How To Create A Free Website And Earn Money

You must have a website to earn passive income online. But you don’t need an expensive professional website to earn money.

Do you know that you can create a free website and earn money?

That’s exactly what I have done to launch my online business.

Today, I will show you the steps that I have taken to create my money website for free.

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How To Create A Free Website And Earn Money Summary

Passive Income Idea:
Create a free website to earn money

Business Type: Money Website

Investment: Free

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  • These are the steps that I have used to earn money online with a free website.
  • This guide will teach you how to create a free website and earn money from it.
  • You’ll learn the correct ways to choose a free web hosting provider, to create rich keyword content, and to pick a profitable business.
  • After you have created a free website, I will share with you the most lucrative method to earn money with a free website.
  • This guide has helped me create a successful free website to earn money. It can help you do the same.


Select The Right Free Website

There is a lot of free website providers online. But they use your free website to generate passive income for themselves, leaving you with little or nothing.

Most web-hosting providers adopt the two-tier business model, free and pay.

The free hosting providers allow you to create a free website but take the ads money from you. They force you to become a paid member to collect the earnings.

It proves that you can create a free website and earn money.

So, how do you get a free website that allows you to collect all the money?

You look for free web hosting providers without advertisement.

The providers place advertisements on your free website to earn money for themselves.

Choosing a free website with no advertisement gives you total control of the earnings. (I’ll share these providers later.)

Next, you want to create your free website on a WordPress platform. WordPress is easy to use and comes with thousands of free templates and designs that make your free website look professional.

I recommend WordPress because most websites are using this platform. It provides a user-friendly content management system (CMS) and easy to change hosting providers.

Let review the right way to get a website for Free

  • Get a free website without advertisement.
  • Get a free website on the WordPress platform.

You can get this free website from SiteRubix.

Now, why does SiteRubix gives you a free WordPress website without advertisement?

Well, SiteRubix is owned by the Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

WA primary business is training people to become an affiliate marketer, not web hosting.

You don’t have to purchase the lessons from WA. This company gives you two free websites, not just one.

You will never find SiteRubix by Googling “free website.”

I Recommend SiteRubix to create a free website and earn money.

You can choose any free web hosting providers. Just know, you might not earn any money.

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How To Create A Free Website And Earns Money

You have chosen a hosting provider. The next step is creating a free website.

For this discussion, I will use my writing business to discuss the process of creating a free website to earn money.

You can apply this guide to your business idea.

However, writing is the best online business to earn passive income.

Choose The Right Business For Your Free Website

The reason that 95% of websites fail to earn money because the owners create a free website based on a passion.

If your passion doesn’t have a market, customers, you will not make money.

Your free website is a business. When you choose a lucrative market for your business, you will make money.

I am not telling you to stop following your passions. If you follow your passion, you must select one with strong market demand to earn money.

Take my writing business for example:

I love to write. I can create a free website writing about my life as a writer.

I can write an endless number of articles about my life without earning any money.

How many people care about my life stories? There’s no market demand for this passion.

I need to create a free website targeting a lucrative audience to make money.

I discover an audience with a lucrative spending budget that I am a part of, people interested in earning passive income.

I create OnlineBzdog to write reviews on passive income opportunities.

I make money with my free website because I have selected a lucrative target audience and a strong market demand for passive income opportunities.

Make sure to create a free website based on an audience with a high spending potential and strong market demand.

Your free website will earn money if you choose a profitable business over passion.

Naming The Free Website

You should give the free website a name that describes your business.

It’s not necessarily the domain name that matches the business name.

It’s OK to use the sub-domain name for the free website.

SiteRubix gives you a free subdomain name, but you don’t own this name.

I recommend reserving the domain name if you have one.

When registering a name for your free website, it’s best to get a .com extension.

Here are the steps to consider when choosing a name for your free website:

  • The name should be short and easy to remember.
  • Use a catchy name that reveals your expertise and professionalism.
  • Include keywords in the name for search engines and SEO friendly.
  • The name should be broad to include sub-markets in your choosing business.

Remember, you don’t need the business name to create a free website. You can give the free website a name later.

Your free website is a business. So, take the time to come up with a good name for it.

Setting Up The Free Website

Most people stop at this step thinking the process of setting up a free website is technically complicated.

Using the WordPress platform, you can create a free website in less than a minute.

WordPress websites are popular. There are thousands of free web templates and training available online to help you create a professional-looking website.

To illustrate this advantage, below is a video showing the process of creating a free WordPress website in 30 seconds. You can watch the video or read my outline.

build a business website in 30 seconds

Customize The Free Website

All web-hosting platforms provide a user dashboard for you to customize the free website.

