Viral Pay – Legit Get Paid $25 To Signup or A Scam

Viral Pay announces that it will pay you a $25 bonus to signup and promote their website.

Here’s an opportunity to get paid doing nothing.

If you haven’t seen the Viral Pay referral links, you will very soon.

But, before you register with Viral Pay, you must read this review to fully understand the gimmick behind this $25 give away scam.

Let me give you the truth, Viral Pay has no intention to pay you $25. I’ll explain everything in this Viral Pay Review.

I discovered Viral Pay is the same group that just launched Viral Dollars and Kids Paid Money. The same scam with a different twist, get paid using Social Media.

I know you want to go right into discussing what is Viral Pay? And How this is a scam?

Here’s my answer!

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Viral Pay Review

Name: Viral Pay

Business Type: Social Media

Investment: Free

Recent Reviews:
Kids Paid Money


Viral Pay stated on its website that the company was founded in 2015. Sorry, this is BS.

This company was launched around December 2018 or early January 0f 2019. It is fairly a new website.

Viral Pay claims that they can help you make a lot of money with your social media account.

But did not really offer full information as to how you can make money with your social media activities.

The only thing that they mention on their website is to turn ordinary people into a social influencer.

Me? Become a social media star? This gets your attention, right?

This sounds good, but let’s see how Viral Pay helps me to become a Social Influencer.

Viral Pay Money Making Scheme

You have to become a member of Viral Pay to earn money with this program.

To make this deal a little sweet, Viral Pay offers you $25 just to become a member.

Want your $25? Read this first before taking action.

Make Money with Viral Pay

Upon becoming a member, you have access to your personal dashboard where you can see a $25 credit to your account, SWEET!

If you are thinking of cashing out this money to pay for the next morning coffee, PLEASE don’t give out your PayPal payment information.

This money is virtual cash, not real money.

You will get this payout message, ‘REQUEST DENIED’.

Viral Pay says you must have a minimum of 20 clicks, 5 referrals and perform 4 wall tasks to get a payout.

Yes, you must do some promotional works for Viral Pay to get the $25 bonus.

But don’t worry, Viral Pay will pay you for these promotional activities, or will they?

Here is the Viral Pay payment schedule for promoting its website:

  • You earn $2.00 for each click, very generous earning.

However, when I visit the ‘Refer and Earn’ section, it says that Viral Pay will give you $5 for each click on your affiliate link, which one is true?

  • You make $10 when your referral registers and becomes a member.
  • For each wall task completed, you earn another $25 from Viral Pay.
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After meeting your minimum payout requirements, you would have made $190, ($2×20) + ($10×5) + ($25×4), for about 20 minutes of work.

If you are thinking of cashing this out, sorry your ‘REQUEST DENIED’.

I didn’t bother to request my payout, and I am not going to refer you to Viral Pay. I know this website is a scam trying to collect your personal information. I’ll explain more in the next section.

Viral Pay claims that your task wall earnings are funded immediately in your account, but I am still waiting.

There are more options for you to make money with Viral Pay:

  • Download apps Viral Pay app to earn $10
  • Complete a survey to get $25
  • Create and post your own YouTube videos to get paid $50

The payout offers by Viral Pay is unreal. I have never seen a survey site that pays $25 for a survey. I have written reviews on a few top survey sites such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, or Ebates, none of them claim to pay this much.

How Viral Pay Make Money?

According to Viral Pay Website, the company earns money from advertisers.

Viral Pay then shares its ad revenues with members.

This is a legit business model similar to sites like Ebates and Swagbucks.

My problem here is that Viral Pay claims to help you make money online as a social media influencer.

However, the business model that they use has nothing to do with social media.

This sound a lot like a survey site.

If Viral App is a survey site, how can they afford to pay this outrageous amount for surveys and opinions? Even the big survey site, InboxDollars, cannot afford to do this after many years in business.

Is Viral Pay Legit or a Scam to Avoid?

Viral Pay is not a legit business. It is a scam to avoid.

I am not going to refer you to the Viral App. I cannot send you into the arms of scammers.

How To Know Viral Pay Is A Scam?

The best way to determine if a website legit or scam is by looking at the contact information.

Here are some discrepancies with the Viral Pay contact information.

The Viral Pay website gives the company physical address at:

111 Eagle Street

Brisbane, QLD 4000


To verify this, I checked the Viral Pay ‘TERMS & CONDITIONS’. Here’s what I found.

