Virtual Vocations Review – Is Virtual Vocations

Getting a job working from home is not a myth.

Finding a legit job working from home is not easy. There are more scams than legit companies offer you a real job.

So, how do you which online work from home job is legit?

Virtual Vocation has the answer. The site promises to screen every job posting on its site to help you avoid scams. This sounds good, right?

Maybe, if Virtual Vocations is legit. This is the issue for us to discuss in this Virtual Vocations review.

I understand you have lots of questions. You want to know more about Virtual Vocations. Does it work? How much it costs? Are the jobs real? And more.

You need to understand that Virtual Vocations is a paid job board similar to FelexJobs. It helps you find a telecommuting job. It doesn’t pay you, and you cannot make money as a member of this site.

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Virtual Vocations Review Summary

Name: Virtual Vocations

Business Type: Online Jobs Board

Investment: $15.99

Recent Reviews:
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  • Virtual Vocations promotes to connect job seekers with legit work from home jobs by screening job openings to verify real employers.
  • The website offers both free and paid membership accounts.
  • Users complain of limited job listings, and there’s no benefit of using Virtual Vocations compares to free online job search boards.
  • The jobs listed on Virtual Vocations are not 100% work from home. You need to read the job description carefully before applying.
  • One positive thing with Virtual Vocations is you have a place to file a complaint against scammers.
  • Virtual Vocations doesn’t guarantee you a work from home job. It just promises that the jobs listing on its website are legit.


What Is Virtual Vocations?

Virtual Vocations is a premium job board that promises to provide human-screened remote job leads to help job seekers find legit works. This online job board has been around since 2007.

Virtual Vocation was launched by Laura Spawn and Adam Stevenson to help online job seekers finding real remote jobs and avoid scams.

The selling point for Virtual Vocations is saving you the time and frustration of visiting different online job boards to look for telecommuting jobs.

Job seekers can use Virtual Vocations as a single platform to search for work from home and remote jobs.

Virtual Vocations has thousands of legitimate job listings from employers looking for remote workers.

The jobs on this website are carefully screened by Virtual Vocations staff before adding them to the database.

It is convenient to access job listings in a single place. However, you have to pay for these services.

According to Virtual Vocations users, the chance of getting a telecommuting job from this platform is no better than other free online job boards.

The best work from home job is a writing job. You can complete the work from everywhere.

Businesses hire remote writers to work on marketing materials, creating web content, or advance writing such as market and industry reports.

SEO writers enjoy high demands and top pay rate to work from home.

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Is Virtual Vocations Free?

You can sign up for a free account with Virtual Vocations.

But the free membership offers limited access to the jobs database and no priority alerts for new job opportunities.

As a job seeker, receiving priority new job alerts are important. It allows you to be the first in line to apply for the jobs.

So, people subscribe to the Virtual Vocations premium memberships hoping to improve their chance of getting hired.

Virtual Vocations Cost

Virtual Vocations offers three different monthly subscription fees. You can pay monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

Virtual Vocations costs are breakdown as follows:

  • $15.99 monthly
  • $39.99 quarterly (3 months)
  • $59.99 semi-annually (6 months)

You get a price discount for committing longer with Virtual Vocations.

You save $5.99 each month by purchasing the half-year subscription. The saving is good, but you want to get a job ASAP, like less than a month.

It makes no sense to purchase 6 months’ access to the Virtual Vocations job board.

Virtual Vocations Jobs

I assume you know that Virtual Vocations doesn’t offer jobs. The website provides links to available job listings on the internet.

You can use the Virtual Vocations jobs database to find work from home or remote jobs in over 45 categories.

You must remember, not every job listed on this website is 100% remote works. Some required you to visit the company a few days each week to perform your duties.

The most popular jobs on Virtual Vocations are freelance works. The problem with freelance jobs is the low pay rate and inconstant works.

Does Virtual Vocations Work?

There are mixed reviews from former and current members of when asked, does Virtual Vocation work?

People agree that Virtual Vocations provide a convenient way to search for remote jobs at a single location.

Many have reported finding work from home or remote jobs quickly with Virtual Vocations. To these users, Virtual Vocations is the best legit remote job board.

However, I also found reviews from users stating that job listings on Virtual Vocation are not telecommuting jobs. Most jobs require frequent travels, which are not considered remote jobs.

People complain that Virtual Vocations staff simply polling job listings from other sites to add them to their jobs database. It feels like there is no screening to verify that these listings are legit remote jobs.

Most job listings on Virtual Vocations can be found elsewhere if you are willing to search for them.

As I have stated above, the goal of this Virtual Vocations is to connect job seekers with legit jobs and avoid scams.

It seems to me Virtual Vocations does work by eliminating the hassle and frustration of searching for remote jobs from multiple online job boards.

Is Virtual Vocations Legit?

Virtual Vocations seems legit. You can find many online testimonials from users claiming to find real remote jobs using Virtual Vocations.

I have not found any user calling Virtual Vocations a scam.

This company has been in business since 2007. Virtual Vocation is privately own.

Virtual Vocations guarantees that jobs listed on their site are not scams and have been verified by the Virtual Vocations Team to be legit.

The human-screening of job listings is the benefit of joining Virtual Vocations. This function helps job seekers to know that jobs are real and offered by legit companies.

Virtual Vocations BBB Review

Virtual Vocation receives an A+ rating from BBB.

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You can read positive and negative customer reviews by visiting the Virtual Vocations BBB profile.

However, I don’t trust the BBB rating when evaluating a business.

Do you know businesses can manipulate the BBB rating?

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online money-making opportunities to expose scams.

I can tell you that Virtual Vocations is legit.

The question is, does Virtual Vocations services worth it?

I’ll give you my answer to this question at the end of this review.

Now, I want to discuss and compare Virtual Vocations against other premium work from home job boards to give you more options.

Virtual Vocations vs. FlexJobs

Both Virtual Vocations and FlexJobs are similar in the way that they offer convenient access to remote jobs available on the web.

If you are searching for remote jobs in the US, Virtual Vocations might be the choice.

The big difference with FlexJobs is that they also list remote jobs from non-USA companies.

FlexJobs has similar premium services, but the prices are much cheaper.

I suggest you review our review on FlexJobs to learn the benefits before joining Virtual Vocations.

Is Virtual Vocations Worth It?

I am not 100% agree that Virtual Vocations is worth it for every job seeker.

It’s convenient and efficient to access remote jobs in a single place, but the cost might not justify the investment.

You are also missing out on other job opportunities by searching for jobs using a single job board.

Virtual Vocation is for those who don’t have the time to search for jobs themselves. This is the same as hiring someone to find a remote job for you, just cheaper.

If you have the time or unemployed, you might not want to waste money with Virtual Vocations. This is an unnecessary expense when you have not income.

Purchasing Virtual Vocations services do not offer you an advantage when it’s time to apply for remote jobs. Your skills are the key to the success.

As I have shared with you earlier, the best work from home or remote job is becoming a writer.

Writing is a skill that we already have. The demand for writers is high. You can easily make six-figure a year working from home as a writer.

You don’t’ even need to be a professional writer to make money.

I am not a professional writer. I just love to write and share with people my view of businesses.

If you want to make money working from home, I suggest looking at becoming a writer.

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I hope this Virtual Vocations review answers your question, is Virtual Vocations legit?

Until next time.

Please share your Virtual Vocations experience below.

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