Greg Luther Review: Thing To Know About Greg Luther Coaching

Greg Luther is a self proclaim real estate guru. He calls himself, “the most sought after mentor and business coach in the real estate world today.”

We have met many digital self-gurus, most of them are scammers.

Now, I am not saying Greg Luther a scammer. His real estate coaching program might be legit.

I am interested in investing in real estate, diversifying my assets.

So, I research Greg Luther and his real estate training program.

Here I am writing this Gerg Luther review to share with you my experiences.

It’s a big surprise to learn this coaching program uses digital marketing to make money in real estate.

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Greg Luther Review Summary

Name: Greg Luther Coaching

Business Type: Real Estate Coaching

Investment: $3,282

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  • The Greg Luther coaching program teaches real estate agents the most effective marketing method to sell real estate.
  • Unless you want to become a real estate agent, this course adds little value to your real estate investment.
  • Greg Luther’s inner circle coaching is expensive. Not a good investment for new agents.
  • The Greg Luther Inner Circle designs to help real estate agents increasing their monthly real estate transactions.
  • I would not recommend the Greg Luther coaching program to investors looking for passive income from real estate investment.


About Greg Luther Coaching

Greg Luther is a successful real estate agent from Columbus, Ohio.

He found the Greg Luther real estate training program to coach agents looking for a massive improvement with their real estate business.

His training program teaches agents the secret of selling houses, even during market downtimes.

Greg promises his training system will help an agent close at least one deal every month.

He has trained over 30,000 real estate agents across the United States.

Greg published a book “Sell Your Luxury Property For More Money” to educate owners and real estate agents on the specific skills required to sell luxury properties.

Real estate agents can attend Greg’s Premier Luxury Marketing Consultants training program to become certified PLMC consultants. This program is not cheap. It costs $377 per month.

Greg Luther knows a lot about selling real estate. But it seems to me he makes most of his money from courses, seminars, and as a speaker.

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How Does Greg Luther Coaching Work?

Greg Luther’s coaching focuses on teaching real estate agents the best way to market and sell properties.

The coaching program offers four courses:

  1. Foundational Model
  2. Bulletproof The Unbeatable Listing Presentation
  3. Mastering The Art Of Writing Copy For Profit
  4. Luxury Agent Mastery

Most agents begin their training with the Foundation Model course. This course covers the four foundations of building a successful real estate business. You learn how to find motivated sellers and buyers to skyrocket your sales.


The Bulletproof course discusses the process of winning a new listing. You learn the process of soft-close using the real estate education process. You will be able to overcome seller objections to close the listing.

Mastering The Art Of Writing Copy For Profit is a marketing course. It discusses the art of using copywriting to promote and sell real estate. You learn the difference between online and offline marketing, the proper way to write and test sales letters, and using targeted marking to sell luxury properties.


The Luxury Agent Mastery course is for agents interested in working with affluent clients. You learn the step-by-step that Greg and his top-level students have used to massively increase their income.

Completing the Luxury Agent Mastery allows you to sit for the Premier Luxury Marketing (PLM) Certification exam. This certification is limited to 1% of agents nationwide. It is also known as “The Greg Luther Inner Circle.”

Greg Luther Inner Circle

Members of Greg Luther Inner Circle receive a lot more benefits.

Upon passing the PLM exam and receiving your Certification, you receive a 1 on 1 call with Greg to discuss your luxury business and plan.

You have access to the PLMC Resources, Luxury Agent Selection guide, editable templates, training, and more on the member’s only website.

Greg also gives you the right to resell and distribute all his books for profits.

It sounds like a great deal to become Greg Luther Inner Circle. However, this is not free.

You have to pay a monthly fee to be a member of this exclusive group. It’s not cheap.

How Much Does Greg Luther Coaching Cost?

It is not cheap to complete the Greg Luther coaching program.

You have to pay a lot of money for each course.

Let break down the costs for this real estate training program.

  1. Foundational Model – $397
  2. Bulletproof: The Unbeatable Listing Presentation – $995.00
  3. Mastering the Art of Writing Copy – $895.00
  4. Luxury Agent Mastery – $995
  5. Greg Luther Inner Circle – $377 per month

The total cost to purchase Greg Luther Coaching is $3,282. This price doesn’t include the monthly fee.

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If you want to be a member of Greg Luther Inner Circle, you have to pay $377 per month.

I understand that you have to invest money to make money.

But the question is, can you make more money investing with Greg Luther coaching? This is the reason you want to know, is Greg Luther legit?

Is Greg Luther Coaching Legit?

As I have stated in this review, the Greg Luther coaching is legit. But I doubt that he is the most sought-after mentor and business coach in the real estate world today.

Self-proclaim gurus will say anything to sell their course. They make more money teaching others doing the thirty works.

I am not saying Greg Luther is fake. I am telling you this is just a real estate course like thousand other real estate courses selling online. It works for some, might not for others.

If you are a passive real estate investor, then the Greg Luther coaching program has little or no value to you.

Greg Luther is a successful real agent, not in terms of real estate investing. To say he is the “most sought-after” mentor in the real estate world is overboard for me.

Is Greg Luther Real Estate Coaching Worth It?

The Greg Luther coaching might be worth it for real estate agents looking to grow their businesses.

I say might, because new agents might not be able to afford this program.

Also, not every agent will be successful using the Greg Luther marketing system.

Here’s the secret, gurus make their money from selling courses, coaching, and speeches.

The Greg Luther Coaching program is worthless for me because it doesn’t teach you about digital real estate.

Today the best way to make money is in Digital Real Estate.

Digital real estate creates more billionaires than any industry.

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I hope this Greg Luther review answers your questions.

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

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