Officeless Agency Review – Is Officeless Agency Legit

For $9.94 Officeless Agency promises to help you build a million-dollar digital advertising agency business.

Do you believe you can make millions investing $9.94?

So, you want to know, Is Officeless Agency legit?

Officeless Agency is a scheme to sell a program known as “The Modern Millionaires.” You can read my review of the Modern Millionaires to learn more.

The price for the Modern Millionaire course is $7,860. I’ll reveal how the scheme works to upsell the training videos in this review.

First, a quick answer to your question.

No, you will not make a million-dollar with the Officeless Agency. You are purchasing introduction videos to the digital advertising agency business model, not the real training courses.

So, don’t buy the Officeless Agency program unless you have a few grands to waste.

Now, let start our Officeless Agency review,

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Officeless Agency Review Summary

Name: Officeless Agency

Business Type: Digital Advertising Agency

Investment: $9.94

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  • Abdul and Chance promote the Officeless Agency as a coaching program for entrepreneurs looking to start a digital advertising agency serving local businesses.
  • The full price of this training program is $497. But you can get this for just $9.94.
  • You are paying $9.94 to purchase an introduction to the Officeless Masterclass, which costs another $97.
  • The Officeless Masterclass sets you up for another purchase, the Modern Millionaires, or Millionaire Middleman, for a total cost of more than $7K.
  • The Officeless Agency is a scheme to get the most money from every student.


What Is The Officeless Agency?

The Officeless Agency is a scheme to sell the Modern Millionaires, aka Millionaire Middleman, digital training program.

This marketing video tells people that they can build a profitable home-based digital advertising agency for just $9.94.

The Officeless Agency business model is to assist small businesses with their online marketing campaigns.

Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton are the owners and promoters of this program.

Abdul and Chance claim no technical skill is required to participate in the Officeless Agency business.

If the idea of investing $9.94 to make millions working from home is too good to be true, it generally is.

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How Does Officeless Agency Work?

People who purchase the Officeless Agency believe that they have bought a completed training program.

No, Officeless Agency is not a full training program. It’s part of a scheme to extract money from you in stages.

Once you pay the $9.94, you will be hit with another fee of $97 for the Officeless Masterclass.

The $9.94 is a payment for introduction videos of the Officeless Agency. These videos provide little valuable information for you to launch a business.

The purpose of these initial videos is to persuade people to purchase more lessons.

The $97 Officeless Masterclass course gives a bit more detail of the digital advertising agency business, not the entire program.

The scheme introduces you to the ultimate course, the Modern Millionaires aka Millionaire Middleman.

Abdul and Chance don’t tell you the price for their ultimate course. You must attend a private one-on-one phone interview to join the Modern Millionaires.

The private phone call is nothing more than a sales pitch to pressure you into paying more.

Yes, you pay $9.94 and $97 for the opportunity to buy the advanced version of the Officeless Agency for $7K plus.

The Officeless Agency Cost

The cost for the Officeless Agency is more than $9.94. It actually costs $7,860 to train with Abdul and Chance.


They offer this bogus price to get people in. The real price is revealed once you become a member.

You will need a few grands to launch a digital advertising agency. The biggest expense for this business is digital advertisements.

You have to purchase Google and Facebook ads to generate leads. This money is a total loss if you cannot sell them to local businesses.

You can waste thousands of dollars on digital ads that generate ZERO sales.

How Do You Make Money With The Officeless Agency?

It’s unlikely that you will make money purchasing the $9.94 version of the Officeless Agency.

This business model generates revenue by helping small businesses with their digital marketing, primarily generating sales leads.

You make money when businesses agree to purchase sales leads from your Officeless Agency.

But before you can sell the leads, you have to generate them. This process requires a lot of money and time.

Once you have some sales leads, you then cold-call local businesses to sell them.

Your potential clients are small businesses that already utilized online advertisements but advertising badly. You come in and show them how your Officeless Agency can improve their online marketing at a lower cost. If the business owners like your proposal, they sign a contract with you.

There are two ways for you to make money with the Officeless Agency. You can charge businesses a monthly fee or a commission on each sale generated by the sales leads.

As you can see, the Officeless Agency is not a work-at-home business.

You love to hit the road, pound the floor, and knock on doors to sell leads and make money.

I don’t know if you want to pay over $7K for this opportunity.

For me, I love to roll out of bed and take five steps to my office. I prefer working as an affiliating marketer.

Is The Officeless Agency legit?

The $9.94 version of the Officeless Agency is not a legit training program. You get no valuable information from these videos.

The purpose of the Officeless Agency is to market the Modern Millionaires training course.

You wouldn’t be able to build a successful business with this. You must purchase all the training courses then hopefully you might be able to make money.

A few words of warning, the digital advertising agency business is very competitive. You must be ready to learn and work hard to make money.

It’s very difficult to break into this industry because everything is built on a good reputation.

You must convince a small business owner that your new agency is better than Google Local Services.

You will need a big funding budget to launch this business. Abdul and Chance will never tell you these. They just want to get you money, not helping you build a successful business.

Now you understand why people call Officeless Agency a scam.

Complaints Against Officeless Agency

There are many complaints of false advertising and misleading information regarding the Officeless Agency.

The BBB gives this training program an F. This is not good.

You can read more complaints of Officeless Agency on Trustpilot. However, I don’t trust this site because businesses can buy positive reviews on this site. It’s not trustworthy.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams. I will tell you the $9.94 version of the Officeless Agency is not a legit training program.

Final Review Of Officeless Agency

The Officeless Agency is a marketing scheme, known as sales funnel, to promote the Modern Millionaire courses.

Unless you are willing to spend more than $7K for a training program, purchasing the Officeless Agency is worthless.

Success in digital marketing depends on your willingness to invest time and money. This is a very competitive industry.

You must be ready to hit the road, knock on doors, and do sales presentations. This is not a work-at-home opportunity.

If you hate sales, you will have a hard time making money with Officeless Agency.

Why waste time and money with the Officeless Agency?

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I hope this Officeless Agency review answers your question, is Officeless Agency legit?

Until next time.

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