What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program?

The Wealthy Affiliate program is an educational membership community that provides training and support for entrepreneurs seeking to make money online through affiliate marketing. The training program breaks down into 4 simple steps: 

The success of the wealthy affiliate program is built upon an idea of members paying forward by sharing experiences, ideas, business tips, and support to help all members creating a successful online business. Every tool you need to build, grow and expand your online business is provided in the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Upon on completing the free registration, you immediately get access to free training in the Wealthy Affiliate University. You also receive 2 free WordPress websites and keyword tool to practice and build out your own online business.

Once a member, you have exclusive access to a community of over 1 million members standing by ready to help and support you every step of building your dream business online. Yet, you receive all of these great business tools without investing a penny.

This is the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Where you get everything, the tools, training, and support to build your own online business. 

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Wealthy Affiliate Programs Available To Members.

Wealthy Affiliate University

Web Hosting & Domain Name

Jaaxy, Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Blog Forum

The Wealthy Affiliate University

The Wealthy Affiliate University is the training platform of the Wealth Affiliate program. The university has a rich collection of training courses from basic to advance. The step-by-step approach to building a business online and the support from experienced members are the most valuable and unique culture of this university. Everything you learn, you can apply right away on your own website.

set up analytics

Website Set Up With Analytics Video

The training courses from this university are the prime reason many affiliate marketers, both new and experiences, attracted to Wealthy Affiliate.

The 10 free lessons are given out for you to see and experience the value and uniqueness of this university training program. Look at these training lessons, you will be surprised how much you will learn from them. These lessons introduce you to a new perspective on making money online. I include a training video on the right, teaching you how to set up and connect your website with Google Analytics, for you to view.

This University has over 1 million collections of online training videos that you have full access on day one as a registered member. Unlike other online universities, you do not have to pay for each individual lesson. Members have access to both live weekly training lessons as well as archive training lessons. You can learn how to make money online on your own pace, in your own home, at your own time.

One other special feature is the Earn While You Learn Program. This Wealthy Affiliate program gives you two free business WordPress websites to start building an online business while you are learning the basic step of affiliate marketing. You can use these two websites any ways you like. You can sell your own products, or you can promote other people’s products to make money online. You have total control of your own online business.

wealthy affiliate university


The Wealthy Affiliate Web Hosting and Domain Name Service

Wealthy Affiliate makes life much easier for all affiliate marketers by combining the web hosting and domain name services into one platform. When joining this program, you don’t have to purchase a web hosting and domain name services from somewhere else. Wealthy Affiliate Program offers you these services with a simple click on a mouse. This simple and convenient process save you lots of times and works. You can devote all your time to building your online business and let Wealthy Affiliate takes care of the technical component for you, a win-win proposition for both. 

As a new member, you get two free WordPress websites with free hosting, not two web pages but two websites, for you launch your own online business on day one. You can be in business just a click away. You should try these two free websites. 

You don’t even have to be interested in online business to get these free websites. You can use them to build your own personal site and learn some DIY web design. Do it for fun, Just enter the name for your website and enjoy building it today.


The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool – Jaaxy

keyword tool training

Keyword Tool Training Video

The key to making money online is finding rich keywords. If you are experienced bloggers or affiliate marketers, you know what I am talking about.

Here is a video for people that do not know what keywords tool is. This video will explain to you how keywords can make you millions. It is too long and too boring to explain in words. It is better and fun to watch the video.

About Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool – Jaaxy

It offers FREE to all Members.

Free member gets 30 keyword searches per month. This is big. Everywhere you go, they only give you 30 days free, not 30 searches free per month. If you are a blogger or affiliate marker, getting this free account is a no-brainer. You know you need a keyword tool to help you write posts. Why pay when you can get it for free. 30 searches a month is more than enough for you to write. 

The Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool generated a detail report for your searches. It gives you the search volume, the keyword competition, SEO analysis, and estimated number of clicks you can generate on a particular keyword. It is better for you to do the keyword search yourself to see how the tool works. Type in any search word or phrase to start your free search.



The Wealthy Affiliate Blog Forum

WA communityThis blog forum has closed to 1 million active members.

The Wealthy Affiliate blog is unique because everyone on the forum wants you to succeed. Imaging of posting a blog and within minutes you have numerous responses. In this forum, you do not have to be an experienced blogger, everyone is the same. You can just sign up and be blogging in the Wealthy Affiliate forum right now.

When you are blogging in the Wealthy Affiliate forum, your blog post will get indexed by Google and rank in the search engine. You will never get this at any blog forum on the internet. It only exists at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to build a successful business online, I suggest you look at this forum. You might like it, you might not.

You will never know unless you visit the Wealthy Affiliate blog forum. >>>>> Visit WA Blog

wealthy affiliate certification program

The Wealthy Affiliate program is designed to provide you with tools, training, and support in building a successful business online. With this program, you have the free training, two free websites with hosting and domain name under one platform, and a forum of 1 million plus members to ready to support and help you build your own online business. The only thing missing is your idea. Bring it into the Wealthy Affiliate program and build a successful online business to generate passive online income to enjoy financial success and a family life.

I love to know what you think about the Wealthy Affiliate Program. 

What Is Wealthy Affiliate Program?
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What Is Wealthy Affiliate Program?
The Wealthy Affiliate program is the #1 affiliate marketing educational forum teaching affiliate marketing under the 4 steps to affiliate marketing concept. The company also has a community of 1+ million members share experience, tip, training, and support to help you make money online.
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4 thoughts on “What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Program?

  1. You really have a lot to say about this program. These programs at Wealthy Affiliate are designed to support and assist affiliates marketers. I enjoy reading your post. The Wealthy Affiliate program seems unique. It seems it would be one’s willingness to grow that Wealthy Affiliate caters to.

    1. OnlineBzDog says:

      You are 100% on point with Wealthy Affiliate Program. Yes, it caters to people willing to grow and learn the online business system. The truth is, all successful owners are people willing to learn, grow, and adapt. Thank you for your open discussion. I am pleased that you can spot this very important point in my report.

  2. Teresa says:

    I’ve learned a lot here from your post. It seems that Wealthy Affiliate program has many incentives for anyone wanting to pursue and build their online business. The fact that you save time and money from having web hosting and domain name services in one place is fantastic. Plus, getting a free keyword tool is really a no-brainer. Thanks for this informative read.

    1. OnlineBzDog says:

      The Wealthy Affiliate Program is designed to help you as a business owner to start and grow an online business. It a one-stop shop for affiliate marketers. You all the tools available for you to use. It is up to you to learn how to use the program effectively in building your business. Thank you for the great input.

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