Entre Institute Review

You don’t need to read reviews to know if Entre Institute legit or a scam.

Are you going to spend almost $50,000 to learn how to start an online business?

Yes, that’s how much Entre Institute training courses will cost you.

The Entre Institute is a marketing scheme to get your money, not starting a business.

You learn nothing with the $39 entrance fee. This is to hook you into a never-ending sales funnel.

The courses offered by Entre Institute are not step-by-step instructions on building online businesses. They are motivational lessons, motivating you to purchase more courses from Jeff Lerner.

If you don’t have $50,000 to throw away, then stop reading Entre Institute reviews after reviews.

Save your money and time to start a real online business.

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Entre Institute Review Summary

Name: Entre Institute
Business Type: Online Business
Investment: $47,000

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  • Entre Institute teachs three different online business models: affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and digital courses.
  • The program provides basic information on each online business model that you can’t use to build a successful online business.
  • Entre Institute convinces you that the way to advance your business is by purchasing the next training course, paying a higher price.
  • The cost to complete the Entre Institute training package is close to $50,000. I’ll break them down later in this review.
  • This is a classic pay-to-learn scheme where you end up broke before you even start a business.


What Is Entre Institute?

ENTRE Institute is a digital platform offering online business courses.

This training program claims to help you achieve an awesome life using the 3 key areas of life: professional excellence, personal excellence, physical excellence.

Jeff Lerner launched ENTRE Institute back in 2018 to teach the three most lucrative online business models: Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, and Digital Courses.

You can use the ENTRE Institute courses to launch three different online businesses to fun your awesome life.

Before achieving an awesome life, you must pay to learn Jeff’s unique business method that combines psychology, economics, life coaching, and personal development.

Doesn’t this sound like motivational courses?

Yes, Entre Institute Blueprint is a motivational course conditioning you for the pay and learn scheme, purchasing more expensive products from Jeff.

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Entre Institute Products

Entre Institute sells different digital products to help you launch an online business.

The products are packaging together into a complete business program that offers lessons, coaching, and mentorship.

You must purchase the package to achieve Jeff’s “awesome life.”

So, what includes in this package?

The ENTRE Institute business training program includes the following digital products:

ENTRE Blueprint

This is the first course to start training with Entre Institute.

It is introductory lessons about the three most lucrative online business models.

Entre Blueprint consists of 6 videos teaching the process of transforming your life to achieve an awesome life.

  • Video #1 talks about the 3 Ps: Personal, Professional, and Physical. This is a mind-setting lesson preparing you to become an online business owner.
  • Video #2 teaches the three legs of a successful action. It’s all about community, strategy, and belief. Jeff says you must learn and act on these three legs to achieve an awesome life.
  • Video #3 is more education on building a legacy. This lesson discusses Jeff’s process of leverage current wealth to grow your business. Jeff is brainwashing you to believe financial required spending money.
  • Video #4 introduces you to the first online business model, Affiliate Marketing. Jeff calls this the “Lazy Person’s Business.” He gives you an introduction to affiliate marketing, nothing in-depth on building this business.
  • Video #5 compares eCommerce vs. Brick and Mortar business. You learn why eCommerce is a better business to own. But, don’t people know about this already?
  • Video #6 gets you ready to build an online business. The lesson discusses the components required to build an online business. If you are ready to build an online business, Entre Institute offers a one-on-one business adviser to set you the right way.

It is unlikely that you can start an online business by yourself after watching the 6 videos from the Entre Blueprint course.

If you want to start a business, you have to talk to an ENTRE Institute business adviser.

The adviser’s job is to upsell you. They encourage you to purchase the next training level, or the package, to build a successful online business.

This is the beginning of a pay-to-learn scheme.

Entre Nation

Entre Nation is a private community for Entre Institute members.

You can join this community after completing the Entre Blueprint course.

Members of this community have access to a library of digital courses called The Marketplace. It designs to help you learn how to build an online business.

You have access to the ENTRE Nation Facebook group to interact and learn from other members, trainers, and course creators.

Entre Nation Elite

For an additional cost, you can join this elite group within the Entre Nation.

Entre Nation Elite offers weekly live training for Entre Nation members who want to build an elite online business.

Every Monday, members of Entre Nation Elite will have a private video live chat mentorship with Jeff Lerner and the staff.

Entre Digital

This is a bundle of digital courses teaching three online business models: local ad agency, eCommerce, and affiliate marketing.

Entre Digital is a higher level of training compared to Entre Blueprint. It’s also cost more. You can skip to Entre Institute cost to view the price.

I’ll give you a brief review of each digital course included in the Entre Digital bundle.

