Younique Review – Is Younique A Pyramid Scheme, A Scam or Legit?

Make money while partying!

The mlm business model created by Tupperware.

Now Younique is following the footstep, selling cosmetics and beauty supplies through home parties.

Did you get invited to a Younique party?

Are you being recruited to become a Younique Presenter?

It smarts for you to stop by and check out our Younique Review Mlm Talk before signing up.

In this review, you are going to find out the truth about the Younique home-based mlm business opportunity.

When you hear the word “mlm”, you must be wondering is Younique a pyramid scheme and a scam?

You are looking for ways to earn extra incomes or to achieve a life dream of financial freedom.

You don’t want to waste time and money with a pyramid scheme or a scam.

You want to know everything about Younique.

  • How does Younique work?
  • The cost to join Younique.
  • How you make money with Younique?
  • Can you make money selling Younique? And
  • Is Younique a pyramid scheme, a scam or legit?

Reading this Younique review, you should be able to determine if Younique is the right opportunity to achieve your financial goals and dreams.

Tired Of Scams And Pyramid Schemes?

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Younique Review Summary

Name: Younique

Business Type: MLM

Investment: $79

Recent Reviews:
YOR Health

  • Younique Presenters promote and sell cosmetics and beauty products in the home party setting.
  • Most people join Younique for the opportunity to build a home business by recruiting a team of Presenters.
  • Younique has a network of over 1,285,614 Presenters worldwide.
  • The company’s annual sales revenue was $427 million in 2018.
  • Younique is trying to hide the distributors’ income and doesn’t publish the Income Disclosure Statement (IDS). This should be a red warning for those looking to join Younique.
  • Success with Younique requires exceptional people and sales skills, especially in Face-To-Face recruiting.
  • Mlm is a recruiting business. I don’t recommend this opportunity to those with no sales and recruiting experiences.


What Is Younique?

Younique is an mlm company that distributes and sells cosmetics and beauty products through home parties.

The company was launched in 2012 by Derek Maxfield and sister, Melanie Huscroft, with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 2012, Jack and Craig Martin launched Younique and SeAcai became the subsidiary of the company.

By 2017, Coty Inc., an international cosmetics firm, invested $600 million to acquire 60% interest in Younique.

Younique has grown into an international mlm network of over 1,285,614 independent presenters worldwide.

The company 2018 sales revenue reached $427 million.

However, Younique does not publish its income disclosure statement (IDS). This should be a red flag. This financial document provides important financial information regarding the profits and losses of a Younique mlm business.

It is recommended to compare Younique with other home-based opportunities before investing.

You can use My #1 Business Opportunity to make a comparison.

How Does Younique Work?

You must have a sponsor to join Younique.

You can visit the Younique website to search for a sponsor. However, most Presenters begin as a Younique party hostess.

You and your sponsor can complete the application process online at the company’s website.

But to build a business and earn the commission, you must be active and qualified.

Active and qualified required purchasing a Starter Kit, which I’ll discuss more in the next section of this Younique review.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Younique?

Once you have submitted an application to become a Younique Presenter, you must purchase one of the three Starter Kits, between $79 to $159, to activate your business.

Younique pyramid starter kits

The cost to join Younique depends on the Starter Kit that you selected.

The difference between the $79 and the $159 Starter Kit is the premium kit offered more products for you to promote your Younique business.

Purchasing a Starter Kit is just the investment cost. There are monthly expenses to operate your Younique mlm business.

Younique requires all Presenters to purchase $125 PRS (Personal Retail Sales) every 3 months, $41.67 each month, to remain active.

I call this, the monthly Active Expense. Younique is a Pay and Play business opportunity. If you want to earn, you have to pay.

Any Presenters that fails to maintain an Active Status are not allowed to receive bonuses and commission from Younique.

Remember, the expenses above do not include your time, marketing costs, traveling, and gas.

The monthly active expense can destroy your business profit if you cannot resell the products. This becomes the business losses.

