Kids Paid Money Review – Kids Paid Money Scam

Kids Paid Money is replacing Kids Make Money. These domain names point you to one website, Kids Earn Cash.

This is a scam targeting children’s social media account.

These websites are run and operated by the same group of people.

They are part of a group of scam websites, Viral Pay, and Viral Dollars.

When I first visited the Kids Paid Money website, I immediately recognize it’s a scam.

It is Kids Make Money scam with a new name.

Kids Paid Money scam targets people looking for get-rich-quick online.

The Kids Paid Money review explains how this scam works.

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Kids Paid Money Review

Kids Paid Money, Kids Make Money, Kids Earn Cash, and Viral Pay is all owned and operated by a company called CryoEarn LLC.

This company claims to have been in business for over 10 years.

They claim that their advertisement revenues have been growing exponentially, which allows them to increase referral commissions from $0.10 to $10.

However, I did a little research and unable to find any information on CryoEarn LLC. It doesn’t exist.

How can a big online digital advertising firm doesn’t exist online?

Before Kids paid money, this website was operated under Kids Make Money domain name.

If anyone has registered and became a member of the Kids make money website, you must know by now that Kids Make Money no longer exists. This means all your earnings with this platform has vanished.

The new Kids Paid Money is created to replace Kids Make Money. This is the same old scam with a new name.

Ways To Get Rich With Kids Paid Money

Kids Paid Money promises to help you make up to $500 per day with your social media accounts. This is the same marketing scheme under Kids Make Money.

The method of getting paid with this platform is very simple.

  1. 1. Register with Kids Paid Money for free
  2. 2. Get your referral link
  3. 3. Promote your referral link on your social account to drive traffic to Kids Paid Money.
  4. 4. Get paid for the traffic and referral.

There are other options for members to make money, such as testing apps and doing surveys.

The payment offers by Kids Paid Money for these tasks are very generous:

  • You receive $25 to become a member.
  • Members get paid $5 per referral click and get paid $10 for every registered referral.
  • The platform pays $30 for each survey completed.
  • The biggest prize is app testing, which you earn $50 per app.

With this earnings potential, who can say no to Kids Paid Money.

I know you want to rush over to the website to claim your $25 signup bonus. But before you do that, you need to read the rest of this review to understand why Kids Paid Money is too good to be true.

Kids Paid Money Has Denied Your Payout Request

You work hard promoting Kids Paid Money with all your social media accounts.

You convince lots of family and friends to become a member of this make money online opportunity.

You earn a lot of money, maybe $500.

You login to your Kids Paid Money account and request a payout. You enter all the payment information. You click the ‘Request Payout’ button.

Kids Paid Money responds: ‘REQUEST DENIED’.

This is how the Kids Make Money scam works. I promise you Kids Paid Money will use the same method.

Some of you might be thinking, what is the big deal. I don’t want to miss this big opportunity of making a lot of money online!

No, you are making nothing and stand to lose a lot.

This is often the method online scammers used to get your personal information.

Ways Kids Paid Money Earns With Your Personal Information

There are many ways’ for Kids Paid Money to make money with your personal information.

When you register for a free account, you provide detailed personal information to make money with the platform.

You then provide your payment information upon request a payout.

Now, Kids Paid Money has all the information about you to make themselves rich.

Here a few ways’ Kids Paid Money uses your information:

  • They sell your email address to third parties. The email list is a very lucrative business. Don’t be surprised when you receive tons of spam emails from strangers after joining Kids Paid Money.
  • They sell your physical address to marketing companies.
  • They use your payment information together with personal information to access your financial accounts.
  • You help recruit more people into this platform which drive up the website traffic and increase its value. Kids Paid Money then sell the website for a profit. This is what happened to Kids Make Money. Don’t believe me? Just do a like Google search, the domain Kids Make Money is probably on sale online right now.
  • You take surveys to earn more money with Kids Paid Money. Most of these surveys are paid offers, which mean you have to purchase something. When you buy into these offers, Kid Paid Money earn a referral commission from these transactions and pay you nothing.

Those are just a few ways’ scammers can make money with your personal information.

Are still interested in joining the Kids Paid Money?

Should You Join Kids Paid Money?

This is entirely up to you to decide what you want to do.

I promise you, some people will not believe me that Kids Paid Money is a scam. They will join hoping to get rich online.

Eventually, those that join the Kids Paid Money will learn that they are wasting their time and risk their personal information when this website is shut down like Kids Make Money.

You will never see a penny from Kids Paid Money. This website is not created to help you make money online.

I have gathered more information to show you why this business is not real.

