How To Make Money Writing – Get Paid For Writing

Make money as a writer is not always easy or lucrative. Most writers never get rich. So, they say.

For a long time, writers of all ages had struggled to figure out how to make money writing?

Thanks to the online writing opportunities, writers now have a host of ways to get paid for writing.

Most writers fear of becoming a full-time writer because of the uncertainty and the constant worry about finding the next writing job.

Writers don’t realize there are a host of new and exciting writing opportunities exist on the internet that allows them to make a lot of money.

Besides the money, as a writer, you enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. You work when and where you want, and You get to choose the next writing project.

If you are thinking of becoming a writer and worry about how to make money writing, then this post is written for you.

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How To Make Money Writing

You cannot become a well-paid writer just because you are good and want to get paid for writing.

You don’t have to be a good writer to make money writing. You just need to know how.

To make money as a writer, you must love to write. Every day, you will have to sit down and produce thousands of original words to earn a living. This is the life of a writer.

The opportunities to get paid for writing are endless. But you need to have a business plan to determine what type of writer you are and where you will be moving forward.

I’ll share with you the exact strategies and some realistic ways that I have used to make a wealthy living as a writer.

How To Make Money Writing For Blogs

The first thing a writer must have is his or her own blog. This is how you build a name, your own Brand, as a writer.

A blog allows writers to showcase their writing talent and work. It is the first place for potential customers to interact with the writers.

If you don’t know how to start a blog, I recommend using these 10 FREE LESSONS from the Wealthy Affiliate University to get started. I use the same lessons to launch my blog.

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to create a successful blog. But as a writer, this should not be a problem for you because 90% of building a blog is writing content.

Never start a personal blog for your writing business. Create a blog by choosing a niche where a large, passionate audience already exists. This is a crucial step to build your brand, recognition, and make money.

A successful blog requires regular publication of fresh content to attract and engage readers. Readers will return if the blog offers reliable and interesting content. So, be sure to focus your writing on a specific topic that engages the audience.

You also need to learn the process of writing ranking content to allow people finding the blog easier on the search ranking result. This technique is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Improve the blog SEO will help your content reach a wider audience on the internet. It is important that you learn to write SEO ranking content if you want to make money as a writer.

Once your blog reaches a certain level of visitors, you can start monetizing the blog to make money. Blog monetization is how to make money as a writer.

There are many ways to monetize the blog, but the two most popular options are advertisements and affiliate marketing.

How to Make Money Writing Ads?

A blog can generate money through advertisement and sponsor post.

The process of setting up ads on the blog with the advertisement networks is simple and straight forward, but it takes a long time, several months, to earn money.

You can follow this link to learn the process of joining and making money with advertisement networks.

Ads morally pay based on the blog CPM (cost per impression). Therefore, the blog needs to draw a big audience to make a significant amount of revenue.

Another form of advertising is writing sponsor post. Sponsor posts are content advertisement where a company pays a writer to write product reviews, product information, endorsements, or promotions on the company products or services.

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How to make money writing sponsor post depends on the writer and the blog influential power. The more influence the writer has on the blog audience, the more money the writer can demand. A writer can charge anywhere tween $100 up to $10,000. It’s all based on the writer popularity status.

You need to have a successful blog to make a good living with online ads. The success of a blog is determined by the number of visitors, traffic, that it generates every month. The larger the audience, the more money the writer will make.

How to Make Money Writing Product Promotions?

Promoting products and services with your blog content is a lucrative path for writers to make a wealthy living doing what they love, writing.

Marketing experts call this affiliate marketing, but this is nothing more than adding relevant product links to your writing.

You don’t even have to write product reviews to promote products. The secret is finding relevant products for your blog niche and add them to your writing. It’s much easier to find products to promote if you have picked a niche that has a large audience at the start.

Promoting product with affiliate links is a smart way to make money as a writer because you don’t have to do deal with processing and shipping the products. Everything is handled by the merchants or the manufacturers. You just write. This is exactly how to make money writing.

Affiliate marketing is very easy to learn. You can use this #1FREE TRAINING PROGRAM to create a blog and promote affiliate products. I use this program to build my writing business. Go ahead and give this program a try, it’s FREE!

How To Make Money Writing For Online Publications & Other Blogs?

Traditional publication prints are dying, but many online magazines are still going strong. These online publishers need talented writers and still pay well for feature articles.

Online publications often scout the web looking for talented bloggers with proven specialist knowledge of a narrow topic to join their writing team.

Writing for a popular online magazine can bring both wealth and fame which in turn create more demand for your writing.

