Is TryMyUI Legit – TryMyUI Review

Do you really believe that TryMyUI pays $10 for every 20 minutes of testing websites and apps?

It would be a great side hustle to become a TryMyUI tester. You could earn up to $30 per hour.

If this TryMyUI is legit or real, then a lot of people already quit their job to work for TryMyUI.

Let me explain to you in this TryMyUI review why you will not earn $30 per hour with this side hustle.

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TryMyUI Review Summary

Name: TryMyUI

Business Type: User Testing

Investment: Free

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  • TryMyUI pays testers $10 for testing and evaluating a website or an app. Each test takes about 20 minutes to complete.
  • TryMyUI is a legit company providing user testing services, and they pay testers to perform this task.
  • The $10 per 20 minutes or $30 per hour of testing is a marketing hype to recruit testers.
  • You are not going to get 3 tests every hour. It doesn’t have enough jobs. You’re lucky to receive 2 test invitations a week. Then you must claim these invitations before another tester did.
  • A lack of tests and high competition make TryMyUI an unrealistic opportunity to replace your full-time job.
  • This opportunity is not for those looking to generate consistent income online.

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What Is TryMyUI?

TryMyUI is a legit company providing users testing services to organizations looking to improve their digital products.

The company hires testers to perform user testing and evaluation tasks.

TryMyUI has been in business since 2010. Its user testing services are considered as an affordable and effective tool for user research and design insights.

The company offers video and voice recordings of users as they navigate an app or a website. This gives digital developers an in-depth understanding of user problems and what’s needed to improve with their products.

TryMyUI has become a popular gig site for people to make money online as a tester.

However, this job opportunity has become more and more competitive and difficult to earn money.

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TryMyUI Test

TryMyUI offers different user tests to help digital developers building the best product from prototype to market launch.

In this section, I’ll provide a quick review of TryMyUI testing services. It is important to understand the different tests you must perform as a user tester.

Of course, you can always skip to the TryMyUI tester job.

Here are a few popular user tests that you receive from TryMyUI:

  • Website and app testing – This test allows you to see where users get frustrated, lost, or confused as they use your website or app.
  • Impression testing – This test tells you what users’ impression of your website after 15 seconds.
  • Wireframe and prototype testing – No need to wait until your product is ready for the market. You can test at every stage of the design process to avoid future problems.
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TryMyUI test is a watch and listens to the evaluation process. It allows you to see user interactions like mouse movements, taps, swipes, and key presses. It helps you to understand what’s going through the user’s minds.

The TryMyUI Pricing

TryMyUI charges a subscription fee to use its testing services. You can this fee monthly or annually.

Below are TryMyUI Pricing structures:

1. Monthly subscription prices

  • Personal – $99
  • Team – $399
  • Enterprise – $2,000
  • Unlimited – $8,000

2. Annual subscription prices

  • Personal – $1,000
  • Team – $4,000
  • Enterprise – $20,000
  • Unlimited – $80,000

You can save a few dollars on the annual prices.

TryMyUI does offer a free trial package that gives new clients 5 free user tests. You should use this offer to test out TryMyUI.

TryMyUI Tester

TryMyUI hires individuals as testers to perform user testing services for the clients. This is a legit work from home job. You get paid as a TryMyUI tester.

It appears anyone can register to become a TryMyUI tester.

However, you are not going to make a lot of money with this job.

TryMyUI describes the tester job like this, “…this is definitely not full-time work, just a way to make a few extra bucks doing something fun in your spare time.”

Still, want to be a TryMyUI tester?

TryMyUI Tester Sign Up

TryMyUI tester sign up process has four steps. They are very simple to complete.

