Appen Work From Home, Scam Or Legit – Appen Review

It’s common to see this recruiting headlines, “Appen work from home job pays $12 to $14 per hour.”

When I conducted online research on Appen, I discovered many Appen reviewers on Trustpilot warned people to stay away from this company.

Like you, I wonder why?

Is Appen a scam?

There must be something bad with Appen work from home jobs.

So, I decided to complete my research and write this Appen review to explain the reason people warning you to ‘Stay Away From Appen.’

Let me be honest with you; Appen doesn’t offer a full-time job, and it doesn’t pay $14 an hour.

If you are searching for ways to earn a second or full-time passive income from home, then Appen is not for you.

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Appen Review Summary

Name: Testing

Business Type: Data Annotation

Investment: Free

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  • Appen work from home agents collects and labels human interaction data. The clients use this data to improve Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, making machines more human-like.
  • Appen is not a scam. You will get paid to work for this company. However, you are not an employee of Appen. I’ll explain more later.
  • Appen doesn’t have enough work, and the pay rate is low.
  • Appen work from home is not a full-time job. The earning is inconsistent, and no way you can survive with this job.


What Is Appen Work From Home?

Appen work from home jobs is related to data annotation.

Data annotation is the process of labeling various data, such as images, text, videos, audio, and more, to make them usable for machine learning.

Annotated data are needed to build and improve artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

For example, Millions of annotated photos help an AI system to identify patterns and understand what humans look like.

The process of data annotation is tedious and time-consuming.

Appen employs work from home agents worldwide to help perform data annotation tasks.

You can join Appen to work from home as a data annotated agent.

What Is Appen?

Appen is a company specialized in providing data annotation services, collecting and labeling data for the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence products.

Appen was founded in 1996 by Julie Vonwiller based in Sydney, Australia.

Appen merged with a US company, Butler Hill Group, in 2011 to become Appen Butler Hill.

But in 2013 the company re-branded to Appen and went public on January 7, 2015.

Appen acquired Leapforce in November 2017 to expand the company independent workforce worldwide.

Today, Appen has over 1 million work from home agents who speak over 180 languages and working in over 130 countries.

Appen is unable to provide 8 hours of daily work for agents to make money.

Appen Job Review

Appen jobs are part-time works with flexible hours and can be done anywhere in the world.

The jobs are breakdown into three categories:

  1. Projects: A project can last anywhere from a few weeks to 6 months with 1 hour of work a day or up to 20 hours per week.
  2. Micro Tasks: These are simple works to be done from the comfort of your own home. They include translations, transcriptions, speech evaluation, linguistic specialties, and more.
  3. Surveys & Data Collection: These are tasks that last 15 minutes to three hours.

All Appen jobs can be done from home on a laptop or computer. However, these are not full-time jobs, and you are not an employee of Appen.

Appen jobs are freelance works. As a freelancer, you work for yourself and sell your services to Appen.

You must compete with other work from home agents to qualify for each Appen job.

You only earn money when you win a project and completed the tasks.

You should expect weeks or even months of no job working for Appen. When you are not working, you earn nothing.

You might get paid $12 – $14 per hour working for Appen. But you only work for 2 to 3 hours per month. How can you live on this income?

Appen work from home job is not legit or real work. This is more of a fun activity to earn a few dollars for a cup of coffee.

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Working For Appen

Appen is a good side hustle, not a full-time job, to earn a few extra bucks.

To work for Appen, you just visit Appen Connect to submit a job application.

Appen Connect is a job board for agents to find jobs and keep track of their earnings. Appen uses this platform to communicate with agents.

Appen job application process requires the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • With prior work experience in translation between two languages, transcribing audio or annotating data, proofreading, and search engine evaluation.

If you meet the requirements above, you can apply by submitting a resume through Appen Connect for consideration.

After applying, you have to wait for Appen to respond. It can take up to 6 months to receive an answer from Appen.

Let say you get hired; the next step is competing for a project to start making money.

You should apply for all Appen jobs that you might qualify because you don’t know which one will accept you.

If you get accepted for a project, you must go through a qualification process to get hired.

Appen will email you the guidelines and access to start the training assessments.

All training assessments are non-paid. Every qualified agent must complete the assessments to work on the project.

You start earning money when you begin working on the project. If the job takes 2 hours to complete, you get paid for two hours.

If you want more works, you have to start the job competition process again.

Your biggest challenge is to find a new job.

Many Appen work-from-home agents have reported going through months without a single job to earn money.

Once a job is available, you must be quick to get the job before other agents.

Sitting around waiting for a new job, is this what you want to do every day?

How Much Does Appen Pay

Appen pays between $12 to $14 an hour with no tax deduction.

However, you only get paid for time working on a task or project.

You earn nothing for job searches and training assessments.

