Listverse Review – Get Paid $100 To Write For Listverse

Listverse is a website famous for the ‘Top 10’ articles. Each top 10 article is a list of 10 items covering a wide range of topics from trivia to bizarre facts.

Have you ever wondered how Listverse comes up with these top 10 lists? And are these lists a reliable source of information?

Well, there is a lesser popular group of Listverse which you probably have never heard of, the ‘List Writers.’

You can become a list writer for Listverse. Listverse offers $100 per article. This is a premium freelance writing job compared to Fiverr and Upwork.

But before you can sit down to write and get paid from Listverse, you have to satisfy a few requirements.

This Listverse review explains the process to become a writer for Listverse.

Here’s how to get paid $100 per article.

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Listverse Review



Name: Listverse

Business Type: Freelance Site

Investment: Free

Listverse is a blog site launched by Jamie Frater in 2007. It became famous after a few of its articles, happen to be lists of bizarre events, landed on the front page of social network sites Digg and Reddit. This accidental event gave Frater the idea of publishing lists of 10 facts or events that had occurred throughout the world to serve a specific segment of readers.

Listverse is nothing more than a Niche Blog publishing articles which are lists of 10 interesting, bizarre, and fun facts to attract readers or visitors. Today, Listverse attracts more than 5 million visitors to the blog each month.

So, Listverse and OnlineBzDog are both blog sites. Listverse is an Arts and Entertainment blog site, while OnlineBzDog is an Online Business Information and Education blog site. You can start your own blog site too. You can learn to become a blogger and make millions like Listverse with this article, ‘How To Become A Successful Blogger.’

Early on, Frater and his writing staff created their own ‘Top 10’ list for the blog. But he quickly discovered that they were unable to keep up with readers’ demands for more lists. Listverse ran out of ideas for the list.

Frater is a brilliant businessman. Instead of hiring more in-house writers to produce the list, he turns to the world asking for list submitting. Frater has created an opportunity for average people to make money online by becoming a list writer for Listverse.

You now have two different groups of people visiting Listverse every month.

Readers visit this blog to explore, learn, and have fun reading trivia or bizarre lists of events or facts in their world. Whether these facts are true or not, no one really knows. They are entertaining because somebody somewhere in this world reported such events happened to them.

Writers visit Listverse to submit their list hoping to get paid $100. When I say ‘Hoping,’ I mean not every list submitted to Listverse get paid. There is a process to become a Listverse writer.

If you think writing a list and submitting it to earn an easy $100, you will be disappointed to read what I am about to share with you in this article about Listverse.

How To Write For Listverse?

You are interested in making $100 writing for Listverse. But before you sit down and start making the ‘Top 10’ list, I suggest you learn all Listverse requirements for writers. You don’t want to waste your time writing a list that is not accepted by Listverse. A list that doesn’t get accepted will not get paid $100.

Yes, Listverse pays $100 for a list, but only for lists that are approved and accepted by them.

What Is Listverse Looking for In a List?

Listverse requirements for accepting a list are long and very strict. It is impossible to get your list accepted on the first submission. If you don’t mind spending more than 50 hours rewriting and editing your list, then let talk about Listverse writer requirements.

Listverse Top 10 List Guideline

You cannot submit any list. Your top 10 list must meet the following Listverse guidelines:

  • The list must be uniqueness, simplicity, and remarkability. This means the topic of your list must not have been covered both on Listverse and the Internet. When conducting research for a list topic, don’t just search the Listverse site. You must use Google search query to make sure you don’t waste your time writing a list that is already existing. Rewriting an existing list is not accepted.
  • The list content must at least have 10 items with each item presented three new facts that aren’t commonly known.
  • The top 10 list must fall into one of the Listverse popular content categories which includes, unsolved mysteries, life secrets, human mistakes and misconceptions, untold history, and the dark side of humanity.
  • Listverse currently not accepting list discuss topics about the sport, self-help, personal opinions or stories, product reviews, money making guides, living healthy, gaming, music, TV and movie review, animal care, or anything that is outside the accepted categories above.
  • Listverse bans profanity, adult materials, and illegal contents on its blog. So, don’t even think about submitting these.

Listverse Blog Post Writing Format and Style Requirements

Every blog site has a unique writing style or format for its posts. A list submitted to Listverse must meet these writing formats to get accepted:

  • The list must be at least 1,500 words long with 10 items on the list and one or two paragraphs per item.
  • The list must be in simple English that doesn’t require too much editing. This simply means proofread your writing before submitting to Listverse. Also, this blog site is published in English language only.
  • The facts on your list must have a link to a reputable source. Listverse doesn’t consider Wikipedia as a reliable source. Sources that Listverse accepts are from scholarly journals, academic publications, peer-reviewed scientific studies, and other local or national reputable organizations.
  • Listverse prefers using pronounce ‘we’ over ‘I’ and ‘you’ so readers feel included. Be careful not to include too many ‘I’ or ‘you’ pronounce in your writing.
  • You list must have a ‘wow’ factor to get accepted. Listverse suggests looking at the list and asking yourself this question: “Would my friends read this and say ‘Wow!’? If your answer is ‘NO,’ then don’t submit it.