  1. Creating an Account – This gets you to start with TryMyUI. The account application asks for your name, PayPal email address, and your chosen password. A confirmation email is sent to your account with instructions to complete the next step.
  2. Demographic Profile – You are required to complete a profile to continue with the tester application process. The profile is important because TryMyUI uses this to sending out user testing invitations.
  3. Download TryMyUI Recorder – This program is used to record your screen, your voice, and the mouse movements during the test. You must download and install the recorder to complete the next step.
  4. Qualification Test – This is the last step. This test is about 20 minutes long asking you to complete a series of tasks to evaluate your skills as a user tester.

You have to wait for an invitation to start your new job as a TryMyUI tester.

TryMyUI Job

Your job is to test websites and apps. Developers rely on your honest reviews to improve their digital products.

Each testing job has a maximum of 20 minutes. You need to provide everything that the job requires to receiving payment. Clients can reject your test if it doesn’t meet their standard.

You must read the job instructions carefully before starting the user test. Not knowing the tasks beforehand will result in rejection and no pay.

According to online TryMyUI job reviews, each tester will receive between 1-4 test invitation each month. These are invitations, not guarantee jobs.

Let say you qualify for all 4 TryMyUI jobs, your monthly income is only $40.

This is not a full-time job.

TryMyUI Payment

TryMyUI pays $20 for each completed and approved test. The test is 20 minutes long.

But completing the user test doesn’t mean you get paid. Your test must be approved by the client first. Only approved tests are clear to receive payments.

There is no minimum payment requirement. If you have money in your account, you will get paid.

You get paid by PayPal deposit on every Friday of the week.

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As you can see, you might not get paid for every completed test.

A client might reject your work to receive a free test. There’s nothing you can do about this.

TryMyUI requires the client’s approval for payment is very unfair.

Is TryMyUI legit?

TryMyUI is a legit user testing service. If you pay for a test, you will receive a test report.

However, things don’t look good for TryMyUI Testers. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get paid for completing a test.

How do feel if your test gets disapproved of payment?

You would be very upset and called TryMyUI a scam. Who can blame you?

Rejecting a test is a great way for clients to receive free service. Many testers complain TryMyUI of using this unethical strategy to provide 5 free tests to new clients. If this is true, TryMyUI is a scam.

This is just one type of scam complaints against TryMyUI. There are more.

Scam Complaints Against TryMyUI

The common complaint against TryMyUI is, the company doesn’t provide enough tests for you to make money.

People complain that it takes weeks or even months to receive a test invitation from TryMyUI.

Receiving a test invitation doesn’t mean you get the job.

You need to be the first tester to accept the invitation to get the test. This is not an easy task, because the competition on TryMyUI is fierce.

Even you win the competition and secured the job, you are not guaranteed to receive payment.

Unfair test disapproval is the top scam complaint against TryMyUI on Trustpilot, take a look for yourself.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams. I want you to know this:

“TryMyUI is not a good place to make money online, even for a few extra bucks. Don’t waste your time.”

TryMyUI Alternatives

TryMyUI is not the only user testing site for you to make money.

The most popular and well-know testing site is UserTesting.

TryMyUI vs. UserTesting

UserTesting has more jobs and better pay. You get paid for completing a test.

Unlike TryMyUI, UserTesting uses a rating system to grade your works. Testers with too many negative ratings will receive fewer test invitations.

If you are interested in working as a user tester, I suggest you check out UserTesting to compare with TryMyUI.

Final Review Of TryMyUI

It’s exciting to work as a user tester. But with TryMyUI, there’s not enough test for you to earn money.

You make more money doing online surveys than working for TryMyUI.

Why do you accept a job without guarantee payment?

TryMyUI is not a place for you to earn a consistent income online.

Why waste your time with TryMyUI?

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Can you write?

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The internet has offered many opportunities for us to make money online. Some are good, some not. TryMyUI is not.

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I am working from the comfort of my home and on a laptop. No driving around town and no boss. I work whenever I want and where I like.

Before wasting your time with TryMyUI, I invite you to read “What I Do Every Day To Make Money At Home Online”.

I hope this TryMyUI review answers your question, is TryMyUI legit?

Until next time.

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