Other home-based businesses, such as Affiliate Marketing, you earn the commission on every sale, no need to be active and qualified.

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Do you know why Younique has this monthly active requirement?

Two reasons: to sell products and to avoid being classified as a pyramid scheme under the FTC guideline. (Check our MLM vs Affiliate Marketing for the discussion on the FTC MLM Guideline.)

Younique Compensation Plan

The Younique compensation plan might be simple to understand.

But the question is, can you make money selling Younique products?

I’ll provide a quick analysis of the Younique compensation plan. To see it in detail, just download a copy.

As an mlm business opportunity, Younique offers you two options to earn: Sell Younique Products and/or recruiting others to join.

Make Money Selling Younique Products

Younique distributors can purchase products at the discount price to resell, or they can sell directly from their own Younique replicated website to earn a retail profit.

Younique pays between 20% to 30% on products that you purchase or sell to customers. The commission percentage is determined based on your sales volume and rank.

This sounds easy to earn, right?

Well, I did a search online and found a Younique Moodstruck Epic selling for $15.

The same item on the Younique website selling for $29.00.

Can you make a retail profit selling Younique products on the market?

It will be a challenge.

Overprice is the reason why you can never make money selling mlm products.

Make Money Recruiting Others

If you cannot sell Younique products on the market, the only option to make money is recruiting others to join.

Remember, you must be active and qualified to receive downline commissions.

You are an Active Presenter if you maintain a $125 PRS every 3 months.

Qualification is determined based on your rank.

Once you meet the two requirements above, here are your options to earn:

Fast Start Bonus (FSB)

You can earn a $250 FSB within 90 days from joining Younique by selling or purchasing $2,000 PRS, recruiting 3 Presenters with at least one Active.

Pink Rank

This is the first level to earn downline commissions.

You can earn a 3% commission on your Circle Royalty (CR), which is the commission on the entire team sales volume.

But to receive the payment, you need to generate at least $250 in PRS each month, $2,000 in CWV, and one active Presenter.

On commission is paid if you miss one qualification requirement.

Blue Rank

You can earn a 4% commission on your CR.

But to receive the payment, you need to produce at least $250 in PRS each month, $4,000 in CWV, and two active Presenters.

Green Rank

This is the Leadership Rank with Younique which allows you to earn a new commission called: “Generation Royalty (GR).”

As a Green Presenter, you can earn 3% First Generation Royalty and 5% CR.

To receive the commission, you must be qualified by generating $500 PRS each month, $10,000 in CWV, $2,000 in Circle Wholesale Sales and three active Presenters.

The next three leadership ranks are Orange, Purple, and Black which offers more commission, up to in 5% GR. But you must sell more and recruit more presenters. (Please refer to the compensation plan for qualification requirements.)

As you can see, there are multiple ways to earn with Younique. However, no money is paid unless you are active and qualified.

This is the trick with mlm. Ways to earn is not the same as qualifying to receive the money.

Qualification requires more product purchases or recruiting more people.

You can potentially earn nothing under the Younique compensation plan because the costs staying active and qualified might exceed the commissions received.

When evaluating mlm opportunity like Younique, you cannot rely on the compensation plan to determine the business income.

You must look at the actual bonuses and commissions received by Younique Presenters to understand the business profit and loss.

Can You Make Money With Younique?

You cannot rely on the Younique compensation plan to determine the business revenues.

Here’s what I mean,

The Younique compensation plan offers POTENTIAL EARNINGS, not real income.

To know the actual income, you need a copy of the Younique Income Disclosure Statement (IDS). This financial document provides ACTUAL INCOMES
received by Presenters from Younique.

But, where can you get a copy of the IDS?

You can request one at the time of enrollment. The laws require Younique to provide you a copy together with the compensation plan.

As a business review writer, I look to the actual incomes to advise clients on an investment.

If Younique refuses to provide you a copy, don’t join. This is a sign of a potential scam.