Once you login to your WordPress website account, the first step to customize your free website is choosing a theme.

WordPress offers thousands of free themes. Selecting the right theme for your website is very important.

The theme controls the visual appearance of your free website for both users and SEO purposes.

You must keep in mind the following factors when selecting a theme for the free website.

  • Simplicity: Simple theme offers the ease of improving and better users’ readability.
  • Mobile-Friendly: More and more people use their mobile devices. Your theme must be responsive and automatically adjust to the reader device and screen sizes.
  • Browser Compatibility: A theme looks good on one browser may not work on another. Always select a theme that compatible with all browsers.
  • Themes with Good Support: Themes must be updated regularly to work with the WordPress platform. So, avoid those that offer no support.
  • SEO Friendly: The theme must support Search Engine Optimized to improve your site search results.

After adding the theme, you want to create the important pages for the free website.

The Homepage, About Us, and Contact Us pages are critical components of the website. They deliver your business message to customers. Be sure the text of these pages is properly formatted and easy to read.

Always customize the free website around the customers, not your personal taste.

Everything from the layout, page structures, images, graphics, fonts, all must be created with the target audience in mind to earn money.

Now you have the free website up and running. You will need to promote the website and build your brand to attract customers.

Content marketing is a free way to promote your free website and earn money. All you have to do is publishing relevant and useful content on the website. It’s known as blogging.

Using Content To Promote The Free Website And Earn Money

Content is an essential part of your free website. Posting the right content helps to improve the website ranking and attract the right audience (traffic). Visitors are customers, and you need customers to earn money with a free website.

You cannot post anything on the free website. This advice is wrong.

Posting anything will attract the wrong group of customers to your site. You will not make money because these customers express no interest in your products or services.

It is important to post content that is relevant and helpful to your target audience.

The best money content needs to solve a problem for your audience.

Before starting to write on a topic, you need to do research to make sure the topic attracts a large audience to earn money. This is called Keyword research.

Important Of Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords will attract the right customers to your free website, and you make money.

Choosing the wrong keywords will attract the wrong visitors or no customers to your site, and you earn nothing.

But how you do find the right keywords?

You use a keyword research tool. There are many free keyword tools available. The one that I use is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

When you are researching for keywords to create content, you should choose keywords that are relevant to your target audience.

Keyword research is a crucial part of building a successful free website to earn money.

Keywords help the customers to find your website on the internet.

The way you make money with a free website is publishing keyword-rich content, not any content.

I hope you understand that it requires two important parts for a free website to earn money.

  1. A free website without advertisement.
  2. A free website with keyword-rich content.

Once your free website has met the two requirements above, it’s time to discuss the options to make money with the free website.

Earn Money With The Free Website

There are numerous ways to earn money with a free website.

I’ll show you the two most popular methods to monetize your free website.

Make Money With Advertising

Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is the best passive income that you can earn with the free website.

The Google AdSense CPC program pays you a commission every time someone licks on the ads that the program places on your website.

Google AdSense pays publishers 68% of the ad revenue. This is anywhere between $0.20 to $15 per click.

A free website with 100 clicks a day can earn up to $1,500 in passive income.

Most website providers place ads on your free website to collect this money.

Can you see why you must get a free website without advertisements?

Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

The simplest and lucrative strategy to earn money with your free website is becoming an Affiliate Marketer.

This is the process of promoting a product or service on your free website to earn commissions.

Companies pay anywhere between 40% to 70% of affiliate commissions for each sale.

Affiliate marketing is the primary strategy for free websites to earn money.

Much of my passive income comes from affiliate marketing.

There are numerous affiliate marketing programs for you to join and earn commissions.

But to make money as with affiliate marketing, you must promote the right product to the right customers.

A free website targeting a lucrative audience and promoting the right products will earn a lot of money.

Final Review

Do you remember the process to create a free website to earn money?

  1. Get a free website without advertisements.
  2. Target a lucrative audience, customers with money to spend.
  3. Publish keyword-rich content to the free website.
  4. Monetize the free website with CPC and Affiliate Marketing.

All you have to do is follow the process above to earn passive income.

Most bloggers teach people to create a free website then monetize it. They don’t tell people that the free website must target the right audience to earn money.

Do you know why?

They don’t want another competitor entering the business.

I want you to succeed.

Remember, your free website is a business. You must choose a profitable business to make money.

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You will achieve financial success with my process to create a free website and earn money.

Get a free website and give it a try, you got nothing to lose.

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

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