How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

We all have read so much on the internet about SEO your website this and SEO your web page that to increase traffic to your website. But, is it wise to depend on only one source for all the traffic when there are other free ways to increase traffic to your website?

We all know that search engine optimization is one option to increase traffic to your website. However, for those of us, relying on SEO as an only means to get traffic can be a bit of a problem.

The problem arrives when Google changes its algorithm.

What might be a perfect SEO strategy today will be condemned by Google tomorrow. When this happens, your website will crash and burn.

You do not want to be in this position. You need to diversify your website traffic through other sources to avoid disaster.

Every webmaster agreed with diversifying the traffic to the website is the smartest thing to do. You should have a backup plan if your primary traffic source fails you.

Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website.

I am going to share with you different strategies that you can implement today to help diversify the sources and increase free organic traffic to your website.

I will discuss how to optimize each source of traffic so you do not heavily rely on only SEO.

Increase Traffic With Social Media Networking

Organic traffic from social media sites offers another significant way to diversify and increase traffic to your website.

A few years back, there was some consensus among digital marketers that SEO and organic traffic from search engines are dead, and social media traffic will be the king.

Even though this is not true today, but social media sites still have a significant amount of free web traffic that we should tap into to increase our site’s visitors.

One small piece of advice, there are lots of social media sites online. It is impossible to be active on all of them.

An effective way to increase traffic to your website from social media is through Social Media Exchange, or you can pick one and/or two social media sites that you are most comfortable and familiar with to build a constant traffic flow to your website.

Using Facebook to increase traffic to your website

The biggest source of free social media traffic is from Facebook.

Many of us are Facebook members. It is something we are very familiar or even considered as an expert at networking on this platform.

Many businesses have used Facebook as their focus on the social media marketing strategy to substantially increase organic traffic to their websites.

However, it is uncertain whether this strategy will remain the same due to the recent change in the algorithm to advance Facebook’s paid advertising platform.

Going forward, you might have to pay to reach our target audience, but for now, it is still a viable option to diversify and increase traffic to your website.

You can learn more about this traffic strategy with this article ‘Ways To Increase Facebook Traffic‘.

Using Pinterest to increase traffic to your website

Pinterest is a social media platform perfect for sharing pictures or visual content.

You should think of Pinterest as something halfway between a wish list and an inspiring board.

The key to successfully drive free traffic to your website is by placing the right keywords in your profile, boards, and pins when you are sharing visual contents.

Pinterest is not for everyone. It is best if you own copyrights to some interesting photos which you can share, hoping to generate traffic to your website.

Here’s my free ‘Guide On Using Pinterest to Increase Traffic To Your Website‘. 

Using Twitter To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Twitter is a unique marketing tool where you can only post a short text called “Tweet.”

This social media platform is only effective if you are using this platform to generate discussion.

Twitter is not a place for you to dump links to the blogs.

If your tweet does not create a conversation with other users, then your effort is wasted.

The most effective tweets to generate traffic to your website are those that provoke users into responses such as taking a poll, asking questions, or debating a controversial topic.

Using YouTube To Increase Traffic To Your Website

YouTube is the largest social media video sharing platform. It is an excellent way to promote your website if you know how to execute it correctly.

The keyword plays a major role in the success of your YouTube promotional videos. You need to place the keywords in the videos tile for people to find them.

You can create a different kind of videos ranging from tutorials to crazy or silly entertaining videos, if the content of the videos related to your website, to bring traffic to your website.

Always remember to find a way to send the traffic of the video back to your website. This is how you can increase free traffic to your website.

Below is a training video teaching the process of generating traffic with YouTube.

YouTube Traffic to Your Website

Using LinkedIn To Increase Traffic To Your Website

LinkedIn is a professional social media site. It is a place where you can find professional thoughts or ideas on industry news, analysis, and trends.

To be effective on this platform and potentially generating free referral traffic to your website, you must post content that is valuable, actionable, and insightful. These are contents that share most often, and they tend to generate greater discussion on LinkedIn.

Posting content that promotes greater discussion means more free traffic to your website.

You can learn more about this social media platform with this ‘Top Tip On Using LinkedIn‘.

These are just a few examples of social media sites for you to explore.

There are more online social media platforms for you to join and promote your website.

I encourage you to choose the one that you are most comfortable to promote your website.

Social media sites are only an effective option to increase traffic to your website if you know how to use it correctly.

You can learn to use social media sites like a pro with these 10 Free Lessons on Giving Your Site A Social Value.

Increase Traffic With Social Media Exchange Site

There are hundreds of social media exchange websites online, but the two most popular and trusted ones are and They are very easy to use, but you need to know how to use them correctly to help increase traffic to your website.

What is a social media exchange?

Social media exchange is a community platform which allows members to promote each other’s website on most or all social media networks.

Exchange members earn points by performing various tasks.

They can then use the collected points in exchange for Likes, Shares, Followers, Subscribers, and many other things on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and more.

How to use social media exchange?

Social media exchange sites are a helpful tool to promote your website contents on all social media networks.

It is impossible to promote your websites on hundreds of social media platforms by yourself at the same. But using social media exchanges, you can.

As an exchange member, you can ask other members to help promote your post or website links on a particular social media network in return for point rewards.

You can use this tool to promote your website through all social media network platforms. This is the most efficient way to advertise and promote your website to increase traffic.

You do not have to buy points. You can earn points by performing small tasks for other exchange members. It is the best free way to increase traffic to your website.

You can also use social media exchange sites to stay active and engage with your followers. It is impossible for your business to constantly create content to please followers or customers.

The exchange can help with this problem.

As an exchange member, you have unlimited access to fresh and hot topic contents to share with your social media followers in return for points.

