What Is A Virtual Assistant – Make Money As A VA

Virtual Assitant (VA) is a self-employed individual who makes money offering professional services to assist other businesses with daily tasks from a remote location, usually from the VA’s own home. A person who makes money as a VA is called ‘a Virtual Assistant.’

VA is a great business opportunity for stay at home moms or dads to make some extra cash from the comfort of their own home.

You don’t have to be an expert to make money as a Virtual Assistant. A VA can do just about anything, from answering phone calls to serve as a technical expert helping businesses with complex network problems.

A VA is a business owner. You are your own boss. You can work where and whenever you want, decide how much to charge, and what type of clients to serve.

You can become a VA with little or no investment. However, before you can become a virtual assistant, you need to know where to find clients, what type of virtual assistant services to offer, the best way to launch and run a virtual assistant business.

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Who Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Successful entrepreneurs and small business owners are prime candidates to offer virtual assistant services.

Start-up businesses use A VA to fill an open position on temporary projects. They don’t have the necessary budget to bring on full-time staff. Most start-up turns to virtual assistants to solve staffing problems.

Many small business owners need a VA for expert advice, such as tax and financial issues, or just to help them with daily business activities.

A VA can bring a lot of benefits to these clients. Because the VA is an independent contractor, these clients can cut costs related to:

  • The employment-related taxes
  • The employee insurance and benefits
  • The costs of providing office space, equipment, and/or supplies.

VA allows small businesses a quick, easy, and inexpensive option to hire industry experts to compete against big corporations.

The demand for virtual assistant services has increased exponentially in the last few years. This is the best time to become a virtual assistant.

Different Type Of Virtual Assistant Jobs

A VA is not someone running errands or doing deliveries.

Virtual assistant jobs are done from a remote location without the need to visit the job site.

Here are the top paid and high-demand virtual assistant jobs with descriptions to help find the right VA services to start your businesses.

Virtual Assistant Writer

I am a VA writer. This service fits my business as a blogger. I help clients with writing content for a website, blog, product descriptions, marketing materials, and more.

VA writers are in high demand as online business owners competing to maintain and grow their online presence. The best people to do this job is VA writers.

I make a wealthy living as a virtual assistant writer. You don’t even have to be a good writer to become a VA writer. If you are interested in this opportunity, download this eBook, ‘The Business Model That Makes Me A Millionaire,’ to discover how you can become a virtual writer.

Virtual Assistant Social Media Manager

Social media networks have become a popular platform for businesses to build their brand and stay connected with customers.

Managing a business social media account is a full-time job which many small business owners don’t have the funds to hire a full-time social media manager. So, they turn to virtual assistant social media managers.

The primary duties of a VA social media manager include:

    • Customize and maintain the business Facebook page
    • Create and schedule regular monthly posts on all the business social media accounts
    • Interact and respond to followers likes, comments, and questions
    • Invite people to like and follow your page
    • Refer and direct people to the business website
    • Schedule weekly or daily promotional image and description of the business products or services.
    • Generate and create performance metrics and measuring reports

Above is a shortlist of tasks that a virtual social media assistant can offer to clients. Utilizing a VA social media manager, the clients only pay for the hours they need and nothing more.

A VA social media manager must come with his or her own supplies and a strong skill and experience in social media marketing.

Virtual Assistant Internet Research

Market research is a time-consuming task that every business must do to stay competitive.

This is one area of the business that requires the help of a virtual research assistant.

Hired a VA internet researcher to perform market research is the best because they are expert and capable of compiling relevant industry data and market information in a short amount of time.

A VA internet researcher is normally hired to perform the following tasks:

    • Keyword research for content creation
    • Compiling data on industry trend and forecast
    • Searching for credible domain name availability
    • Market research on demand and price of products or services offered by the business
    • Searching for vendors and strategic partners
    • Identifying new opportunities for the business to compete and grow

This list is not inclusive. There are more research opportunities that A VA can perform for the clients.

General Virtual Assistant

A general VA helps busy business owners with normal daily tasks. These tasks do not require expertise, but they are important to keep the business running smoothly. General VA jobs include:

Managing the business Emails: these virtual assistants help business owners manage their business email accounts. They can answer general customer questions, job inquiries, organize emails, and clean up the junk mails.

Schedule Management: these virtual assistants handle all the scheduling tasks for the business owners. They act like an administrative, but from a remote location. They arrange meetings, book appointments, make travel plan, and schedule business events or parties on behalf of the business owner. Utilizing a VA to handle these nitty-gritty tasks, the clients can focus all their energy on the important tasks of growing the business.

