The Arbor Academy Review – Is The Arbor AcademyLegit

The first article you see when Googling “The Arbor Academy Review” or “Is Arbor Academy Legit” is this ad:

What you see is not a real Third Party Reviews Of Chad K.

It’s an advertisement run by Chad to present only the positive reviews of his training program.

Do you ever wonder why Chad run this ad?

He doesn’t want people to know the truth about the Arbor Academy.

Those who click on the ad and watch Chad’s video will believe the Google Maps Business (GMB) is an autopilot business to make millions online.

Chad talks about how his GMB system required minimal time and training to get started.

If you believe Chad, you are in for a big surprise.

This review is about to expose the ugly side of the Arbor Academy.

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Arbor Academy Review Summary

Name: Arbor Academy

Business Type: Digital Ads Agency

Investment: $6,800

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  • Chad Kimball launched the Arbor Academy to teach people his Google Maps Business (GMB) system, aka Digital Services Agency.
  • When you click on the ads to watch his review video, Chad says you can run this business on auto-pilot. It requires little time, training, and money to start. Even his 15 years old daughter makes a lot of money using the system.
  • Who doesn’t like to make money on autopilot?
  • But 100% of autopilot or making money doing nothing business opportunities are scams. Is the Arbor Academy a scam?
  • I’ll give you the good, the bad, and the ugly. You decide if the Arbor Academy is legit or not.


What Is The Arbor Academy?

The Arbor Academy is a business coaching program by Chad Kimball. The videos training course teaches individuals the processes of building a profitable business around Google Maps.

Chad claims he has found the hidden Maps loophole that you can make millions every time local businesses make a sale.

This business runs on autopilot, required no technical skill, training, and time to start.

Even Chad’s 15 years old daughter, Bethany-Anne, is successfully building a profitable online business with his coaching program.

When Chad started his Maps business in 1999, the local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) market was in its infantry with little or no competition. But, this is no longer true.

Today, the SEO local Maps business requires a high level of technical skills to compete in this saturated industry.

The claim you need little training to launch a multi-million dollars Google Maps Business (GMB) is either an outright lie or an intentional misrepresentation.

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About Chad Kimball Arbor Academy

The Arbor Academy is a business coaching program that covers the process of starting a digital agency to generate sales leads for local businesses.

The course curriculum consists of 67 videos discussing the following steps:

Step 1 – Local Market Researching For Building Campaigns

This step covers the basic understanding of Google local ranking algorithms.

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You learn to conduct proper local keyword researches, and why keywords do or do not return local results.

You then learn to build a website to rank for the specific local keyword or keywords to generate sales lead.

Step 2 – Create & Optimize Google My Business

This step discusses the process of setting up your website with Google My Business Maps.

You learn the difference between local vs. brand pages.

The Arbor Academy will teach you how to use reviews to rank your local website on Google Maps.

You also get introduced to the importance of white head reviews, white head backlinks, and changing bad review snippets.

Probably the most important part of this step is choosing a local address and phone number to meet the Google certification process.

Step 3 – Engaging Local Business Owners

You call and email local business owners within the area to promote your digital agency services.

You learn to identify small businesses that need your services mostly businesses that are not listed at the top spot of Google search maps.

The Arbor Academy provides students with marketing scripts to copy and paste into their marketing emails.

The sales videos cover all aspects of prospecting, communicating, and selling.

The hardest part of this business is getting on the phone to convince business owners to buy your leads. This is phone sales.

If you hate cold call prospecting, you will have a hard time making money with this business.

Step 4 – Pricing Structure

Once you have successfully convinced a business to purchase leads from you, the next step is the price negotiation.

The Arbor Academy shows you the process of developing a pricing structure that earns for both the customer and you.

You can charge a monthly fee or a flat rate commission per sale. This is entirely up to you.

As you can see, the business idea of the Arbor Academy is using Google Maps to help increase sales for local businesses.

But before you can sell the leads, you have to generate them.

The process of generating leads requires hard work. This is not an autopilot process. You need to invest a lot of time and money to get this going.

The Arbor Academy Cost

The Arbor Academy does not disclose the price online. You must schedule a one-on-one call to find out the real cost.

The one-on-one call is just a sales pitch to get the most money from you.

Quora’s members have reported the Arbor Academy costs $6,800. This is the initial quote. You can negotiate the price with the coach.

People have successfully negotiated the cost down to $1,000.

If you are me, $1K is still too expensive for the basic training.

Ever wonder why the coach gives you a $6,800 initial quote?

It’s a sales tactic to get the most money from you. They start high and let you work your way down. Any offer from you is a good offer.

Besides the training cost, you must have enough fun to launch your Maps business. We’ll discuss these costs in the following section of this review.

How Do You Make Money With The Arbor Academy?

You have to launch hundreds or even thousands of small business websites to make money using the Arbor Academy training.

You are building local business websites to generate leads. The cost to build these websites is not cheap.

Since you are ranking on Google Maps, you must have a physical business location.

Google requires each business location to be verified before listing on its Maps.

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For each local business website you create, you must rent a brick-and-mortar location. This is very costly when you are running hundreds or thousands of leads generating websites.

Then the long process of finding a client to sell your leads.

You have to convince businesses that your leads bring revenue.

The Arbor Academy tells you to give away free leads to bring in clients. But this is another big cost to you.

Everyone wants free leads, but not many willing to pay for them.

The difficult part of the Arbor Academy business opportunity is convincing small businesses to buy leads from you. This requires you to hit the road, pound the floor, and knock on doors to sell leads. This is not a work-at-home autopilot business opportunity.

I can’t see how you make money without doing a lot of work.

This is not a business where you roll out of bed and take five steps to the office.

I prefer working as a wealthy affiliating marketer over the Arbor Academy digital agency.

Is The Arbor Academy legit?

Most online reviews say the Arbor Academy legit! But when you look carefully, they all seem to promote the Arbor Academy for commissions.

These legit or scam reviews of the Arbor Academy are not so legit after all. They might be laying to you to collect that commission from Chad.

You do receive 67 training videos from the Arbor Academy. This is real. But the price you pay for these videos is ridiculous.

It’s not fair to say the Arbor Academy is not legit or a scam because it’s overpriced. You have to decide this for yourself.

I can tell you the digital agency business is not an autopilot business. You must be ready to learn and work hard to make money.

The idea of making millions starting a GMB digital agency doing little or nothing is a lie. For this reason, I consider the Arbor Academy not legit. Chad will say anything to sell his course.

Now you understand why people are upset after purchasing the Arbor Academy.

Final Review Of The Arbor Academy

The Arbor Academy is overpriced. I am not wasting over $6k on this training program.

Success depends a lot on your ability to sell the leads.

It might be easy for you to create a website, rank on Google Maps, and bring in leads. But you don’t make money unless you can sell the leads to businesses.

You must be ready to call cold businesses, knock on doors, and do sales presentations to win clients. This is not a passive income business opportunity.

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I hope this Arbor Academy review answers your question, is the Arbor Academy legit?

Until next time.

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