The key is to find and share content that is relevant to your business.

You can use other people’s content to promote your website on social media platforms to increase followers and traffic to your website.

There are other ways you can get free traffic to your website from social media exchanges such as visitors, viewers, and websites like.

I encourage you to visit and explore and to learn more about these exchange programs. They can save you a lot of time and help to increase traffic to your website.

Increase Traffic With Images SEO

Adding images to your article or post not only helps the reader to understand your article better but also help visitors to find your website.

All search engines, Google, Bing, and Yahoo offer web users image search capabilities.

Image searches have increased in prominence over the years, just look at the success of Pinterest, you can understand what I am talking about.

You should try to include images in every post even if the post is not so visual topic. You do not have to add picture images. You can add illustration images such as graphs or charts.

Adding images to the posts is the only sure way for visitors to find those pages via image searches.

Without an image, there is zero opportunity that visitors to find your website. Adding images will help to increase traffic to your website for free.

You should not add an image just for the sake of adding images. Images are ranked better if they are surrounded by texts related to the topic of the article, especially keyword related.

  • The first step in image search engine optimization is the image’s name. This is the first opportunity to use your keyword. You should give a name to your images such as ‘web-traffic.jpg,’ not ‘Olb134.jpg.’
  • Next is the image size. You should add images with sized at 300 pixels or larger, but not too large it will decrease your website’s speed. Be sure to use image software to crop the image to the smallest size possible.
  • Last is adding captions to your image. I do not mean you have to add cation to every image on your post. You only need a caption for the images that you want to rank. The caption is an opportunity for you to provide more information to the search engines about the images.

Here are more tricks that you can use to improve the image’s SEO.

Increase Your Website Traffic With Voice Search

Voice search is heating up. According to Alpine.AI, “There are over one billion voice searches per month. (January 2018).”

You do not want to miss this traffic. Voice search is the future.

Voice searches are different from traditional text searches. They come in a question format.

People using their mobile phones, tablets, and smart home devices to get information. The new technology allows us to interact with machines in a more natural way using a conversational voice.

Here are some tips to help you optimize your web pages for voice search.

Since voice searches are more natural and in a conversational tone. It is logical to incorporate the conversational keyword into your posts.

Conversational keywords are long-tail keywords that people use in a natural conversation, such as asking questions.

You will have to implement structured data markup to help voice search devices to understand your pages better.

Using structured data markup from is a great way to provide more specific information to help search engines understand your website’s contents.

Adopting voice search technology to your website will add a new free option to increase traffic to your website.

Increase Traffic With Local Small Business Directory Listing

Most professional SEO told you not to add your site to the web directories because after Google cracked down on link manipulation schemes, web directories became obsolete.

Well, this might be true for SEO backlink, but we are talking about free traffic.

Let me tell you a secret, there are web directories out there that still generate millions of visitors per day. You want your business to be included in these directories. They are free.

Do not use directory submission sites. You want to submit your website to high-quality directories.

Notice the tile I use for this section, local small business directory listings. These are high-quality directories that add value to users.

Here are some of the best directories to add your business to if you want to generate serious referral traffic to your site.

Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, Yelp, Yellow, Better Business Bureau, and Local Chamber of Commerce.

These are only a few. You can find more online, but make sure to submit your site only to a high-quality web directory.

Guest Blogging To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Guest blogging is a wonderful opportunity to bring traffic to your website. It gives you authority and creates SEO backlink.

The first step is to go out and find a guest post opportunity. Your goal is to find sites that are relevant to your niche or industry.

You can use Google search, social media networks, and guest blogging communities like My Blog Guest to help you find an opportunity.

Before you jump into pitching to guest post, you must first understand a little about the site.

You have to know the site’s contents; does it relate to the keyword of your post?

What are the type and levels of an audience the website writes for? And the type and style of the site’s contents.

These are some important issues to consider before offering to guest blog.

Generate Traffic With Podcast Channel

Podcasting is becoming more and more mainstream these days. It is one of the new ways to diversify your audience.

However, Podcasting requires lots of commitment from you.

You have to regularly push out new content to keep your audience tune in, if not you will lose them.

One great technique that many successful podcasters used is inviting influencers onto their podcast. This is somewhat like guest blogging but in an audio format.

Podcasting is an enormous subject that I will not discuss in detail at this time. I encourage you to read this ‘PodCast Tutorial‘ before launching into podcasting.

The podcast can generate a new type of audience and traffic to your website.

Connecting a Satellite Website To Increase Traffic

Many affiliate marketers fail to take advantage of traffic from other websites they have created.

If you have more than one niche website, you can funnel the free traffic between them. This can be done by simply provide links to each website.

Increase Web Traffic With Online advertising

Online advertisement, not the freeways to increase traffic to your website, but it is a quick and fast way to get web traffic.

With new technology, target marketing becomes easier than ever. You can get your content in front of thousands or millions of unique viewers in a few hours.

The biggest disadvantage of online advertising is cost. If you are not careful, you can end up wasting lots of money with nothing to show.

If you decide to use online advertising as a way to increase traffic to your website, it is important to know beforehand, what is your goal?

  • Is it to promote awareness of your website or to convert the visitors into purchase customers?

No matter what is your goal? Effective online advertising requires a certain level of understanding of your target audience.

  • You must offer what the target customers want, as well as creating an ad that convinces them to click.

If one of the two elements above is missing in your ads, you will get zero traffic to your website. This means you wasted money with nothing to show.

The way to increase traffic to your website is through diversification of traffics sources.

Traffic diversification gives you peace of mind knowing that your site will not crash and burn overnight if Google updates its algorithm.

If you have not done so, I encourage you to implement these traffic diversification techniques to increase traffic to your website.

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