Rebatest Review – Is Rebatest Legit

People hate it when I tell them “Rebatest is not legit.”

I am just trying to be fair and honest with my reviews.

As buyers, you get free products from Rebatest. This is real.

But Amazon sellers, have you ever considered the risks of getting paid customer reviews?

You might consider Rebatest as a genuine customer review site. But Amazon disagrees.

I often ask both sellers and buyers, do sites like Rebatest worth it?

The risk of using Rebatest is enormous for both sellers and buyers.

I am going to share with you everything in this Rebatest review. Yes, I believe Rebatest is not legit.

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Rebatest Review Summary

Name: Rebatest
Business Type: Amazon Reviews Service
Investment: Free

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  • Amazon Sellers join Rebatest paying a fee and give away products in exchange for positive customer reviews.
  • Online shoppers register with Rebatest to get 100% cashback on products that they have purchased from Amazon. They agree to provide reviews of the products.
  • Websites like Rebatest help Amazon sellers manipulate the Amazon product ranking algorithm to promote and sell low-quality products as top brands. Amazon considers this as paid or fake customer reviews. We’ll discuss this more later.
  • Amazon sellers who use Rebatest for reviews risking their stores getting ban and shut down by Amazon. However, they don’t care. Their objective is to scam innocent buyers who rely on fake reviews to purchase their inferior or low-quality products.
  • Amazon buyers participating in the Rebatest 100% cashback scheme helps make the sellers’ scam possible.
  • You cannot tell me that Rebatest is legit.


How Does Rebatest Work?

You must have heard Rebatest is a website to get free products from Amazon. But this is only half of the truth about Rebatest.

To understand how Rebatest works, you have to look at its members.

Rebatest has two types of accounts: the seller account, and the buyer account.

Amazon sellers join Rebatest to pay for reviews helping to increase sales.

Shoppers join Rebatest to provide reviews in exchange for a 100% refund of the product price.

This is not a victimless scam.

Victims of this scheme are innocent buyers who rely on fake reviews to buy the products.

Here’s how the Rebatest scam operates:

Products offered on Amazon are rank based on customer reviews and sales volume.

Ranking on the first page helps to bring in sales and more profit to sellers.

It’s very difficult to get a first-page ranking for low-quality or new products.

So, sellers of low-quality products resort to unethical techniques, purchasing customer reviews to improve the products’ rank.

Rebatest becomes a platform to facilitate the process of buying and selling fake Amazon reviews.

Amazon sellers who wish to purchase customer reviews for their low-quality products paid Rebatest to list them on the site for a 100% cashback.

Online shoppers access the Rebatest website to search for free products.

To get a 100% refund of the purchase price, shoppers buy the product offered by Rebatest sellers on

Upon receiving the product, buyers provide a positive review and submit the transaction on Rebatest for a full refund from the seller.

The seller can accept or reject the refund request.

The low-quality product ranking will improve as their fake reviews grow, eventually reaching the first-page rank.

Top spots ranking products will bring in big sales and profits to Amazon sellers.

The victims are buyers purchasing low-quality products relying on fake reviews.

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Risk To Rebatest Buyers

The Rebatest scheme favorite seller members, not buyer members.

Rebatest buyers don’t always receive free products, because the sellers can reject the refund.

Buyers are required to pay the full retail price, even if the item is overpriced.

Buyers’ reviews must meet the Rebatest Terms of Use to receive a refund.

One of the requirements is no review less than 4 stars. This simply means you must offer a positive review on every purchase.

Sellers also have the right to reject your review. If a seller rejected your review, you don’t get paid.

Can you see how sellers can use this “rejecting right” to force you to buy junk products at full price?

Do you think is worth it to participate in this fake review scheme?

Is Rebatest Real?

Yes, Rebatest is real. But it’s not a risk-free or victimless scam.

You get free Amazon products, but innocent buyers are paying the price.

It’s so real that Amazon is cracking on these paid reviews.

Free products on Rebatest are of low-quality or new. These are the type of products that Amazon buyers want to avoid.

But to get free stuff, you agree to provide a fake review which can hurt thousands of other Amazon buyers.

Yes, Rebatest is really hurting a lot of innocent Amazon buyers.

Is Rebatest Safe?

Besides the unethical issue, Rebatest is not safe for both Amazon sellers and buyers.

Amazon has suspended many sellers’ accounts for fake reviews. It’s a violation of the online retailer policy.

Amazon sellers participating in the Rebatest scheme are risking losing their Amazon stores.

Sellers use Rebatest for one simple purpose, getting low-quality products rank to scam innocent buyers. I don’t think they care about their Amazon stores get shut down.

As I have stated above, Rebatest buyers are taking the chance of getting free products.

You have to pay the price full upfront. If the seller rejects your refund request, there’s nothing you can do.

Sorry buyers, you just got scammed too.

Is Rebatest legit?

No, Rebatest is not legit. This website offers a scheme to manipulate product ranking on Amazon. It’s a violation of Amazon’s policy.

Paid reviews provide false product information which hurts buyers.

Amazon wants to deliver the right product with high quality and good price to consumers.

Rebatest offers unethical Amazon sellers a way to mislead people into buying low-quality products at an expensive price. This is a scam.

Is Rebatest Worth It?

People promote Rebatest as a great way to get free Amazon products online.

I have offered you my review of the risks and costs of participating in this paid review scheme.

Please don’t tell me your fake reviews causing no harm.

What about those buyers relying on your review to purchase a worthless product? What do you say to them?

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I hope this Rebatest review answers your question, is Rebatest legit?

Until next time.

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