Ring Bomb Party Review – Is Ring Bomb Party Legit

Ring Bomb Party Review – Is Ring Bomb Party Legit

What do you think of the Ring Bomb Party business opportunity?

Do you think Ring Bomb Party a legit business?

These are the two most popular questions that many women have asked me.

So, I decided to write this Ring Bomb Party review to answer your questions.

All my readers know that I don’t recommend MLM business opportunities.

I don’t hate MLM. I avoid business opportunities that are too competitive and difficult to make money.

I am telling you it’s very hard to make money with an MLM business.

MLM is a face-to-face sales and recruiting business model. The problem with this model is securing a one-on-one meeting with prospects.

Nobody is willing to open their doors for salespeople, especially for MLM. This is the reason Ring Bomb Party events are hosted on the internet.

I recommend you to read this great article discussing MLM Affiliate Marketing to understand the new trend for MLM.

My Ring Bomb Party review is business analysis, not a product review.

So, when a young lady asks me: “Do I think Ring Bomb Party legit?”

My answer is no you will not make money with MLM!

Let me explain in this review.

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Ring Bomb Party Review Summary

Name: Ring Bomb Party
Business Type: MLM
Investment: $99

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  • Ring Bomb Party offers people an opportunity to make money from home selling costume jewelry.
  • The Ring Bomb Party consultants earn commissions on personal product sales and team sales.
  • Yes, Ring Bomb Party is an MLM company. The best way to make money with this business opportunity is by recruiting.
  • Consultants must maintain at least 350 PV (Personal Volume) per month to stay in business. This means you must purchase at least $350 worth of Ring Bomb Party jewelry every month to collect commissions.
  • To sell and recruit, Ring Bomb Party encourages consultants to host virtual social parties.
  • Ring Bomb Party promotes itself as a fun opportunity to make money.
  • It might look fun to hold a virtual bomb party. But over 90% of Ring Bomb Party consultants make no profit.


What Is Ring Bomb Party?

Ring Bomb Party is an MLM company selling custom jewelry.

The company packages its jewelry in a fizzy bomb similar to a bath bomb.

During the virtual bomb party, consultants would drop the bomb into a cup of water to review the value of the jewelry.

The company claims the jewelry is valued at between $19.95 – $1,500.

The founders of Ring Bomb Party are Lillian and Isabela Coleman.

Ring Bomb Party custom jewelry is not available in retail stores. You have to purchase them from a Ring Bomb Party rep.

Consultants are independent owners who have joined the Ring Bomb Party MLM program to make money from home.

Anyone can become a Ring Bomb Party rep by purchasing a starter kit.

Consultants are required to purchase a monthly personal volume to stay in business.

The best way to make money with Ring Bomb Party is by recruiting others to join your MLM team.

If you hate Recruiting and face-to-face selling, you will have a hard time making money with Ring Bomb Party.

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Is Ring Bomb Party A Pyramid Scheme?

Ring Bomb Party is an MLM.

An MLM is a pyramid scheme when the income is based mostly on how many people you recruit, not how much product you sell.

It is important to ask your Ring Bomb Party sponsor for a copy of the income disclosure statement. This statement will help you determine if consultants are making money from recruiting or selling products.

If consultants’ income mostly comes from recruiting, then Ring Bomb Party is a pyramid scheme.

It’s very difficult to spot a pyramid scheme.

Even if you join a legit MLM, your chance of making a profit is small.

Over 90% of people who join a legit MLM make no money.

No matter how hard they work, consultants are unable to recruit or sell enough to make profits.

If you plan to join the Ring Bomb Party MLM, you need to ask yourself these questions: am I a good salesperson? And can I convince people to join?

How Does Ring Bomb Party Work?

You must have a sponsor to join Ring Bomb Party as a consultant and start your business.

Your sponsor is your MLM team leader.

Every time you make a sale, your leader receives a team commission. This is an incentive for Ring Bomb consultants to recruit others into the MLM program.