From my experience, an mlm opportunity that does not provide an IDS should be a warning sign of a problem. It means they are hiding the fact that Presenters are not making a good income.

Let me demonstrate this to you.

Below is a picture of Younique Raising Start Leaderboards which recognized top monthly producers worldwide.

Younique pyramid scheme leader

First, I want you to look at the footnote which stated less than 0.02% achieved this leadership level.

This means 1,286,067 Younique Presenters, maybe, 258 Presenters achieved this income level.

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OK, let see how much the top producers made based on the Leaderboards.

We take the #1 Producer, Carol Bouillon, with $12,727.56 PRS. Carol achieved the Green Rank.

Here’s Carol Earnings before taxes and expenses:

  • Retail Royalties $12,727.56 x 30% = $3,818.27
  • Circle Royalties $12,727.56 x 5% = $636.38
  • First Generation Royalties $12,727.56 x 3% = $381.83

Total Earnings $4,836.48

I don’t know how much Coral purchased for herself.

Based on the qualification requirement, we know that Carol must purchase at least $500 PRS, and total team volume must be $12,000. It looks like Carol purchased everything for herself.

But, we don’t know.

If you take out the parties’ expenses, the marketing materials, travel expenses, and products returned, this earning is reduced even more.

Here’s my question to you.

Is this your financial goal and dream?

Less than 0.02% achieved this income level, is this a good business opportunity?

Now you know why Younique doesn’t publish the income disclosure statement.

Is Younique A Scam?

Yes, it’s hard to make money with Younique, but this is a business opportunity.

Every business opportunity has risks. You are responsible to carefully research, study, and investigate Younique before investing.

When you join without doing proper researches, then you cannot call Younique a scam.

Reading this Younique Review is a good way to learn the risks and rewards of this opportunity.

Some entrepreneurs hire professional financial analysts to help with evaluating the business opportunity prior to joining.

As an owner of an Online Business Review, I offer my mlm businesses evaluation to help investors identified a profitable business.

Younique is not a scam. It’s a business opportunity, and It’s a very competitive and difficult to make money business.

Is Younique a pyramid scheme?

If you follow the FTC guideline, then Younique might be a legit mlm company.

But I don’t use the laws to evaluate a business opportunity.

I am using the financial information and earnings to determine a pyramid scheme.

I say, most mlms are pyramid schemes.

If you look at the mlm compensation plan. Presenters are forced to purchase overpriced products to earn the commission.

The only way to sell Younique products is by recruiting others to join.

The more people that you bring in, the more money you earn.

The customers of mlm companies are the distributors, those seeking to make money with Younique.

Doesn’t this qualify Younique as a pyramid scheme?

You don’t have to agree with me.

But, based on our Younique Review, you must agree that the company compensation plan is simple to understand. However, it is not simple to make money and achieve your financial dream.

The Younique compensation plan was designed to make money for Younique, not for you.

Is Younique Worth It?

Younique products might help you look good and beautiful.

But as a business opportunity, I would not invest.

However, the decision to invest is yours to make. I hope this Younique review provides you enough information to make the right decision.

Can I ask you this question?

Do you know why you want to start a home-based business?

To earn extra money from home, to be your own boss, or to achieve financial freedom?

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The best part, you are working on the computer in your own home or anywhere you like.

Business ownership control is the reason that I don’t like mlm opportunities.

All Younique Presenters have no control over their business.

You must follow and obey Younique rules and policies to stay in business.

Think about this, what happens if Younique goes out of business?

Well, you are out of business! All your hard work disappears and nothing you can do about it. You have zero control over this. This is a problem for me.

You launch a business to make money in the long-term, far into the future. Isn’t this the #1 reason you want to build a successful business?

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You might not agree with me that Younique is a pyramid scheme.

But you must accept Younique is not a good home-based business opportunity.

It is very difficult to make money with Younique. This is a fact.

Thank you for participating in our Younique review discussion.

Until next time.

You can share your own Younique review here.

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