  • Millionaire Secrets: This is an introduction to Entre Digital Bundle. The course has 19 modules teaching the process of business organization and planning. I have written a review of Millionaire Secrets. You can click on the link to read the full review.
  • Affiliate Millionaire Accelerator: This course teaches paid affiliate marketing. This online business model relies on paid digital advertisements to make money. It’s a risky online business that I would not recommend to beginners or inexperienced affiliate marketers.
  • Agency Millionaire Accelerator: This is an introduction to local lead generation businesses. You make money by helping small business owners with their digital ad campaigns. This is a new online business model which requires the owner to have good in-person sale skills to succeed.
  • Digital Course Millionaire Accelerator: This discusses the process of making money selling digital courses. It’s similar to Entre Institute. However, you learn to create and market your own digital courses.

These courses give you more in-depth into building an online business. There’s also a live mentoring advisor to guide you through the lessons.

Entre Institute considers Entre Digital as its flagship training product.

You must waste money on the introductory courses before you can buy the digital course bundle.

Entre Coaching

This weekly 1-on-1 coaching program offers by the Entre Result team.

Entre Result team is a group of professionals trained in business coaching, life coaching, and Internet Marketing.

The Entre Coaching program design to accelerate your online business.

It’s the second most expensive training product offered by Entre Institute.

Entre Inner Circle

This is the ultimate Entre Institute course. It designs for the elites.

Inner Circle program offers exclusive training with Millionaires including Jeff Lerner himself.

According to Entre Institute, not everyone is accepted into this program.

Jeff will personally screen the applicants for qualifications.

I am thinking that Jeff is screening the applicant to make sure that they have enough money to pay for this membership.

You will be shocked to learn the price tag for this product in the next section.

Entre Institute Cost

Entre Institute pay-to-learn scheme designs to force you to purchase all the products in the training package.

Each course is a leading step to the next. You receive sufficient information in the few beginning courses but not enough to start an online business.

At the end of each course, you have an assigned business advisor whose job is to sell you the next big-ticket item.

So, you might want to look at the total Entre Institute cost before purchasing the first product.

  • Entre Blueprint: This introduction course costs $39.
  • Entre Nation Elite: The Entre Institute online community costs $348 per year. This is not a one-time fee.
  • Entre Digital: The flagship digital course bundle costs $1,997.
  • Entre Results: This 1-on-1 professional coaching costs $15,000 per year.
  • Entre Inner Circle: The Entre Institute millionaire club costs $29,997 per year.

The total cost for the Entre Institute training package is $47,381.

You are giving this money to Jeff and the Entre Institute to learn, not to start a business.

You must notice that high-ticket courses in this training package charge yearly fees. So, you have to pay Entre Institute $45,345 every year, even if your online business doesn’t make money.

The cost of this training package is ridiculous.

Now you understand why people are calling Entre Institute a scam.

Entre Institute Refund

Entre Institute claims to offer a 30-day refund policy. However, we discovered this refund policy only applies to the basic products: Entre Blueprint, Entre Nation, and Entre Nation Elites.

The 30-day refund policy doesn’t apply to high-price training products.

Is Entre Institute legit?

Entre Institute is legit. You do receive all the courses as promised. The problem is with the content.

Entre Institute promotes its training package as a business package to help you launch the three most lucrative online business models.

However, it’s just a digital training program. The material presents in this business package is mostly motivational speeches on the topics.

The training package was designed in a way to get the most money from each member.

I believe the majority of people dropped out of this training program because they cannot afford the higher prices.

This is a classic pay-to-learn scheme structure. The prices of the course keep rising until you no longer can afford to stay in the program.

It is the reason Entre Institute’s pricing for Entre Coaching and The Entre Elites programs is almost $45,000 per year. The company knows people will drop out at these prices.

So, It’s fair for people who lost a lot of money to call Entre Institute a scam.

Is Entre Institute Worth It?

The Entre Institute is not worth the $50,000.

There are training programs much cheaper that delivers 10x more value than Entre Institute.

The reason you start an online business is because of the low initial investment compared to brick-and-mortar businesses.

I don’t see how people can justify spending almost $50,000 on a training program to learn about online business models. You can learn this for free by Googling the topics.

Your investment with the Entre Institute is purchasing digital courses. There is no way you can build a successful and profitable online business through education only.

A few people argue that Entre Institute education is worth it because it’s cheaper than getting a degree at colleges and universities. Well, this is like comparing apples to oranges.

A degree from a university can get you a job and recognize by most companies worldwide.

An education from Entre Institute is worthless. You cannot use it to get a job.

But we are talking about starting an online business.

I don’t see the value of spending $50K on motivational courses.

As a successful online business owner, I can tell you that I spent less than $500.00 to start my business.

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I hope this Entre Institute review answers your question, is the Entre Institute legit?

Until next time.

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