Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Review – Is Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Legit

Can you really make $7,000 every week doing nothing from the comfort of your home?

Yes you can, according to Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.

Matt & Orlando will hand you a business system, already set up, for you to collect money without lifting a finger.

These guys are notorious for promoting get-rich-doing nothing schemes.

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint is one of the many done-for-you businesses promoted by Matt and Orlando.

So many times, I have warned people about the get rich doing nothing business schemes. People still believe in them.

So, do you believe Matt’s Marketing Blueprint legit?

If you want to know how this scheme works, then you must read this Matt’s Marketing Blueprint review.

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Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Review Summary

Name: Matt’s Marketing Blueprint
Business Type: Done-For-You
Investment: $21,847

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  • Matt’s Marketing Blueprint is a done-for-you business system.
  • This business system promises to provide you with an affiliate website, hosting, and domain.
  • You must purchase digital advertisements to generate visitors to your website.
  • You make money when a visitor purchases Matt’s Marketing Blueprint through your affiliate link. Matt calls this high-ticket affiliate marketing.
  • Matt & Orlando is using your money to promote and sell their get rich doing nothing scheme.
  • Matt’s Marketing Blueprint doesn’t focus on selling products. It’s about recruiting others into the scheme to make money.
  • According to the FTC, a business opportunity that focuses on recruiting without selling products is a scam.


What Is Matt’s Marketing Blueprint?

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint is a business in a box. You to instantly own a profitable affiliate marketing business doing nothing.

This business system is created by Matt and Orlando.

The system provides you with a predesigned website with hosting and a domain name.

Matt promotes his Marketing Blueprint opportunity as a done-for-you business.

According to Matt, you simply promote your website online, using Facebook and Google ads, to make thousands of dollars each week.

This business scheme has four levels of investment which cost over $21,000.

You don’t have to deal with selling or customer services. Matt and Orlando’s professional staff will handle everything for you. You just sit back and collect the check.

I call Matt’s Marketing Blueprint a “Money Gifting Scheme.”

When you join this opportunity, you are buying nothing. You are giving money to your recruiter for the opportunity to recruit others into the scheme.

The only way to make money with this scheme is by recruiting, not selling products.

Money Gifting Scheme operates on an idea of a large number. The more you recruit, the more money you make. But it doesn’t work because not many people give $20K to get nothing or receive worthless materials.

Every smart investor knows they have to research the business opportunity before buying.

You are reading Matt’s Marketing Blueprint for the same reason, to discover the truth.

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Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Review

The first step in research an online business opportunity is to understand how you are going to make money.

The way you make money depends on the online business model.

Matt calls his business opportunity a “High Ticket Affiliate Program.”

High ticket affiliate marketing simply means you are promoting expensive or luxury products to earn big commissions.

So, how Matt’s Marketing Blueprint works to help you make money.

The business model is very simple to understand.

  1. You purchase a business in the box from Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.
  2. The ready-to-launch online business box comes with a redesigned website, hosting, and domain. You simply click the link to launch your business.
  3. You must promote your business to find customers. Matt teaches you to promote your business website using digital advertisements. Yes, you purchase ads from Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other popular digital platforms to find customers.
  4. Visitors to your website that interest in the Matt’s Marketing Blueprint business opportunity get connected with Matt’s & Orlando’s sales team.
  5. The sales team will try to close the customers, convincing them to purchase Matt’s Marketing Blueprint.
  6. You earn commissions if someone agrees to invest in the business scheme.

As you can see, the high-ticket item that you are promoting is Matt’s Marketing Blueprint. It’s the best option for you to recoup your investment.

The big selling point for this scheme is a simple and easy way to make money online. You only do two things under this business model to make money: purchase the business in the box and run digital ads.

However, this business model is very risky. You are taking on a lot of risks while Matt is making the money.

Let break down the investment risks for you:

  • You spent over $20,000 for an opportunity to resell Matt’s Marketing Blueprint. You make no money unless to can recruit others to join.
  • You pay for all the advertisements. Matt is using your money to promote his scheme. He takes no risk. You will lose a lot of money if the ads failed.
  • You rely on Matt’s sales team to make the deal. There is no incentive for these people to close a deal for you. If they close no deal, you make nothing. They have already collected a lot of money from you.

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint is not designed for you to make money.

Matt and Orlando are targeting people who want to get rich doing nothing.

So, do you still believe Matt’s Marketing Blueprint legit?

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint Cost

Matt offers four levels of investment to purchase his business in the box.

The costs to purchase Matt’s Marketing Blueprint are:

  • Gold Level costs $3,247.
  • Platinum Level costs $7,447.
  • Diamond Level $14,647.
  • Royal Level is the most expensive. It costs $21,847.

Each investment level provides you with a website, hosting, domain, and basic marketing materials to promote your business.

Your investment level determines your future commission earnings.

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint promises to pay you a 50% commission every time your recruit purchased a business in the box.

Yes, you are paying over $21,000 to Matt for an opportunity to collect a 50% commission from someone else in the future.

Can You Make Money With Matt’s Marketing Blueprint?

Your potential earning is big with a 50% commission on each sale.

Here’s the breakdown of your potential earnings:

  • Gold Level pays $1,500.
  • Platinum Level pays $3,500.
  • Diamond Level pays $7,000.
  • Royal Level pays a big check of $10,500.

Everyone is cited when looking at this potential earning schedule.

But there is a catch. Your earning is capped at the investment level that you have joined.

If you are a Gold Level business owner, you don’t receive a commission if your referral purchased a Platinum Level.

So, the best level to earn commissions is the Royal.

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint forces you to buy in at $21,847 if you don’t want to miss out on future earnings.

But, what is your chance of making money with Matt’s Marketing Blueprint?

Not very good.

Not a lot of people will fall for this scam.

Who gives $21,847 to a stranger to buy an opportunity of collecting a 50% commission in the future?

Will you?

Is Matt’s Marketing Blueprint legit?

I have warned people to stay away from done-for-you business opportunities.

I call Matt’s Marketing Blueprint is money gifting scheme. The business model is not legit to me.

The business model focuses on recruiting to make money. This is a scam according to the FTC.

No smart investor will give over $21K to a stranger. Then go recruiting others to earn back their investment.

Does this sound like a good business opportunity?

No, but people will fall for this scheme.

Final Review On Matt’s Marketing Blueprint

Have you ever met a successful business owner sitting at home doing nothing?

No, I don’t think so!

Matt’s Marketing Blueprint tells you to give them over $21K, then sit back and wait for the paid check.

What happens if there is no check coming at the end of the week?

You will lose $21k. There’s no way you can get this money back. The business doesn’t offer a refund.

Why take on so much risk with a business opportunity like Matt’s Marketing Blueprint?

Smart business owners know that they must work to build a successful business.

If you’re not afraid to work, there are many legit and profitable online business opportunities for you to make money from home.

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I hope this Matt’s Marketing Blueprint review answers your question, is Matt’s Marketing Blueprint legit?

Until next time.

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