunity. You will not make a lot of money from this program.

UserTesting is only a side gig or fun activities. If you are here looking for ways to make a full-time income online, below is s my success story:

If you are OK with making a few dollars a month, this UserTesting Review will show you how to maximize your earnings and have fun with website testing.

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Quick UserTesting Review & History

UserTesting was launched in 2006 by Dave Garr and Darrell Benatar. The company currently employs about 500 people with headquartered located at 690 5th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

UserTesting is a web platform that facilitates the testing process for websites, apps, and other digital products.

Businesses pay UserTesting to have their websites, apps, or digital products tested by people on the platform before full launch.

Individuals join UserTesting to offer their insights and feedback as a tester to improve user experience and earn a small compensation for the work.

This is a win-win for both the businesses and testers.

For individuals, the program is free to join, but there is an application process to go through which I’ll go over in the next section.

Here’s How UserTesting Work?

One way for web designers and app developers to know how their websites, apps, or game perform before and after its release in the market is to have random people to try them out and report on their experience.

Before UserTesting, developers relied on their employees, their families, and their friends to carry out the testing process.

With UserTesting platform, designers and developers can carry out these projects with real testers and record their experience live online.

The businesses pay UserTesting which in turn pays the testers for their time and feedback.

So, before you can earn money, you must apply to become a website tester at

How to join the UserTesting?

The application process to become a website tester at UserTesting is very simple.

You just need to visit the UserTesting website to request a trial by filling out a form providing basic contacts information and demographics.

After submitting the trial form, UserTesting will email you a link to continue the registration process.

You will need to complete a profile by filling out some basic information such as your age, gender, and income level.

You need to select all the devices which you have access to perform the website testing. This will increase your work opportunities because UserTesting uses this information to allocate tests to testers.

Your next step is to download the screen recorder which you will use to record your trial session and submit to UserTesting.

After installing the screen recorder, make sure you have a working microphone and internet access connected to the equipment, you can start the test.

The test video will ask you to review sample websites, perform certain tasks, and share your feedback out loud.

The trial session will be recorded and used by UserTesting to qualify you for a Tester position.

Even though this is a trial, be sure to do your best and provide good feedback. Make sure you speak loud and clear English for the recorder. You should use a good quality microphone and webcam so UserTesting can hear you clearly. If you do your best, you should get accepted into the program.

You will need to upload the trial session onto UserTesting platform for review. UserTesting reviwer will notify you by email if you have passed the test and got accepted.

If you get accepted, you can start making money as a website tester.

When new projects become available and match your profile, UserTesting will notify you by email. You can click on the link in the email or login to your account to do the testing tasks. 

Remember, you are competing with other testers for the same project. The quicker you complete the testing tasks, the better chance you earn money.

This opportunity is too much work with little reward. Now you understand why I am not a big fan of UserTesting. There are other sites that you can earn the same amount monthly with less headache such as InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, or MyPoints.

The Requirements to become a tester at UserTesting.

The application process is simple. But before you start the application process, here are a few requirements you need to meet:

  • You must be at least 18 years old and residents of the U.S., Africa, the Middle East, India, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, The Caribbean, Canada, and Greenland
  • You must be fluent in English.

You will also need to have or can get the following equipment:

  • A computer (MAC or Windows)
  • An internet connection.
  • A Webcam
  • A microphone.
  • A smartphone or tablet for mobile testing.
  • Download the screen recorder software for PC.
  • Install mobile UserTesting app for smartphones.

You can use a smartphone to complete sign up trail testing session if you don’t have a microphone. However, once you get accepted, you need to get one of the paid tests.

The cost to join the UserTesting

UserTesting is free to join as long as you meet all the requirement above.

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The only cost is your time. The application process is long.

If you’re looking for a better way to make money, read this post “The Secrets of Making Money Online.

How I Make Money with UserTesting?

You make money with UserTesting by testing and evaluating websites.

However, you have to wait for a project to be available to take on the tasks.

You can find available projects on the testing dashboard or in the email notifications.

If you want to make money, you better to have your user testing dashboard open and wait for the next project. UserTesting email notification is too slow. You don’t have a lot of time to respond to the tests via email links. There are too many testers competing for the same project. This is a first come, first serve basis.

Once you have accepted a project, the tasks of testing websites are simple. Here’s a quick overview of the testing process:

  • Always start the test by reading the instructions properly.
  • During the testing process, all of your actions on the testing website, such as clicking on links, mouse movements, and everything else that you do on the website are recorded by the screen recorder. This allows companies to better understand what areas on the site is confusing and need fixing and what areas are good.
  • Companies also want to hear your comments and feedback while you’re browsing around the website. So, it is important to speak loudly and clearly into a microphone, as you record the video.
  • The recording process takes about 20-minute follow with a few written questions, usually four.
  • The last step is to submit the completed test to UserTesting to share with the company that requests for your services. The company uses your feedback to improve the usability of their website.

Your work is very helpful to developers building a new website or app. This allows them to enhance the overall user experience.

You are not only got paid for the work, but you will also be rated by the owner of every website or app that you have tested. Your overall rating determines the number of tests that you’ll be offered in the future.

UserTesting Pay Rate

The pay rates depend on the length of the test that you have to do.

