Why Is Wish So Cheap – The Wish Review

Do you know Wish? And

Why is Wish so cheap? Is this a scam site?

These are questions that people ask when they first discover Wish.

The prices on Wish surprise people, including me.

It makes you scratch your head… and wonder…

There must be something behind this Wish platform.

For sure there is…

Yes, there is a reason why Wish so cheap.

If you have a few minutes to listen in on our Coffee Talk, I like to share with you, why is Wish so cheap.

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Why is Wish So cheap?

For those of you never heard of Wish, let’s began this Wish review by answering this question,

What Is Wish?

Once, a man asked me… “Is Wish similar to eBay?”

No… Wish is not an auction site. It is nothing similar to eBay.

Then, is Wish the same as Amazon?

No! Not Amazon either.

What is Wish then?

Well, Sir… Wish is an eCommerce platform that connects merchants and buyers all over the world…

Do you familiar with Aliexpress?

Wish is similar to Aliexpress… with a big exception…

Aliexpress only services Chinese merchants… Wish services merchants worldwide.

The best way to explain Wish to people is…

  • Wish is a marketplace connecting sellers and buyers worldwide…
  • When purchasing an item on Wish, you are not buying from Wish… You are purchasing from a merchant somewhere in the world… Maybes… “China!”
  • All Wish products are shipped directly from sellers, not from Wish.
  • Wish makes money by charging merchant fees for selling on its platform.

So, every day, you have two groups of people are using Wish: the sellers and the buyers.

If you are reading this Wish review… it doesn’t matter who you are… you must be wondering,

How Does Wish Work?

If you ask me… How does Wish work?

I will respond with a question…

What are you using Wish for?

A merchant uses Wish to sell… But, a buyer uses Wish to purchase cheap products.

What’s interesting… is both potential Wish users asking the same question… “Why is Wish so cheap?”

But, you must be a registered member of Wish to access the platform.

If you are a merchant and wants to know how does Wish work, you can find the answer in the section, Selling On Wish!

For buyers, you have two options to shop on Wish:

  • Using the website, or
  • Using the Wish app.

Wish is best known for the Wish app…

But, what’s so special about the Wish app?

Is The Wish App Legit?

Online Wish Review articles explain the Wish app as a mobile shopping app with nothing special.

Some bloggers even said… “I don’t know why Wish app so popular!”

Well, maybes… because they don’t understand the special features of the Wish app.

Before discussing the Wish app special features,

First, I like to talk about, “Is the Wish app legit?”

Wish app was created by this group of famous tech people:

“… former Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang, Joe Lonsdale’s co-founder of Palantir, Sling co-founder Blake Krikorian, Factual’s Gil Elbaz, Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, Steve Chen of YouTube, Aydin Senkut of Felicis Ventures, and more…”

Knowing this information, one can only say… Wish app is as legit as any other apps on your mobile devices.

The risk of using the Wish app is the same as using the eBay app or Walmart app to shop online.

However, there are special features of the Wish app that you cannot find on other shopping apps…

I’ll explain these features by answering this popular online question,

What Is Wish App

Here’s how Peter Szulczewski, co-founder and CEO of Wish, explains Wish app in one sentence…

“So, basically… Wish app is… like personalized coupons… app.”

What does this mean?

Isn’t Wish app just a shopping app? The answer to this question is by understanding how Wish app works,

The biggest feature of the Wish app is creating a wish list.

What’s so special about allowing users to create wish lists?

Well, when users add items to their wish lists… anywhere from 5 million to 10 million products per day… the app gathers similar items into groups…

Participating merchants then compete for the group transaction by sending out a discount for specific products.

So, in a way, the Wish app allows users to buy any item in bulk… wholesale prices… by collectively gather similar items into groups.

Do you understand why the Wish app is not just simply a shopping app?

Using the Wish app, you are no longer a single buyer… But a powerful group of buyers with a purchasing power worth millions, upon millions of dollars to sellers.

Maybe, this is the answer to why Wish is so cheap?

But, there’s more…

For sellers, selling on Wish is a dream come true…

Sell On Wish, How To Become A Wish Seller?

There is no fee to list products on Wish!

However, there is a $2,000 onboard fee to become a Wish seller.

Yes… to become a Wish seller, a merchant can visit Wish, register for a seller account, paying the $2,000 onboard fee, and start uploading products.

I know…

Bloggers and current Wish sellers might tell you there is no fee to become a Wish seller…

But, this was before October 1st, 2018… After this date, all new Wish sellers are required to pay $2,000 upon registration.

If you are one of those lucky dogs, joining Wish before the fee implementation… please, update your blog and stop spreading false information…

OK… if you can afford $2,000 to become a Wish seller, you have a few options to upload product on to Wish:

  • Manually adding products,
  • Submit a CVS product file, or
  • Through API.

Wish will notify sellers by email for any new orders.

Wish sellers have 5 days to process and ship the order.

There’s one important fact…

Wish Buyers have up to 8 hours to cancel the order…

So, Wish sellers should wait until after the cancellation period to ship any order.

Now, this brings us to the most important question of this Wish review…

Why is Wish So Cheap?

Again, there is a lot of miss information online…

  • Wish products are knockoff… You cannot sell counterfeit goods on Wish… Wish sellers could face up to $500 fine for violating this policy.
  • Wish sellers are all Chinese merchants… Not true, merchants all over the world offer product on Wish… You can even pick up products directly from a merchant.
  • Wish products take longer to ship… Wish sellers have 5 days to ship… The time that it takes for the item to deliver at your door varies by location.

Then why is Wish so cheap?

As I have stated earlier, Wish sellers have access to purchase data that sellers on other eCommerce platforms do not…

  • The total interested buyers for a specific product… through the wish list. Wish seller can price their product competitively if they want to compete for these buyers.
  • Wish sellers include manufacturers… cutting out the middle man can result in substantial savings… Manufacturers can use the Wish app to offer bulk and wholesale prices directly to consumers.
  • Non-branded Goods… using the Wish platform, non-branded products can compete for large orders. Non-branding goods do not mean low quality… Sometimes, they are of better quality.

Those are a few reasons to answer why is Wish so cheap.

As this eCommerce platform grows, there are more benefits Wish can offer to both sellers and buyers using the Wish app.

If you are reluctant to use Wish, you should know…

Wish app is as legit, safe, and reliable as any other shopping app on your mobile devices… except,

You’re part of a buyer group, not an individual.

Now, you understand Why is Wish so cheap?

Can you write?

Tell me are you a Wish user?

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  1. merchants advertise a product and put the price so low and never ship?? You have to ask for a refund after waiting 6 weeks so why advertise anything you are not going to deliver??


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