HealthyWage Review – Get Paid to Lose Weight

HealthyWage is a company that’s willing to pay people thousands of dollars to lose weight.

Every year I and millions of other Americans have a resolution, “to lose weight!” Most of us failed miserably.

It might be different this time with HealthyWage.

Money is the best motivator on earth. It is a brilliant business idea of using cash to motivate people to lose weight.

You must be thinking, as a business how HealthyWage makes a profit by paying people to lose weight?

HealthyWage sounds like a scam.

You must have lots of questions about HealthyWage.

So, let begin our HealthyWage Review to find out if you can get paid to lose weight.

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HealthyWage Review – What Is It?

Using a traditional betting system, HealthyWage has revolutionized the way we fight obesity and help people losing weight.

The business model is simple and straightforward. HealthyWage bets against people weight loss goals.

HealthyWage will pay you if you achieve your weight loss goals. If you fail, you have to pay up. This is how HealthyWage makes money, betting we will fail.

Many people call this a gambling system, but it is not.

In gambling, you win by luck or by chance. With the HealthyWage betting system, win or lose you control the outcome.

HealthyWage also offers weight loss challenge in group settings such as team or corporate sponsors.

With corporate sponsors, employees pay a portion or zero amount of the bet.

How the entire HealthyWage betting system work will be outlined in detail later in this HealthyWage Review.

HealthyWage is a betting system. If you don’t like betting against yourself, then this opportunity might not be what you are looking for. Other ways you can earn a few quick bucks online are taking surveys. The most popular survey sites to earn quick money is InboxDollar, Ebates, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie. You can follow these links to read my reviews and learn more.

HealthyWage History

HealthyWage was founded in 2009 by David Roddenberry and Jimmy Fleming.

The betting business model was based on research from Harvard, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pennsylvania, which suggested cash rewards is the most effective motivator of weight loss. Especially, if your own money is at risk.

In January 2010, the company launched its website at TechCrunch in San Francisco. It became the first company to pay people for losing weight.

How I Get Paid to Lose Weight?

The process of earning money with the HealthyWage betting program requires four simple steps:

  1. Enter a bet using the HealthyWage calculator
  2. Submit the starting weight verification
  3. Exercise and Lose the weights
  4. Submit the final weight verification and claim your money

Get started with HealthyWage

The first step to start the challenge is by using the HealthyWage calculator to decide your bet.

The calculator will ask the following information to generate the prize:

  • Select the weight loss goal by entering the pounds you want to lose, must be at least 10% of the current body weight.
  • Enter the dollar amount you’re willing to bet, between $5 to $995 per month.
  • Choose the length of time to achieve your weight loss goal, must be between 6 – 18 months.

Using the information above, the calculator will determine the final prize, up to $10,00.

You can change the information on the HealthyWage calculator to come up with a perfect weight loss goal that you will be satisfied.

Once you are satisfied with the reward and the weight loss goal, the next step is to register for an account and place your monthly bet.

Be sure to enter the exact body weight, height, waistline, gender and the time frame that you will be able to achieve the weight loss. Never placing your bet base on the reward amount. This is not gambling.

You should know by now that betting on your weight is not a make money online opportunity. This program is designed to encourage people to lose weight, not earning a living online. If you want to learn how to make money online, jump to the last section of this HealthyWage Review where I’ll share with you how to make serious money promoting HealthyWage. For people looking to make a few quick dollars, I suggest reading this article How to make extra money from home.

To register for a HealthyWage account and participate in the challenge, you must meet the HealthyWage requirements.

The weight loss challenge requirements

HealthyWage does not set an age limit. If you live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico or anywhere in Latin America, Australia, Europe, and Asia, you are allowed to join the challenge.

All participants are limited to 10 challenges at the same time.

Get an account and placing the bet

Once you satisfy with the bet and meet the requirements, the registration process is quick and easy.

You only need to provide an email address, create a password, and pay the first monthly payment.

Every month, HealthyWage will charge your credit card for the monthly bet amount, even if you decide to stop doing the weight loss challenge.

You now have a 2-week window to submit your initial weigh verification.

Initial weigh verification

HealthyWage offers participants three options to verify their initial weight.

  1. Make a short weigh-in video using a personal scale and upload it to HealthyWage website
  2. Submit a weight verify form completed by fitness or health professionals, such as local gym, pharmacies, walk-in clinics, nurses, personal doctor, or personal trainer.
  3. Attend a Weight Watcher meeting to obtain a weight verification.

The most popular weight verification for both, initial and final verification, is making a short video.

Lose weight

After submitting the initial weight, you are on your own. There are no updates, no interim weigh-ins, no encouraging email, nothing at all.

It is up to you to decide how and when to exercise to lose the required weight within the time frame.

If you fail to meet the weight loss goal at the final weight verification, you will lose all the monthly payments.