I know, it’s not that easy, but the secret to making this model work is to focus on building a niche blog that is engaging and conversational which attracts a large passionate audience. This will put you on notice with the online publications.

You can also find and chasing down writing opportunities with publications that will pay for accepting submissions. This is done by offering freelance work with Fiverr or Upwork, freelance websites.

Other online publications that need writers are bloggers. Many bloggers need new and fresh content to keep up with the audience demands. So, they hire writers to help them write content.

Writing for another blog is not as glamorous as writing for a well-known magazine. But, this is how to make money writing!

As more and more of your works are posted online and on blogs, online publications will likely notice your talent and offer a lucrative opportunity to write for them.

How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer?

Content marketing has created a huge demand for talented writers as more businesses are competing to attract customers to their products and websites.

These contents driven businesses are hungry for articles, white papers, case studies, SEO content, web content, and more. The best part, they are willing to pay top dollars for them.

How to make money writing for these contents driven businesses?

Your best bet is to join freelance sites like Fiverr, Upwork or even posting your freelance writing services on the local Craigslist.

Freelance business can be competitive for new writers because they have to fight for the customers’ attention against thousands of other freelance writers online.

However, smart writers differentiate themselves by building their own platform, A Blog, to demonstrate their talent and expertise in the choosing market niche.

A blog is the best way to promote your talent and to convince businesses that you are the right writer for the job.

You’ll need more than a laptop and a passion for writing to compete as a freelance writer. You need to know the fundamental of content marketing. You need to know how to create ranking content, and using SEO tools
to improve the clients’ organic reaches. You can achieve with a BLOG.

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How to make money freelance writing depends on how you present and market yourself.

Successful writers (like me) are making a full-time income without struggling to find writing projects. Then you have writers that struggling to make enough money to stay alive.

The struggling freelance writers are lazy to create their own blog site. They put together a crappy profile then expecting top pay from clients.

You need to appear professional to demand a professional price. No clients will offer a lucrative project to a crappy writer.

If a writing project offers you less than $0.05 per word or less than 1,000 words, it is not worth my time to compete for it. This is how I set my writing standard.

You can make a full-time income as a freelance writer if you are willing to invest in yourself and create a nice profile to present your talent and skill to potential customers. You can achieve this by creating a BLOG.

If you don’t know how to create a free blog, these FREE LESSONS will guide you in the right direction.

How To Make Money Writing eBook (Self-Publish)?

The invention of Kindle and self-publishing has created a gigantic opportunity for writers to make money as a novelist.

Publishing eBook offers writers a cheaper option to distribute their works without having to rely on a publishing house to finance the production of their book.

However, this doesn’t mean easy or profitable to publish an eBook. If you are thinking of writing something and publishing it as an eBook to make a huge profit, you’ll be deeply disappointed.

Writting and publishing a successful eBook requires a lot more works than you might think.

Your book needs to be of high content quality and target a large enough audience to make a profit.

Besides writing quality, you also have to deal with marketing the eBook. Poor marketing will sink your chance of making money from your work.

To succeed, you need to be commercially minded and careful research to determine which self-publishing platform is right your you.

While Amazon is the leading platform for self-publishing, but it doesn’t mean the best for you.

When choosing a platform to self-publish, look carefully at the pricing structure. Each platform has a different percentage of royalties which will affect the profit and pricing of your book.

You need to be persistent at self-publishing to make a living as a writer. Many self-publishers have to write several eBooks before seeing any earning from their works.

However, one major advantage of self-publishing is that you continue to make money from your book far into the future. Once you write enough eBooks to generate a full-time income, additional writing will increase your income further.

The secret to becoming a successful self-publisher is to promote your eBooks with an author blog. Using this blog, you can collect email address to build a list of existing fans which are the perfect audience to promote your next eBook.

Now, you have some ideas on how to make money writing, which writing opportunity will you choose?

You only have to choose one writing opportunity to make a full-time income.

However, what writing opportunity you choose, one writing you must do is writing your own blog.

All successful writers must have a blog. This is a platform for you to share your writing talents and skills with the world. It’s the place for readers to interact with your works. It’s a place for customers to have a direct contract with you.

A Blog is the first writing you have to do if you want to make money as a writer.

It is not difficult to launch a blog. You don’t need to have the technical knowledge to create one.

Watch this video to create a FREE BLOG in less than 1 minutes.

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If you are serious about getting paid for writing, I invite you to join my #1 Bloggers Community to learn and write with us. This community has helped me and other writers to build a successful writing business. It can do the same for you. Just click on the link below and

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Become a writer is your dream. Making money writing is a reality. A dream becomes a reality when you take action!

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