Above is a quick overview of the requirements to write for Listverse. Full detailed Listverse writer requirements can be found by downloading a copy of Listverse Author’s Guide.

Listverse Writing Job Competition

Besides meeting the Listverse strict author’s guidelines, writers also face other problems: limited topics, and tough competition.

Listverse has been around for more than 10 years. Unique and bizarre topics have already been written on Listverse or the internet. Increasingly, list writers struggle to find topics to write for Listverse. Why do you think Frater willing to pay $100 per list? Listverse is running out of ideas.

Listverse writers must deal with the fact that this blog only accepts and publishes three lists per day out of thousands of lists submitted. There is no way that Listverse editors can review every submitted list, even those they claim that they do.

The competition to get your list accepted by Listverse is very high, almost impossible. A few lucky writers got their list accepted maybe one in every couple of months. This is not a good way to make money online.

If you love to write and willing to invest in this much time to write an acceptable list for Listverse, then why not write for your own blog. You are making Frater rich by helping him write this blog.

How Does Payment work at Listverse?

The payment works this way:

You write a ‘Top 10’ and submitted to Listverse for review. Listverse loves your list and decides to publish it on their blog. You receive $100 from Listverse for the article. If Listverse rejected your list, you have the opportunity to revive the list and resubmit it, no $100.

Listverse uses PayPal to send payments to writers. So, what to do if you don’t have a PayPal account? You can either open one or tell Listverse don’t public your list. There is no other way to receive payment from Listverse.

The Benefits of Writing For Listverse

People quickly jump on their computers and start writing lists when they learn that Listverse pays $100 for a list.

Listverse has never said: ‘they pay list writers $100 for a list.’ Listverse said: ‘they pay $100 for an accepted list.’ Now, the benefit of writing for Listverse has diminished.

There is another benefit to becoming a Listverse writer besides getting paid $100 is backlink. Listverse allows writers to add a link to their blog site if they have one.

However, a backlink is only important if you have your own blog site. If you are a blogger, I don’t know what is wrong with you spending hours upon hours to get your list accepted by Listverse.

Some bloggers will disagree with me and argue getting a list on Listverse will help to increase the number of visitors to your blog site.

Well, the backlink is not entirely a benefit to every blogger. Take this blog as an example, OnlineBzDog is a Business Information and Education blog. This topic is banned by Listverse. How can I get benefit writing for Listverse? Nothing.

Before writing a list and competing to get on Listverse, think over the benefits and don’t waste your time.

Another issue that you must consider is the ‘list ownership.’ According to Listverse, all accepted lists are paid for and owned by Listverse. The authors lost all rights of ownership to the list. Lists that are not accepted belongs to the writers.

Should You Write For Listverse?

I have shared the impossible process of becoming a writer for Listverse. It’s not easy to earn $100 with this opportunity.

However, if you enjoy spending more than 50 hours writing and editing a list, then submit it to Listverse.

As a Blogger and a full-time writer, here’s my profile, I know there are better ways to make money online as a writer.

Here are a few opportunities for you to make some extra cash besides Listverse:

Write opinions and reviews

Survey sites like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Slice The Pie pays people for writing short reviews on product, music, and videos. You will not get rich doing surveys, but you don’t have to compete with thousands for a chance to make money a few bucks like Listverse.

Become a freelance writer

This is similar to writing for Listverse, but you decide what to write and how much to charge. There is no waiting around hoping to get a $100. This is one way I make money besides writing for my blog. I write product information, marketing materials, and website content for online businesses. I charge between $100 to $300 per gig. I don’t know why you want to compete for $100 as a Listverse writer. You can learn about this opportunity by reading, Way To Earn Extra Cash From Home, or visit Fiverr and/or Upwork to create a free account and start accepting freelance works.

Start Your Own Blog Like Listverse

Listverse makes millions as a blog site. This is the most lucrative way to make money online. This is why I write for my own blog. There are hundreds of ways you can generate income with a blog site. Here is my article sharing different Options To Make Money With A Blog.

Starting a blog is not difficult. I use these 10 Free Lessons to start my blog business. You can use these same lessons to learn and launch a successful blog site.

Listverse makes money with their blog site through online ads and affiliate marketing.

When you visit Listverse, you will see lots of ads on the list with links to products. Every time someone clicks on the ads to find out more about a product, Listverse earn a commission. This is how Listverse recouped the $100 payment and then more.

Your list submitted to Listverse can potentially earn thousands of dollars for the blog. This is why Frater allows people to compete for the best list position.

I rather write for my own blog to make money from affiliate marketing and ads than get paid $100 from Listverse. I earn a lot more.

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If you are a writer, I invite you to join the #1 Online Entrepreneur Community to discover all the opportunities to make money online as a writer before writing for Listverse. This community is free to join. It allows you to network with other successful writers to assist you in the process of building your own business.

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Write and get paid $100 a list sounds lucrative. But when considering Listverse strict writing guidelines and submitting requirements, it is nearly impossible to earn the $100.

Spend more than 50 hours to make $100 from Listverse is not worth it. I rather write to build my own business. What do you think?

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