Appen pay rate is good. The problem is finding consistent works.

You will be spending more time searching for an Appen job than working on a project.

Most projects last a few days with about 1 to 2 hours of work each day.

It’s common for Appen agents to go for months without a job. This is the reason people telling you to stay away from Appen.

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It has nothing to do with Appen as a scam.

Appen Payment

Appen payment is sent out once a month.

You are responsible to keep track and submit your times using Appen Connect. You need to invoice Appen your time on the first of every month to receive payment.

Payments to agents are by direct deposit only.

Can You Make Money With Appen?

You can make money with Appen, but it’s not enough to replace your full-time job.

It’s very difficult to find enough projects to keep you busy and earn good money.

Your earnings depend on the project pay rate and the time required to complete it.

Each project pays differently. You are not going to earn a constant pay rate of $12 or $14 per hour.

Another factor is winning projects. You have to compete against other Appen work from home agents for the jobs. You only make money if you are qualified to do the work.

Many online Appen reviews have stated that it’s not easy to find work on Appen Connect. When you are unable to find a job, you will not make money.

The inconsistency of job availability is the reason many agents left their Appen work at home jobs.

Is Appen A Scam?

Appen is not a scam. This is a legit work from home opportunity.

You will get paid for the time working on an Appen job. However, Appen doesn’t have enough work for you to quit your full-time job and work from home.

It might be true that you get paid $12-$14 per hour. However, the company doesn’t have enough projects for you to pull in 8 hours of work each day.

There will be many days that you earn nothing because of no work.

Appen might be a legit work from home job. But the lack of jobs and low pay make this company the worst opportunity to work from home.

Now you understand why many online Appen reviews warn you to stay away from this company.

Job Like Appen

Appen work from home job is a freelance opportunity. It’s not a job when you are working as an independent agent.

You are selling your services to Appen, similar to freelancers selling their services to potential clients.

However, freelancers own their businesses and working for themselves. They don’t rely on Appen to make money. They are free to find jobs from other freelance sites such as TryMyUI, Fiverr, or UpWork. They get paid more compared to working for Appen.

If you are planning to work as an independent agent for Appen, it’s better to start your own freelance business working from home business.

However, the best method to make money from home is by building Money Websites. This business model allows me to generate a six-figure passive income from home.

I am not going to discuss the process of building the Money Websites in this Appen review.

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I hope this Appen review answers your question, is Appen work from home a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

4 thoughts on “Appen Work From Home, Scam Or Legit – Appen Review”

  1. It is not a scam, it is a job. Scam is when someone rips you off by making false promises. A job is low pay and/or underemployment.

    • Low pay and underemployment is a job? I hope you can make a living with this Appen job. I am not wasting my time with a job making $12 a week.

  2. I tried to contact Appen and I will tell you from my own experience why this company is a scam.

    1. It lies in its advertisements. There are no jobs for 12-13 an hour.
    2. And there is no job of with Appen, You are not their employee, you are an ”independent contractor” a.k.a. bogus self-employed.
    3. My own experience with Appen scammers. I tried to apply as a translator. First of all, a translator would receive more serious questions than ”have you done any translations”. He would be asked about his education, requested to submit a copy of his education papers (in my country translation is an MA course), asked questions about language combinations, computer-assisted translation tools (including, but not limited to, SDL Trados), fields of expertise and years of experience. He would be requested to submit a CV and, if that CV was interesting for the potential employer, asked to do a test and, if successful, offered a job (a freelancer’s contract or a staff position). In the most serious places, he would need to provide references, that is only for top class jobs, in most cases you just prove your education and experience. Many years ago an agency in my country asked ”did you know that there are just two real translation courses in the whole country” and started talking to me only when I explained that I have had one of these courses. And, by the way, translation *(writing) is paid per page or per word or you get a fixed salary if you are a staff. On the contrary, interpreting (speaking) is paid per hour. That is the legit procedure. Appen just asks ”have you ever done a translation” and accepts ye for an answer. The same way they could ask you if you are an astronaut. After some bureaucratic procedures, they offered a project. ok now I will start working – but guess what? There is no project, instead, they announce that now they will ”evaluate” something for 60 days. They have not received my CV or a copy of my MA paper and I have not taken a test – there is nothing to evaluate! I told them to get lost, blocked their email, and look forward to never hearing from them again.
    4. I have seen another review of this kind, there the reviewer just argued with those who posted critical comments, and deleted critical comments that he could not answer. In legal terms – he censored comments. By the way, censorship is illegal in both the US and in my country.
    5. But do not expect to get rid of me that easily Appen scammers. A copy of this comment has been saved and will appear again and again in many places.

    • Thank you for your honest review and personal experience with Appen. I support everyone’s view and opinion. I want my readers to know the truth about Appen. Your report is valuable to us all.


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