Data Entry: many small businesses hire a data entry VA to help them with this time-consuming task. A data entry VA performs the following essential duties:

    • Imputing customer information into the business database
    • Retreating, compiling and sorting the data
    • Update and review customers’ information
    • Deleting and cleaning unimportant or old data files
    • Generating business reports for the business

Hired a data entry VA to handle all the works above can save business owners both time and money. It is always cheaper to use a VA than hiring a regular employee to complete data entry tasks.

The demand for general VA is skyrocketing fuel by the growth and expansion of internet startups.

The best part, you don’t have to be an expert to become a general VA.

Expert Virtual Assistants

An expert VA must hold a special skill or certification in their profession.

The invention of the internet allows many traditional professional businesses to expand into the virtual world.

Today, experts can offer their services to any business in the world.

Legal VA: Lawyers and law firms have discovered that they can offer legal services to clients throughout the United States, not just in their hometowns. Legal documents can be prepared and served through the internet. Many startups and small businesses have utilized a virtual legal assistant to save money and quick access to top legal help.

VA Accountant: today, businesses no longer need to retain expensive personal accounting. They can hire a VA accounting to perform all the works including, bookkeeping, preparing financial documents, processing payroll, preparing revenue and expenditure reports, and filing year-end tax reports.

Finance Virtual Assistant: A financial virtual assistant acts as a CFO to help small business owners manage their business finance. This VA CFO assists business owners in financial planning, cash flow management, preparing financial reports, and managing the business financial resources to fund new projects and expansion.

There are many more expert VA exist online today. Recently, the medical professional explored the use of virtual medical assistants. This VA is in its infancy, but it looks very promising.

You can become an expert VA by launching a website and offering your professional services online.

Starting A Virtual Assistant Business

Become a virtual assistant is the best business opportunity to start from home.

My VA writer business started with a blog site that costs less than $300 a year with this #1 Online Entrepreneur Training Program.

You don’t need a large investment to start a virtual assistant business. You can start one for free today. Here’s how:

1. Launch A Virtual Assistant Business Website

A website is all you need to launch a VA business. You can use a free website service to launch one without investing a penny.

However, not all free website services are the same. Most free website services require advertisements to be placed on your free website. Never use these websites to build your VA business.

You need a free website with no advertisement. The one that I have used to launch my VA business is SiteRubix. SiteRubix is the only free hosting service that doesn’t require advertisement placement. You can try it for yourself below.

After launching a website, you will need to design and build your VA business. You can use these 10 Free Lessons from the Wealthy Affiliate University to learn how to do this yourself. I use these same lessons to build my VA business. These lessons are designed to teach people how to build a successful online business. Anyone can register for a free account to get full access to these 10 free lessons. You should check them.

2. Promote Your VA Business

A website is a place for you to advertise your VA services together with your skills and experiences. This is the place where potential customers come to learn and evaluate you before hiring. You must spend some time creating a professional profile on this website. Always direct potential customers to your VA business website.

There are many ways for you to promote your virtual assistant business. You can use one or all the followings:

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a marketing technique for generating free traffic for your website. You can learn this for free. You can start with These Free SEO LessonsSEO is important in building a successful VA business.

Joining Virtual Assistant Job Boards

Many people using virtual assistant job boards to find jobs. I use these job boards to do both, find jobs and clients.

Since VA jobs are short-term and temporary, I direct all the clients from the VA job board to my website.

I use the job board to find new clients and secure new jobs. I then direct these clients to my VA business website to view my work portfolio. This increases my chance of getting the job.

Once the clients visit my business website, they contact me directly the next time they need a virtual assistant for new projects.

Bring Your VA Business On Freelance Websites

Freelance websites are great sources for clients.

The big disadvantage for new service providers on these freelance websites is the low pay. You have to start at $5 until you can build up your business volume and credential.

I use both Fiverr and Upwork to promote my VA writing business. You can follow the links to learn more about these freelance websites.

You can start by registering for a free account with Fiverr and/or Upwork, creating a profile with your VA services, and setting your fees.

Clients visit freelance sites to choose which providers to hire. You don’t need to apply for the job potential client contacts you directly.

Once a client contacts you, you can work out the term of the services and start working as a VA.

As stated above, I direct potential clients to my blog site. Once the VA job is completed, they know where to find me.

I have shared with you what is a virtual assistant, and how to make money with this business opportunity.

If you want to see the step-by-step that I have taken to start my online business, you can read a few of my discussion on why:

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