Freedomsoft Review – Is Freedomsoft Legit

Real estate investment is a proven method to generate passive income.

But, it doesn’t sound legit when Freedomsoft promotes itself as a platform to make money wholesaling real estate with a few clicks.

Wholesale real estate is a complex transaction.

Buying and selling real estate is not as simple as buying a toaster online.

Every real estate transaction requires title work. You must at least verify the ownership of the property.

You must make sure the title is clear before closing a real estate deal.

The idea of buying and selling real estate with a few clicks of a mouse is full of BS.

This type of marketing hype is targeting beginners or inexperienced real estate investors.

If you are thinking of purchasing Freedomsoft, you might want to read this review to understand how this business management software works.

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Freedomsoft Review Summary

Name: Freedomsoft
Business Type: Real Estate
Investment: $79

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  • Freedomsoft is a lead management software, not a platform for you to make money with a click.
  • You subscript to this platform to generate real estate leads.
  • Freedomsoft is selling access to a real estate database of motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private lenders. You use this database to generate leads.
  • Buying and selling real estate is a complex transaction requiring a lot of work. Freedomsoft is a digital tool to manage real estate transactions, nothing more.


About Freedomsoft Real Estate Software?

Freedomsoft is an all-in-one software for real estate investors to make money with a few clicks.

The platform promises to help you close more real estate deals by providing motivated seller leads, cash buyer leads, and private lender leads.

The software pulls seller leads from the USPS database of vacant houses, tax delinquents, out-of-state owners, and banked-owned properties.

You even get access to over 2 million cash buyer leads and over 1 million private leads.

Freedomsoft says to can point, click, and connect cash buyers with motivated sellers to make deals. It is too good to be true.

OK, you might have access to a database of millions of potential sellers and buyers using Freedomsoft. However, these contacts are leads. Unless you’re willing to spend time converting these leads into customers, they are not closing deals.

Freedomsoft is nothing more than a real estate managing software.

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Who Owns Freedomsoft?

Rob Swanson is the owner of Freedomsoft after he purchased the software in 2015.

He is also the founder of a real estate investment site,

Rob has over 20 years of experience as a real estate investor, investing real estate across the US. He makes his money during the crash of 2008.

If you have read the book CASH IN: What To Do Before, During, & After The Next Housing Market Crash, then you know Rob Swanson.

However, I don’t believe his Freedomsoft can help you close deals with a few clicks.

How Does Freedomsoft Software Work?

Freedomsoft is a paid resources platform helping real estate investors managing their businesses.

You have to pay monthly subscription fees to access this platform. We’ll discuss the Freedomsoft prices in a bit.

First, you must want to know what includes in your Freedomsoft subscription.

Freedomsoft provides the following digital tools:

  • Website Builder – This tool allows you to build websites for your real estate business.
  • Email Marketing Tool – This is an autoresponder that gives you the ability to send pre-designed emails to a lot of people automatically.
  • Social Media Marketing Tool – This digital tool allows you to post advertisements on multiple social media accounts with a click.
  • Real Estate Contract Generator – You use this software to generate contracts for your deals.
  • Property Valuation Tool – You use this software to estimate the current value of the property and profits.
  • Leads Management Software – You can use this organization software to manage all contacts.
  • Database – This is the flagship product of Freedomsoft. The database contains millions of sellers, buyers, and private lenders contacts.

Every day, Freedomsoft generates daily seller leads for you to contact.

You use the autoresponder to send out pre-designed emails offering to buy the properties from these sellers.

If a seller interests in selling the property, you make a fair market value offer using the property valuation tool.

Once the seller accepts your offer, the seller signs a sale contract with you.

Using the Freedomsoft cash buyer leads, you send out an email to them offering to assign the new sale contract.

A cash buyer agrees to purchase the sale contract from you at a premium price to take ownership of the property.

Using the real estate generator tool, you assign the real estate sale contract to the buyer earning a profit.

This deal is known as Wholesaling Real Estate.

Freedomsoft helps you to manage the deal smoothly and more efficiently. You still have to do all the hard work, looking for sellers and buyers. It’s a sales job.

The idea of closing real estate deals with a click is all hype.

Freedomsoft Demo

Freedomsoft offers a free demo showing you how the platform works.

The demo brags about using the database to generate seller and buyer leads. However, these leads are worthless unless you can convert them into closing deals.

Converting leads to clients is the hardest part of wholesaling real estate. Freedomsoft doesn’t want you to know this.

It is not easy to convince sellers to give up their properties at a wholesale price in a hot real estate market.

When the real estate market is down, no buyer is willing to pay a premium price to buy an abandoned or rundown property.

Another problem with Freedomsoft is the quality of the leads.

Members have complained that more than 1/3 of the leads contain inaccurate or outdated information. These leads are useless.

You cannot convert leads into deals if you are unable to contact buyers or sellers. You have to consider this fact before spending a lot of money purchasing Freedomsoft.

Freedomsoft Cost

Freedomsoft is a monthly subscription platform.

The cost to use Freedomsoft is as follows:

  • $97 per month for the Basic package. This package gives you access to marketing tools with no lead-generating system.
  • $197 per month for the Plus package. This package also gives no access to Freedomsoft lead-generating system. It is a multiple-user access package, while Basic is single access.
  • $297 per month for the Max package. It’s the only package giving you full access to Freedomsoft lead-generating system. The company is currently offering the Max package at a promotional price of $197.

So, the cost for Freedomsoft is $197. You must purchase the Max package to make money. It is the only package with access to the property records, motivated seller leads, cash buyer leads, and private lender leads.

Freedomsoft claims to give you a free trial. However, it’s not a free trial. You are purchasing a subscription with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You must cancel the subscription with this time frame.

Is Freedomsoft legit?

Freedomsoft is a legit wholesale real estate management platform. This site is not a place for you to make money from home with a click of a mouse.

The platform provides leads. It is your job to convert leads into profitable deals.

You make money when you successfully convince the sellers to sell you the properties and buyers to buy them from you. You are a whole seller of a product, and this product is real estate.

Freedomsoft is nothing more than a digital tool allowing you to manage your wholesale real estate business more efficiently.

I cannot see how this management software become a money-making machine.

Freedomsoft Alternative

As you can see, Freedomsoft is not a make-money platform. It’s a digital tool to help you manage business leads.

If you need a tool to help manage real estate leads, then it’s a good idea to buy Freedomsoft.

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn passive income from home, don’t buy Freedomsoft.

Freedomsoft tries to promote its digital tool as a business opportunity.

But we all know, a business tool is not a business opportunity.

I understand you are here to read the review of Freedomsoft.

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I hope this Freedomsoft review answers your question, is Freedomsoft legit?

Until next time.

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