SpininCash Review – Is SpininCash Legit

SpininCash $500 – $1,000 per day payout must have gotten your attention.

So, you want to find out if SpininCash is real.

I am writing this SpininCash review to tell you, “SpinCash is not legit.”

How do I know SpinCash a scam?

Simple, SpinCash operates on a referral business model. We call this online business “Affiliate Marketing.” Every time you completed a task, the site collects a $0.20 up to $4.00 referral commission. There is no way SpinCash can afford to pay you $500 to $1,000 per day with this revenue.

Still not convince?

Then continue reading my detailed analysis on why SpininCash is not legit.

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SpininCash Review Summary

Name: SpininCash
Business Type: Make Money Online
Investment: Free

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  • People Joining SpininCash believing they can make $500 to $1,000 per day.
  • Everyone can free account to start making money with SpininCash.
  • The SpininCash member dashboard offers big rewards for each completed small task.
  • These small tasks normally pay a few pennies from legit websites. This must be a scam.
  • Reading the Trustpilot SpininCash customer reviews, we have found numerous complaints about nonpayment from SpininCash.
  • The nonpayment complaints confirm our suspicion. SpininCash has no intention to pay these big rewards.
  • The $500 – $1,000 income per day is fake. SpininCash is not a legit opportunity to make money online.


What Is SpininCash All About?

SpininCash is a fake website offering unrealistic referral commissions to get free works from people.

The site promises to pay members a $35 signup bonus, $15 per referral, and $2 for each click through the affiliate link.

These unrealistic payout promises are designed to lure people to register as free members.

Once you become a member, SpinCash continues to offer you high commissions for doing small tasks.

The purpose of promising lavish payout is to encourage members to complete the tasks and promote SpininCash to their families and friends.

Every time a member completed a task, SpinCash collects a commission from the sponsor.

SpinCash payout rewards are much more lucrative comparing to legit survey sites such as Swagbucks and Inboxdollars.

We cannot see how SpinCash can afford to pay these big commissions.

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Is SpininCash Safe?

We cannot say SpininCash is safe. It’s never safe to provide personal information to an illegitimate online business website.

You don’t know what SpininCash will do after collecting your data.

SpinnCash might sell your information to tell marketers or anyone willing to pay for them.

Websites collecting personal information to resell are known as data harvesting. These sites are considered unsafe to provide personal data.

We suggest not proving your personal information to SpininCash for safety concerns.

Review Of SpininCash Membership

Getting a membership account with SpininCash is easy.

The site offers a $35 signup bonus to every new member. This lucrative bonus will entice you to join SpininCash.

However, it doesn’t appear that you can collect this $35 bonus. I’ll explain below.

SpininCash seems to target those new to make money online, or those looking for a big payout with little work (lazy people).

SpininCash Account

SpininCash asks for your name, email address, and password to open a free account.

You immediately receive $35 credit for becoming a member.

This membership account allows you to access the SpininCash dashboard to earn money.

SpininCash Dashboard

You can find various tasks on the dashboard to make money with SpininCash.

The task wall offers different opportunities for you to earn a lot of money.

Refer Friends

SpinCash promises to pay you $15 for each referral.

You simply post the referral link on your social media accounts to earn the referral commissions.

How can SpinniCash afford to pay a $15 referral commission when they offer a free membership account?

Download Apps

It’s common for mobile app developers to pay a few pennies to encourage people to download and use their apps.

But SpinninCash pays $35 for each app.

The apps that you download on the tasks wall are third-party apps, not from SpinninCash.

When you click on these apps, you get connected to the offers which clearly indicate the rewards are nowhere near SpinninCash earning offers.

There is no way SpnninCash can pay $35 per app download.

Complete Surveys

SpinninCash $50 per survey reward should be a red flag for you to investigate. This lucrative reward is unheard of with online surveys.

The average pay rate for online surveys is between $0.50 to $2.00.

You can verify the industry pay rate for online surveys by visiting Inboxdollars and Swagbucks. They are leaders in the online survey industry.

Clicking the complete surveys link, you will arrive at the same page for the Download Apps.

You should know by now that SpinninCash is not legit.

Create YouTube Videos

You earn $40 if you agree to post make a positive video about SpinninCash on YouTube.

SpinninCash is paying you to do a testimonial video to promote the website as legit.

Your YouTube video must “… talk about SpininCash, how it works, how much you’ve made, and why you love it.”

You are making a fake testimonial video for SpinninCash to collect $40.

The testimonial videos on the SpinninCash website are all fakes.

It’s sad to see people willing to lie for a few dollars.

Well, SpinninCash is not going to pay for these fake earning testimonial videos anyway.

Does SpininCash Work?

No, you are not going to make money with SpinninCash.

This site was not created for you to make money. It was built for the owner to make money from your free labors.

You don’t have to believe me.

You can read thousands of reviews on Trustpilot about not getting pay from SpinninCash.

If you don’t believe them, you can try working on SpininCash.

Remember, don’t expect to collect payment from this website.

Is SpininCash Legit?

Nonpayment complaints and negative member reviews tell us SpinninCach not legit.

The website tricks you to perform small tasks for them to collect referral commissions. SpinninCash has no intention to share these commissions with members.

The rewards and commissions offered by SpinniCash are unreal.

There’s no way the site can pay you $35 per survey when it only collects $0.20 to $2.00 each from the sponsors.

SpinninCash uses big cash rewards to lure people into their scheme. The scheme is getting you to do free work for them to collect referral commissions.

SpininCash Scam Complaints

The majority of SpininCash scam complaints have to do with nonpayment.

Member works hard to collect cash rewards from SpinninCash. A few have collected more than $1,000.

However, the cash rewards are just numbers in your SpinninCash account.

Members requesting a payout are still waiting for their check after more than 2 years.

You should know by now that SpinninCash is not legit. Stay away from this website if you don’t want to be a victim of an online scam.

Final Review Of SpininCash

SpininCash might not be a legit make money online opportunity.

But don’t let this stop you from pursuing the dream of making money online from home.

Scammers are everywhere, not just online business.

Every time you discover an online scam, you become better at spotting one next time.

A prudent investor carefully researches and evaluates every business opportunity before investing.

There are many legit and profitable opportunities for you to make money from home.

You must take time to find the right opportunity.

An online business opportunity that you enjoy doing. That’s all you need to achieve financial success.

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I hope this SpininCash review answers your question, is SpininCash legit?

Until next time.

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