Volkno Review – Is Volkno Legit

Volkno has a problem with their payout system.

Many members have a hard time cashing out their flows. (Flows are points which you exchange for Amazon gift cards on the Volkno platform.)

There are numerous nonpayment complaints filed with the BBB.

Many accuse Volkno of running a scam. Some even claim Volkno is not legit. Volkno has not responded to these allegations.

However, The Volkno website is still operating, and you can register for a new account.

You are reading this Volkno review because you want to join the website to make money working from home.

Before you become a member, there are a few things you need to know about Volkno.

You might want to know why Volkno is not paying out right now.

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Volkno Review Summary

Name: VolKno

Business Type: Content Evaluaters

Investment: Free

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  • Volkno allows people to make money sharing their opinions and feedback on movies, TV shows, music, and games.
  • You can join Volkno for free. You earn Flows (points) from completing simple tasks.
  • Each task pays between 40 and 45 flows, about $0.40 – $0.45.
  • You have to accumulate 5,000 flows to redeem for a $5 gift card.
  • Redeeming flows have not been easy for users. Volkno has stopped verifying addresses and stalled on the payout process.
  • Many members have not received payment since October 2019. Many users accuse Volkno of scamming them.

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What Is Volkno?

Volkno is an online platform that pays you for sharing opinions and feedback on new television shows, movie trailers, games, and music.

The site makes it easy for you to make money from home and to help content creators improve their content. Volkno is known as the ‘get-paid-to-do’ site.

There are several simple tasks for you to earn flows. Flows are points that Volkno uses to pay members for their feedback.

You can use flows to purchase gift cards from Volkno. We’ll discuss the value of flow in a bit.

First, I want you to understand that Volkno is not a job to replace your full-time income. The average paid for a task is $0.40. You are lucky to find 100 tasks to complete on Volkno each month.

If you OK with earning $4 to $5 a month, then try your luck with Volkno. I don’t even want to waste my time.

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Is Volkno Real?

Volkno is a real site. The site acts as a market research platform for content creators to test new TV shows, movies, and music.

You can join Volkno as a reviewer to offer feedback on different content. You will get paid for the work.

Even though Volkno is real, the problem with this platform is getting your payment.

It’s not easy to cash out your money on Volkno. This platform doesn’t offer cash payment.

Volkno pays Amazon gift cards with a minimum amount of $5.

Before you can request a payout, your account must have 5,000 flows and your address must be verified.

Getting Volkno customer support to verify your address is a pain. Many members have reported unsuccessful in attempting to cash out their earnings.

How Does Volkno work?

Making money on Volkno is simple. The site provides you a list of videos to watch and provide feedback.

You select the videos to watch and use the Volkno interactive tools to share your opinion while watching them.

Volkno captures your feedback and rewards you with Flows.

You then use Flows to purchase Amazon gift cards on Volkno.

However, you must live in the United States to join Volkno.

Volkno Sign Up

Volkno is free to join. You can sign up using an email address or your Facebook account.

Once your account is created, you have to complete personal information and verify your home address.

The address verification process requires a code that Volkno mail to you using the address on your account. You need this code to get paid on Volkno.

Waiting for Volkno to mail you the verification code can take up to 6 months. If you can wait for the code, you are in.

How Does Volkno Pay?

Volkno doesn’t pay cash. You earn Flows for watching videos and giving honest feedback on them.

Flows are reward points that you can collect for reviewing videos and completing simple tasks.

Volkno pays 600 flow points for completing your profile and 40 to 45 flow points for each completed video review.

Let say you completed the profile, and gave feedback on 10 videos, Volkno pays you 1,000 flow points for these tasks.

1,000 flow points worth $1.

If you are thinking of watching thousands of videos to collect flow points each day, you will be disappointed.

There are not a lot of new videos for you to review. When new videos become available, you are competing against millions of users for the same opportunity.

Consider yourself lucky if you can find 10 videos to earn flow points on Volkno every day.

Volkno Payout

Your account must accumulate at least 5,000 flow points to request a Volkno payout.

Volkno doesn’t pay cash. You must exchange flow points for Amazon gift cards if you want to cash out.

To receive your gift card, you need to enter the verification code that Volkno has sent to your address. If you don’t have the code, Volkno will not pay you.

When you receive the code by mail from Volkno, don’t throw it away after verifying your address. You need to keep this code for future payments.

Yes, you can request a new verification code to mail to your house. But remember, it takes up to 6 months to get a new code.

It takes 6 months to verify your Volkno account. Then it takes another 6 months to get paid.

Your total income for 12 months from Volkno is a $5 gift card.

Do you still want to work for Volkno?

Is Volkno Legit?

No dispute, Volkno is a legit platform to earn Amazon gift cards watching videos.

Volkno pays you, but the payout process takes a long time.

You will not receive a payout from Volkno if you have lost the verification code. This is frustrating for many users because Volkno never informs them that they must keep the code to request a payout.

If you threw away your code, good luck at contacting customer support to mail you a new one, Volkno customer support doesn’t respond to emails requesting a new verification code.

I don’t see the need to reenter the verification code after you have already verified the address.

Volkno is legit, but I am not wasting 12 months chasing a $5 Amazon gift card.

Is Volkno Worth It?

Don’t waste your time with Volkno. The site takes forever to pay you.

If you want to earn a few quick bucks, you have a better chance of doing online surveys with Swagbucks or InboxDollars.

While VolKno is legit, not a scam. However, the site doesn’t have enough videos for you to make money.

Do you want to earn $5 a year with Volkno? I don’t think so!

Volkno is not an opportunity for you to achieve financial freedom.

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I hope this Volkno review answers your question, is Volkno legit?

Until next time.

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