  • For a 15-20 minute test, UserTesting pays $10.
  • Shorter tests, 3-5 minutes long, you earn $3.
  • On some special occasion, based on the profile, you may be invited to participate in longer and more detailed projects which much pay higher. However, this is rare.

People see the pay rate above at $10 per 20 minutes and thinking that they can earn $30 an hour, ($10 X 3). The problem is you aren’t guaranteed 3 tests per hour. Sometimes you don’t receive any invite for days. Even UserTesting tells you that you cannot get rich as a website tester. So, don’t make this mistake.

The UserTesting pay rate is generous, but you will not get a constant set of tests to do. It is not a reliable stream of income.

If you are looking to make a living online, there are other opportunities which I’ll share with you at the end of this article, or you can jump to that section.

Getting Work and Potential Income

After you get accepted into the program, it becomes a waiting game.

Available test tasks appear on your dashboard or by email invitation. You have to jump on them quickly before another tester does.

You are not guaranteed the number of tests per day. One day you have website test invitations, the next few days you have none. It all depends on your demographic.

You can’t depend on this as a constant income. On average, UserTesting offers a tester anywhere between 1-4 test a month. The most you can make per month is about $40. This is possible, but not guarantee.

How Does UserTesting Pay You?

UserTesting pays you cash by direct deposit into a verified PayPal account. You must have a PayPal to receive payment, no exception.

You receive the payment after 7 days from completing the tests. You don’t need to request a payout. It automatically deposits into your PayPal account.

Having a PayPal account is not a requirement for registration. However, if you want to get paid, you have to set up one. Yes, it is a requirement.

Should You Join UserTesting?

Personally, this opportunity is not even worth it. You can’t even recover the cost of buying the equipment. (See required equipment).

I don’t invest in something that I cannot recover my investment.

If you want to make a few extra dollars a month, there are other fun opportunities that do not require any investment. It is completely free such as Ebates, Ibotta, OneOpinion, and InboxDollar.

However, this is my business point of view. Everyone is different. You might like UserTesting.

I am working online to support my family. UserTesting is not suitable to achieve my goal. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing help me earn a full-time income online. You can read this article “How I Make Over $7K A Month with 1 Website.

Is UserTesting a scam?

If you have read this UserTesting Review up to this point, I think you should be able to answer this question. Yes, it is legit, not a scam.

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Many people are surprised when they hear that UserTesting pay up $10 for testing websites. It sounds unreal, right? Well, if you read it carefully, this is a marketing hype to get people to join and become a tester. This is how UserTesting makes money.

It all makes sense when people find out that the $10 per test payment is not guaranteed. This is nothing different from other consumer studies. You get paid if you are qualified.

UserTesting is not a scam, but there are certain security steps you need to perform to protect yourself. The screen is recorded everything on your computer, you need to hide all personal information before starting the recording. This means closing banking apps, messaging apps, and private email account so that they don’t show up in the recording. If you are doing the test using a mobile device, you need to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode to avoid calls and messages interrupting the test. This can disqualify you and no payment.

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What people are saying about UserTesting?

It’s no different from other online opportunities. Some people love UserTesting, while others have a lot of complaining.

Here’s my collection of good and bad customer complaints against UserTesting.

Good things about UserTesting

  • No disqualification during the test: Before starting the website testing, UserTesting requires you to answer 2-5 prescreen questions. Once you’re approved, you are good to do the test and earn cash.
  • Good pay rate: Earning $10 per test is better than making 10-60 cents per survey.
  • It pays cash: UserTesting pays you money not points like other survey sites. I love cash and hate points.
  • PayPal Payment: This one can go both ways. Some people love this payment option because PayPal is convenient and available almost everywhere, while people from countries with no PayPal service hate it.
  • Easy work: Most tests take about 15-20 minutes to complete. It is simple and easy.
  • Flexible work: You are not required to sit at your computer all day like a job. You accept a project when you have free time and want to earn some extra cash. This is your call.

Those are customer praises for UserTesting. Now let see a few complaints

Bad things about UserTesting

  • The rating system is not fair: This receives the most complaints from testers. You can visit TrustPilot to read these complaints. The rating affects your earnings. If you receive a few negative ratings, you will not receive invites.
  • It takes a few tests to get it right: Many beginners struggling with doing website test. It takes them a while to learn, after about 3 tests. However, having these many negative ratings might lock them out from participating in the program. Some people have never earned a dollar from UserTesting.
  • No enough tests: Sometimes people haven’t received an invitation for months, and when one available, you have to quickly click on the test or someone else will.
  • Required special equipment: People need to have a microphone to do the test. It cost a good amount of cash for a high-quality one.
  • Payment option: You need PayPal to receive payment. If you live in a country without PayPal, you cannot receive payment after doing the work. 
  • No BBB Profile: If you are a big fan of the BBB, I am sorry to inform you that UserTesting doesn’t have a page with the Better Business Bureau. This doesn’t mean they are illegal.

Is UserTesting a Work From Home Opportunity?

No, UserTesting is not a work at home opportunity. The earning is so unpredictable to replace your normal income. It is just a gig to make a few extra bucks on the side.

How I make money online.

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UserTesting Review free online business coach

I hope you enjoy reading this UserTesting Review. Blogging is a wonderful way for me to share with you my business experience.
Thank you for visiting. Share your experience with UserTesting below.

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