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My friends and I always search the internet for new opportunities to make money online.

While waiting in line to order coffee at Starbucks, we discuss

We never agree on anything.

A few of my friends call BigSpot a scam. The rest disagree and argue BigSpot a legit online business.

Who is right?

I am writing this BigSpot review to explain the confusion with

Before we go into our discussion, I need to understand that BigSpot is an affiliate marketing site. It is not a site for you to make money online.

Allow me to explain.

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BigSpot Review Summary

Name: BigSpot

Business Type: Survey Sites

Investment: Free

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  • BigSpot promotes itself as an online survey site for people to make extra money sharing their opinions by filling out surveys.
  • After joining, people realize this is not a legit survey site. It provides no survey.
  • BigSpot connects you with other online paid survey sites to register for works. This is just a referral website, aka an affiliate marketing site.
  • You should not input personal information on BigSpot. This website will sell your data to marketers and advertisers.
  • As a referral site, BigSpot doesn’t pay you, and you cannot make money with BigSpot.
  • Instead, BigSpot earns commissions by referring you to other paid survey sites. I’ll explain more below.

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What Is BigSpot About?

Now you know that is not a legit paid survey site.

BigSpot acts as a connector providing links to online survey sites.

After you input your personal information, BigSpot matches you with different paid survey sites.

BigSpot doesn’t provide you with surveys to make money from home. So, when people say, BigSpot is a paid survey site with a twist, this is not true.

A legit survey site offers you surveys to complete and earn money. BigSpot just provides a collection of links to different survey sites.

BigSpot has been running misleading ads to recruit people to join. You probably have seen this advertisement online:

“ Sign up, it’s fast, easy & free! Get matched with companies that need your opinions. Take their free surveys and put extra cash in your pocket!”

The problem is BigSpot doesn’t match you with companies. It connects you with other free survey sites that pay you after filling out surveys offered by them.

Big Spot is not free to join. You are giving your personal information to BigSpot for free.

Do you know what they will do with your information?

There are numerous online complaints regarding email spam and misuse of personal information.

You cannot make money with BigSpot. You will receive email spam and unwanted phone calls from marketers.

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How Does BigSpot Work?

BigSpot works by promoting itself as a paid survey site for people to make extra cash working from home.

The advertisements target job seekers searching for ways to earn money online.

You can indeed make money doing online surveys, but not from BigSpot.

Once on the website, BigSpot has you inputted your personal information to start getting paid for your opinion.

BigSpot matches you with different survey sites, such as LifePoints, InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and more survey sites. The website encourages you to register with every survey panel to earn the most money.

However, you do not make money just by registering with different survey sites. You must complete a survey to earn money.

BigSpot earns big commissions for every survey site that you joined. This is known as affiliate commissions.

Now you know, BigSpot is an affiliate marketing website. You cannot make money with BigSpot.

How Much Does BigSpot Pay?

BigSpot pays you nothing because the surveys you fill out are not provided by BigSpot.

You got paid by the individual survey site that you have registered through BigSpot.

Completing a survey doesn’t mean you get paid. Each survey site has a different payment policy. You must meet the minimum cashout amount to receive a payment.

Since you get paid a few pennies each survey, it will take weeks or months to earn enough for payment.

If you want to know the payment terms, you have to check with each survey site for its payout policy.

When you register with too many survey sites, you will have a hard time meeting all the payout requirements.

You can spend hours and days completing surveys and never get paid. This is the problem with BigSpot.

Is BigSpot Real?

It’s real to get paid taking online surveys. With BigSpot, this is not true.

BigSpot is not a real market research company or a paid survey site.

This website provides a list of popular survey sites, including Swagbucks, InboxDollars, LifePoints, and more survey sites, for you to join. You can join these survey sites without going through BigSpot.

It’s safer to register directly with the legit paid survey sites to avoid providing personal information to BigSpot.

BigSpot sells your data to marketers, advertisers, or anyone willing to pay.

Your personal information is at risk when using BigSpot.

Is BigSpot Legit?

The reason people call BigSpot a scam because this is not a paid survey company.

BigSpot advertisement about making money doing online surveys is partially true.

It’s legit that you can make money with paid surveys.

What not legit is BigSpot doesn’t provide you the survey to earn money.

BigSpot uses misleading advertisements to collect your personal information.

No one will provide personal data if they know BigSpot is not a legit paid survey site.

Would You?

BigSpot promoters claim the site is not a scam, because it connects you with legit survey sites. I must disagree with this reasoning.

The fact that BigSpot collects personal information without users’ knowledge by itself is not legit.

The website uses misleading ads tricking people into registering with online survey sites to collect referral commissions.

There is no paid survey exists on The entire scheme is fake.

If you asked me, is BigSpot legit? I will tell you NO.

BigSpot BBB Review

A friend asked me why she cannot find any complaint against BigSpot on the BBB?

The BBB doesn’t allow customers to file a complaint unless the dispute relates to services or products.

BigSpot is free. The website doesn’t charge users a fee. So, you will not find BigSpot complaints on the BBB website.

A place to find complaints against BigSpot is on SiteJabber. A few BigSpot reviews on this site don’t seem genuine or from real customers.

If you need to file a complaint against BigSpot, you must file with the FTC. This agency handles false or fake advertisement complaints.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online money-making opportunities to expose scams.

I can tell you that BigSpot does not offer paid surveys. This platform is created to collect your personal information and the referral commission from paid survey sites.

Is BigSpot Worth It?

You are not going to make money with BigSpot, why waste your time?

Unless you enjoy receiving spam emails and telemarketers’ calls, BigSpot is not worth it.

If you want to make a few pennies taking surveys, you must avoid BigSpot to protect yourself.

You should visit and register directly with these popular survey sites: Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and LifePoints.

It’s real that you can earn a few pennies completing each survey. However, the average hourly pay rate for doing surveys is between $1 to $2. This is not a good option to make money online.

I understand you are heard to read BigSpot review.

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I hope this BigSpot review answers your question, is BigSpot legit?

Until next time.

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