A consultant at the top of a large team always makes the most money comparing to consultants at the bottom. This is normal with MLM business.

Your sponsor will sell you a starter kit. This is the initial cost to launch your Ring Bomb Party business.

With the starter kit, you can begin hosting virtual social bomb parties to sell and recruit.

This is a Ring Bomb Party business review. I assume you know about a virtual bomb party. So, I am going to discuss it in this review.

You earn a commission for each sale and a recruit at the virtual bomb party.

As a consultant, you must meet minimum monthly personal volume (PV) to stay in business and earn commissions.

You must pay attention to the monthly PV. According to the FTC, an MLM is a pyramid scheme when it forces you to buy more inventories than you can use or sell.

Ring Bomb Party does have a monthly PV requirement, which we will review in the next section.

How To Become A Ring Bomb Party Consultant?

So, you have decided to become a Ring Bomb Party consultant.

You have found a sponsor.

Your first face-to-face meeting with the sponsor is a sales meeting.

The sponsor will explain to you the Ring Bomb Party MLM business.

You will be asked to purchase a starter kit and complete your consultant application.

Here are the investment requirements to launch this MLM business.

Ring Bomb Party Consultant Cost

Your first investment as a Ring Bomb Party consultant is purchasing a Starter Kit.

Ring Bomb Party three starter kits with different levels of investment.


The basic starter kit costs $99.00. This is the lowest investment level to become a Ring Bomb Consultant.

The Boost Pack kit costs $366.00. It includes everything in the basic kit plus more products for you to sell at your first virtual bomb party.

The most expensive investment level is the Launch Pack Kit. This kit costs $599.00.

Your sponsor will advise you to join Ring Bomb Party with at least the $366.00 investment level. This allows them to earn higher commissions and bonuses.

A sponsor who has sold a Boost Pack will receive a $50 in free product bonus. This bonus jumps to $100 if the sponsor sold a Launch Pack.

Also, your investment level determines the commission rates and bonuses as a Ring Bomb Party consultant.

How Does Ring Bomb Party Consultants Make Money?

Ring Bomb Party consultants make money by selling products and recruiting others into their MLM team.

Consultants earn two types of commission on product sales: the customer sales profit, and the personal sales commission.

To earn team (override) commissions, a consultant must achieve a certain leadership level. Your level determines the team commission rates.

Ring Bomb Party offers two team commissions, the level bonus, and the generation bonus.

We’ll talk about these commissions and bonuses when we review the Ring Bomb Party compensation plan.

You must have seen the Ring Bomb Party Reveal banners all over the internet. These banners offer hypothetical profits.

However, Ring Bomb Party doesn’t provide an income disclosure statement. This action tells us the profits on the reveal banners are untrue.

The law requires Ring Bomb Party to provide recruits with a copy of the Income Disclosure Statement (IDS). This financial document provides a picture of actual consultants’ income.

If Ring Bomb Party refuses to provide you a copy of the IDS, don’t join. This is a pyramid scheme.

You don’t need the IDS to understand why it’s so hard to make money with the Ring Bomb Party MLM.

We can find the answer is in the Ring Bomb Party compensation plan.

Ring Bomb Party Compensation Plan

The Ring Bomb Party compensation plan is very confusing and difficult to understand the exact commission rate.

We review the important parts of the Ring Bomb Party compensation plan. You can download a copy from the link above to study in-depth.

You need to understand Ring Bomb Party doesn’t pay commissions based on the dollar for every sale.

The company uses the Commissionable Volume (CV) to calculate commissions.

The Commissionable Volume (CV) is 75% of the products’ retail price.

Here’s how this work in real life:

  • You sold $1,000 worth of jewelry at a virtual Ring Bomb Party. Your consultant level pays 8% on personal commission. Your commission for this sale is $60.00 (750 CV x 8%), not $80. Your actual commission rate is 6%, not 8%.

