Dolmar Cross Review – Is Dolmar Cross Legit

Dolmar Cross says you can make $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 or more in 30 days with his Automated House Flipping. The training is FREE.

I registered for the free training and was hit with the first Special Offer.

For $7 you get 30 days access to Dolmar Cross “VIP Bundle” teaching the fast track to make money in real estate.

You thought Dolmar Cross-training is free, no it’s not.

I don’t know if Dolmar Cross is a scammer.

But hitting you with a special offer after saying the Automated House Flipping training is FREE, doesn’t look good.

I Google “Is Dolmar Cross Legit?”

Now, I am writing this Dolmar Cross review to share my findings.

It’s a big surprise to learn the truth about Dolmar Cross and his Automated House Flipping program.

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Dolmar Cross Review Summary

Name: Dolmar Cross

Business Type: Real Estate Investment

Investment: $497

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  • Dolmar Cross is the founder of the 3-Day Cash Buyers, the Cash Buyer Team, the Real Advisors, and the Automated House Flipping.
  • All his businesses teach people how to make money as a real estate deal connector.
  • Dolmar Cross promises to teach you how to find cheap houses on the internet, then offer them at wholesale prices to investors for profits.
  • You can collect the finder’s fees all day without licenses, credit, cash, or construction experience.
  • It sounds exciting listening to Dolmar Cross about making money as a “Real Estate Deal Connector.”
  • But is Dolmar Cross telling you the truth?
  • No, he is motivating you to purchase products from him.


Who Is Dolmar Cross?

Dolmar Cross is a successful entrepreneur from the State of Florida. He claims to have flipped over 1,000 real properties since 2004.

During the 2008 real estate market crashed, Dolmar Cross lost everything. He even declared bankruptcy.

His fortune changed in 2017 when he co-founded Real Advisors, Inc with Lee Kearney and others.

You can find Real Advisors listed #80 on the INC. 500 America’s fastest-growing privately held companies in 2020.

However, Real Advisors doesn’t make money from flipping houses. This company is in the financial education industry. It makes money from offering digital classes, courses, coaching, and mentorship in real estate investing.

The Automated House Flipping system is a popular course offered by Dolmar Cross through the Real Advisors, Inc. This course teaches Dolmar’s automated system for flipping houses in today’s real estate market.

Today, Dolmar Cross is a mentor to real estate investors. He has removed himself from the house flipping process.

Dolmar Cross is the classic Guru story. He becomes a real estate guru after losing everything to the housing market crashed in 2008/2009.

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Review Of Dolmar Cross Automated Investor

Automated Investor is an app that lets you buy off-market properties at deep discounts, then quickly flip them for profit.

Dolmar Cross calls this Automated House Flipping App. This digital platform allows you to flip properties on the internet without doing repairs or remodeling yourself.

How can this possible?

Here’s How Dolmar Cross Automated Investor Works

The Automated Investor pinpoints great real estate deals and locates motivated buyers allowing to quickly you flip properties for profits.

The automated house flipping app leverages special real estate data to bring you discount deals.

The same app locates motivate buyers who are willing to pay a finder fee to purchase the properties from you.

Dolmar Cross wants you to believe that there is not hard work to flip houses using his system. You point, click, flip houses.

Using the Automated Investor platform, you can flip houses anywhere, and on your own time. All you need is a computer and phone.

However, the truth is not that easy.

Finding a good deal requires a team of people scouting the streets across the US.

Once you find potential properties, you have to cold-call every owner until someone agrees to sign a sell contract with you.

With the selling contract in hand, you now have to find an investor to take the property.

It might be true that the Automated Investor app helps you identify motivated investors, but you have to contact them to sell the property.

I just don’t see how you can point, click, and flip. This is nothing more than marketing hype to get you to sign up with Automated Investor.

How Much Does Dolmar Cross Automated Investor Cost?

You can sign up for the free Automated House Flipping training. But to use the app, you must pay.

The Automated Investor costs $497 plus $97 per month.

Doesn’t this sound strange?

A point. Click, and flip system that can generate millions of dollars is selling for only $497.

If the Automated Investor app works the way Dolmar Cross promotes it, He will not sell to you at this ridiculously low price.

Would you sell a cash cow for a few dollars?

Is Dolmar Cross Legit?

Dolmar Cross might be a legit real estate investor. But I doubt his Automated Investor system.

There is no way you can flip houses that easily. This is like a get-rich doing little or nothing scheme.

Self-proclaim gurus always using this marketing trick to sell their course. Most of them make more money teaching others doing the thirty works.

Yes, Dolmar Cross Real Advisors, Inc. is the fastest-growing financial education company, not a real estate investment company.

I am not saying Dolmar Cross is fake. This is just a real estate investment course like other courses, success is not a guarantee.

Is Dolmar Cross Course Worth It?

I can’t see how you flip houses with just a computer and phone. This type of business requires hard works.

You need to verify the property is real, the owner is real, and the condition of the property.

No real estate investor will buy a property without an inspection.

So, how do you inspect a home with points and clicks?

I hope you see the truth with the Automated Investor system.

Here’s the secret, gurus make their money from selling courses, coaching, and speeches.

Most guru coaching programs are worthless because they only sound good on paper.

Self-proclaim gurus are not real gurus. Most of their story starts like this: “The gurus discovered a system to make money. He then lost Everything. Now he creates a course to coach people how to make money with the same system.”

If a money-making system caused the guru to go bankrupt, how can this help you make a lot of money?

It doesn’t. You end up bankrupt like the guru.

Dolmar Cross wants you to believe the best way to generate passive income is in real estate. This is not true.

The best method to generate passive income is an online business. It’s also known as Digital Real Estate.

I understand you are here to read my review of Dolmar Cross.

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I hope this Dolmar Cross review answers your questions, is Dolmar Cross legit?

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

7 thoughts on “Dolmar Cross Review – Is Dolmar Cross Legit”

  1. I hope this is not something else that is going to be a waste of my time. I’ve already spent 1.5 hours of my day watching Delmar’s webinar.

  2. I attended Dolmar’s webinar today, overall it was a good session for motivation. Two things i disliked were he said its a 90 minutes webinar and it went more than 3 hours, secondly in the last i felt that he is selling us a product for which he started emotional drama and was looking so weird. He emphasised on attending his 3 days sessions and offering bribe of early birds again and again. I think in the last he forgot that he is a motivator. He seemed a marketer.

  3. I purchased the $500 class. Most of the class was focused on mindset and bits of actual contract flipping. Then on day two he hits you with in order to be successful and close deals in 30 days you have to spend an additional $8,999 for mentorship and etc. Without that he doubts you will close deals that fast… Mic Drop.


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