  • When you visit the Kids Paid Money website and click on ‘Contact’, you will get redirected to Kids Earn Cash which listed the business address as:

150 King St. West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 1J9

This is a Canadian company.

Then you go to ‘PAGE’ and click on ‘Terms’, you will have different business information for Kids Paid Money.

  • If you have a dispute with Kids Get Money, you must contact their Legal Department at this location:

LLC, 57 Rathbone Place, London, W1T 1JU United Kingdom

Now, this company is in England

Kids Paid Money Review address
  • One more thing, when you decide to bring your dispute to a Court for arbitration, all arbitration hearings must be conducted under the laws of the United States in Los Angeles County, California.
Kids Paid Money legal

What company does business like this? The business is in Canada, the legal and customer services are in England, and they follow the law of the United States.

This is obvious that Kids Paid Money copied and pasted these terms and conditions from another company. They did a terrible editing job!

The website legal documents are the first place that I check to verify the legitimacy of a business. Real business will spend a lot of money to make sure their legal terms and conditions are following the laws.

Kids Paid Money terms and condition is not legit. You cannot operate in one country and have the legal proceeding in another country which you have no connection with.

Are you still believed that Kids Paid Money is legit?

What To Do If You Already Registered With Kids Paid Money?

The first thing you should do is stop promoting your referral link and tell your family and friend Kids Paid Money is a scam.

Start the process of protecting your personal information by changing passwords on social media accounts and block Kids Paid from gaining access to them.

Don’t use PayPal or other online payment accounts to request a payout. If you don’t believe me that this website will not pay you, you can request them to send the check to you and see what happens?

Keep track of your credit account for any fraud activities. This is probably the best thing you can do to protect yourself.

Avoid Kids Paid Money and Learn To Make Money Online The Right Way

There are only a few legit methods to make money online, which does not include a get-rich-quick scheme.

  1. You can make quick money doing online surveys.
  2. You can become a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer.
  3. You can sell products or services online.

Let discuss these legit options for you to make money.

Make money doing online surveys

You can definitely make money doing surveys, but not the $30 per survey offers by Kids Paid Money.

No legit online survey sites will pay you more than $2.00 for a survey.

The top legit survey sites to make money online are, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Ebates, and Survey Junkies. You can read more about doing online surveys for cash by following the links.

You will not make a full-time income doing surveys, but it’s a wonderful way to make a few dollars in your free time.

Become a Blogger and make money with affiliate marketing

Become a blogger is a lucrative option to make money online.

I am a full-time Blogger, and affiliate marketing is how I earn a full-time income online.

You cannot become successful in this online business without proper training. This is not the Kids Paid Money.

If you download a copy of my ‘Guide To Make Money Online’, you should understand what it takes to build an affiliate marketing business.

Yes, you must learn the right way to build a blogging business, but you can learn for free.

I have used these 10 Free Lessons to launch my online business. You can do the same.

You don’t have to worry about scam because you don’t need to give payment information to register for a free training account. All you need is an email address.

The reason many legit affiliate marketing training programs offer free lessons to people because they understand this online business is not for everyone. This is a business, not a get-rich-quick scheme.

You should use this free online training programs to see if this is what you want to do.

I like to invite you to join this free Online Entrepreneur Community which I am an active member, so you can chat with us about the real opportunity to make money online and avoid scams like Kids Paid Money.

Build an eCommerce Website to sell products online

Online retail is booming. I don’t need to tell you this opportunity is legit or scam.

Starting an eCommerce business requires much more capital compared to affiliate marketing.

You can use eCommerce hosting platform like Shopify or SiteRubix to launch an eCommerce business without the need to hire a professional web designer. This is a big saving.

Even though you can save on website design, but the cost of inventories is still heavy.

Luckily, you have another option, doing Dropshipping. It is a much better business opportunity for those looking to build a retail online business.

Many people believe they can just launch an eCommerce site and get rich selling online. This is not true. To be successful, you must learn the right way to build an eCommerce business.

I include a Free Online Entrepreneur Certification program
for you to check out. You will need a lot more training to build a successful eCommerce business, but at least this gives you an idea of what online business is all about.

I suggest you check this program out before launch an online business.

For those interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, I invite you to follow the link below to register for a free account and train with me for free.

free money website training

Affiliate marketing is a legit and easy way to make money online with little or no investment.

This is not the Kids Paid Money. You have to learn and work to achieve financial success. That is the way legit business works.

I hope this Kids Paid Money Review explains to why you should not join this platform, and why I believe Kids Paid Money is a replacement for Kid Make Money scam.

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