Using the CV, Ring Bomb Party is misleading people on their commission rates. This fools people into thinking that they are earning higher commissions.

Now, we can discuss the ways consults make money under the Ring Bomb Party compensation plan.

  1. Customer Sales Profits – This is a direct sell. You purchase products from Ring Bomb Party at wholesale prices to retail for profits. The company claims you can make between 15% to 37.5% profits. However, reading a few complaints from the BBB has revealed the Ring Bomb jewelry to be worthless.
  2. Personal Sales Commissions – You earn this commission after achieving $2,000 monthly PV. The commission is max out at 10%, which requires a monthly PV of over $7,000.
  3. Level Bonuses – This is team commissions. The commission is paying up to 4 levels. The max level of bonuses a consultant can make is 23%.
  4. Generation Bonuses – These are known as team leadership commissions. The bonus pays out to 6 generations with a combined commission of 18%.

Your primary income as a new Ring Bomb Party consultant is from selling products.

The combined commissions from selling products are about 25%.

To earn the 25% products commission, you have to order over $7,000 worth of inventory every month.

But the combined team commissions are up to 41%. The Ring Bomb Party compensation plan rewards consultant for recruiting over product sales.

Now you understand why recruiting is the best way to make money with MLM.

As your team grows, your leadership level grows, and you make more money.

Your leadership level plays a big factor in determining your income working as a Ring Bomb Party consultant.

Ring Bomb Party Levels

Ring Bomb Party has 15 Levels:

  1. Topaz Party Consultant (TPC)
  2. Topaz Lead Consultant (LC)
  3. Topaz Senior Consultant (SC)
  4. Peridot Executive Consultant (EC)
  5. Tanzanite Party Manager (PM)
  6. Tanzanite Senior Manager (SM)
  7. Ruby Executive Manager (EM)
  8. Aquamarine Senior Leader (SL)
  9. Aquamarine Executive Leader (EL)
  10. Opal Premier Leader (PL)
  11. Opal Star Leader (STR)
  12. Diamond Silver Leader (SILV)
  13. Diamond Gold Leader (GLD)
  14. Diamond Platinum Leader (PLT)
  15. Diamond Elite Leader (ELT)

The way to advance in levels is recruiting.

As you move up the leadership levels, your combined team commissions also increase.

Under this compensation plan, you are unlikely to make a lot of money selling Ring Bomb Party jewelry.

You must recruit, recruit, and recruit to make money.

Is Ring Bomb Party Legit?

OK, we can agree Ring Bomb Party legit.

But the fact is that consultants are struggling to make money with this MLM.

We have discovered Ring Bomb Party’s compensation plan favorite recruiting over selling products.

According to the FTC, most people who join a legit MLM don’t make money.

Even Ring Bomb Party is legit. You are unlikely to earn profits with this business opportunity.

The way to sell Ring Bomb Party jewelry is by recruiting consultants.

Every consultant must purchase at least $350 of jewelry per month to stay in business.

A team of 100 consultants generates a monthly sales volume of $35,000.

A team with 500 consultants generates a monthly sales volume of $175,000.

Can you see the power of forcing consultants to purchase a monthly minimum volume?

So, team building is the way to sell Ring Bomb Party jewelry. If you cannot recruit, you will not make money.

Does Ring Bomb Party Worth Anything?

There are complaints on the BBB stating Ring Bomb Party jewelry worthless.

I am not going to dispute the quality of Ring Bomb Party jewelry.

This Ring Bomb Party review is a discussion of an MLM opportunity.

As an MLM opportunity, I don’t believe Ring Bomb Party worth the investment.

The MLM business is no longer a profitable or good business to get involved in.

Over 90% of MLM business owners make no profits.

The question to you is: are you in business to make money or to have fun?

If you are looking for a profitable business opportunity to make money from home, don’t join MLM opportunities.

I understand you are here to read the Ring Bomb Party review.

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I hope this Ring Bomb Party review answers your question, is Click Ring Bomb Party legit?

Until next time.

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