The Viral Pay legal department is located at:

Viral Pay Dispute Resolution – Legal Department

Viral Pay LLC

57 Rathbone Place,

London, W1T 1JU

United Kingdom

Viral Pay Address

These addresses are a big red flag. They are from two different countries.

Below is big shocker:

According to Viral Pay “… if any Dispute or Claim arising between you and the Company, … ‘the governing laws’ will be the internal laws of the state in which you reside (except that, if you reside outside of the United States, the internal laws of the State of California will govern), …”

Viral Pay laws

Do you notice anything unusual with the statement above?

  • The company address is in Australia
  • The company legal department in the United Kingdom
  • The governing laws are in the United State of America, specifically the state of California.

The information above tells you that the entire website is cut and pasted. Viral Pay is not real. It’s a scam.

Always check the company contact information, especially with legal documents, like terms and conditions or privacy statement, because these documents are legal technical terms which many scammers will not be able to edit them without leaving mistakes.

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Viral Pay left a lot of mistakes on the website for you to know this is a scam.

I can give you a few more red flags:
  • You don’t know the owner of Viral Pay.
  • All income testimonials on the Viral Pay website are fake.
  • The website is only a few months old.
  • It also owns and operates ‘Kids Paid Money’, another scam site using the same method.
  • Unrealistic earnings claim.

You can check this by reading reviews on the following popular survey sites: Ebates, InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkies. The highest pay for taking surveys is about $2, never $25.

If I registered with Viral Pay, what can I do to protect myself?

If you have provided payment information, please change your payment login information to protect your account.

If you provide Viral Pay with personal information, you might have to check your financial accounts regularly or put them on scam alert to let you know of any suspicious information.

Why Viral Pay Is Not A Legit Way to Make Money Online?

If you have a copy of my ‘Guide To Make Money Online’, you understand by now why Viral Pay is not a real way to make money online.

Making money online as a social media influencer is not as simple as registering with a company.

I have over 3,000 followers on my Facebook Business Page and over 5,000 on my personal page. But I don’t make a lot of money with this social media account.

I make money online as a full-time Blogger and Affiliate Marketer. Here’s my profile.

This how I know something like Viral Pay is not real because that is not how you make money online.

No one or organization can turn you into a social influencer, it only you can make this happen. You are an influencer because people like you or believe in what you are doing. This is a personal brand business.

Viral Pay taps into people desire to make passive income online, either to supplement their income or to quit their full-time job.

There is a way for you to achieve this dream. But you have to learn the right way of building an online business, not the Viral Pay method.

Today, there are many free online training programs that teach the process of making money with affiliate marketing.

The real program is the one doesn’t require payment or personal information.

I start my online business with these 10 Free Lessons. You can check them out if you are interested in making money online without getting scammed.

There is also a community of online entrepreneur that you can join and chat with other affiliate marketers to learn what they do to build a successful business online.

I know most of them will tell you that building a successful online business required more work than registering for an account with Viral Pay.

I like to invite you to join my #1 free online training program to discover how I make money online. Get a free account see for yourself.

free money website training

People fall for the Viral Pay scam because many of us still believe in this get-rich-quick schemes.

The scam method that Viral Pay used to obtain people’s information is not something new.

Scammers always look for people interested in making tons of money with little or no work. They are an easy target.

Making money online requires learning, patience, hard work, and most of all knowledge to avoid scam.

I don’t recommend Viral Pay to you or anyone.

3 thoughts on “Viral Pay – Legit Get Paid $25 To Signup or A Scam”

  1. Thanks for sharing! There are far too many of these types of scams out there and no shortage of innocent people who fall for them. Granted I haven’t fallen for something like that in years, it’s easy to convince yourself that it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot, especially when you’re desperate and hoping for some kind of a break. Even the surveys on this one sound ridiculous. I’ve done those for other sites and rarely gotten more than a dollar for one of the better ones. Hope everyone reads this before making a terrible mistake!

  2. I find it entertaining reading about the newest scam that’s running around, and yet, on the other hand, it’s sad that there are way too many people that fall for these quick money schemes. Of course, that’s what happened to me when I started out before learning how it really works. Luckily I didn’t lose that much money before wising up to these schemes. I’ll be sharing this article with my friends so they are aware of what to look out for in there quest to make money online.


    • There too many scams online and it is difficult to know which one is real. Everyone is a victim of an onine scam at some point in their life. It’s a shame that we have to deal with this now. These scams pop up every day in many forms.


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