Final weight in and claim the prize

At the end of the challenge, HealthyWage requires participants to submit a final weight verification.

You have the same three weight verification options: make a video, submit a professional weight verification form or weight verification at the Weight Watcher meeting.

The only additional requirement at the end is two pictures: one before and one after the challenge.

If you achieve the weight loss goal, you win the prize. If you fail, your monthly bets go to support HealthyWage, including prizes for others who achieve their goals.

HealthWage makes money betting that people will fail to meet their weight loss goals. They are winning big!

Prize payout options

The winner has two options to receive their prize: by check through the mail or by PayPal direct deposit.

If there is no additional verification, the prize payment process begins within 12 hours after the final weight in.

The process takes 3-4 weeks to complete for check payout, with no fee.

It takes 3-5 days to complete the PayPal transaction which charges a 3% fee.

Is HealthyWage For Me?

HealthyWage is for those having problems losing weight on their own. Unless you are committed to losing weight, otherwise, don’t join. You will lose money, not making money.

This program offers a lot of challenges and contests to motivate people in achieving their goals of losing weight.

You can do the individual weight loss challenge or join a team challenge where 5 people can win up to $10,000 within a 3-month time frame.

The program also allows people to make money online.

The HealthyWage affiliate program offers a $50 bonus for every person that you refer and signup for a challenge. You can potentially make a lot of money helping people losing weight.

I have included a section on how to make a full-time income with HealthyWage at the end of this HealthyWage Review. You can scroll down or click on the link to jump there.

You are not allowed to earn referral bonus from your own team members, even if you’re recruiting them. However, you can earn a $30 referral commission for referring people into another Team Challenge.

HealthyWage can be a good place for those looking to lose weight, as well as those searching for ways to make money online. You just need to know what you want before signup.

Is HealthyWage a scam?

HealthyWage is a legit company. It makes a lot of money on large corporate and institutions looking for ways to motivate their employees staying healthy.

The individual challenge is a small part of this program. Many people participate through employer sponsor challenges.

Furthermore, HealthyWage has been in business since 2009. The company was featured on the NBC’s Today Show, Good Morning America, and NPR.

You need to enter a weight loss goal that you can win if you are going to make a bet. This way you can recover all the monthly bets, plus you get to earn money in the process.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives HealthyWage an A+ rating.

Why HealthyWage works?

As stated above, HealthyWage works because money motivates people.

Adding to this factor is the idea of losing your own money, the bet, pushing us to achieve the goal and win big.

Teamwork is another factor in this success. Most of us have a harder time keeping our own commitments, but not team commitments. Being a part of a team, we are more determent to accomplish the goals then we were on your own.

We know HealthyWage works, but we also know that the program is not perfect. Here are a few things that I like and dislike about this weight loss program.

HealthyWage Pros

  • It pays cash to lose weight
  • Using the money to motivate you to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.
  • You have control over the outcome of the bet by setting your own target.
  • The ability to participate in 10 different challenges to earn more money.
  • It is easy to join.
  • Lucrative affiliate program.

HealthyWage Cons

  • Betting on your weight is not a way to create a consistent income.
  • You must pay every month to continue the challenges.
  • If you fail to meet the weight loss goal, you lose everything.
  • You lose if your teammates suddenly decide not to continue with the challenge. 
  • There’s no refund of the monthly bet if something happens.
  • It is a single time earning. Once the challenge is over, the earnings stop.

How to Make Money with HealthyWage?

Referring people to HealthyWage is the best way to make a consistent income online.

HealthyWage referral bonus: The program pays $50 for each individual referral and $30 for each team member referred by you.

It is OK to invite all your friends and families to join the program and lose weight. But what to do after you have invited all of them? The answer to this question is in the section below.

How I Find Referrals For HealthyWage?

To find more referrals into the HealthyWage program, I use an online marketing concept called affiliate marketing.

The word “Affiliate Marketing” sounds complicated, but it is a very simple process.

I’ll provide a quick overview of the process here, but if you want to know more, you can read my popular article about Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

Overview of affiliate marketing referral business:

The affiliate marketing starts with writing an article about HealthyWage and publishes it to generate online traffic.

When people go online looking for HealthyWage, they will find and read the article I published on my blog.

In the article, I provide a link, so readers can click to visit the HealthyWage program. When someone clicks on this link, I earn a referral bonus.

Do you see how simple the process is? To help put things in perspective, here how much you can potentially earn monthly using this technique.

Potential monthly earnings:

According to Google, there are over 20,000 people search for HealthyWage each month.

It is possible to have 1,000 people find and read the HealthyWage Review article every month.

If 1,000 people join the HealthyWage program through your referral link, you will earn $50,000/month (1,000 x $50).

This is how I and millions of affiliates make a living online through affiliate marketing. Here’s my profile.

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