Tom Wang Amazon: FBA Masterclass Review

You want to make money selling on Amazon. You want to purchase the Tom Wang Amazon FBA Masterclass course.

Tom claims that he can help you become a millionaire selling products on Amazon in 12 months.

Is the FBA Masterclass this good?

You’ll find out in this FBA Masterclass review.

After achieving success selling on Amazon, Tom Wang created FBA Masterclass to teach you his process of building a multimillion-dollar FBA Amazon business.

Tom Wang’s net worth is over $17 million. But the money mostly earns from selling his FBA Masterclass.

Do you know why there are so many Amazon FBA business courses?

Well, that’s where Amazon sellers like Tom Wang and Sophie Howard make their money.

It’s much easy to make money teaching others to sell than actually selling products on Amazon.

Consider these stats:

  • It costs $10,000 to $15,000 to launch a product on Amazon FBA.
  • You spend countless hours finding the right product.
  • You purchase the items and ship them to the Amazon warehouses.
  • You need a big budget to pay for digital marketing to rank on the first page of Amazon.
  • You make money after Amazon deducts their fees.

The process of launching a product with Amazon FBA is not easy or simple.

Tom Wang failed twice launching products on FBA. Now he teaches you how to start an Amazon FBA business.

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Tom Wang Amazon FBA Masterclass Review Summary

Business Information

Name: Tom Wang Amazon FBA Masterclass

Business Type: Amazon FBA Course

Investment: $6,997.00

  • Tom Wang Amazon FBA Masterclass teaches the single product Amazon FBA business.
  • The course has 318 lessons, and it cost $6,997.
  • You learn how to find products, ship them to Amazon warehouses, and sell them.
  • Tom fails to disclose that you need an additional $10K – $15K to launch your first product on Amazon.
  • His FBA Masterclass uses the “free products for positive reviews” Rank & Bank technique to sell on Amazon. This marketing scheme is now a violation of Amazon’s policy. You can get ban from selling on Amazon.
  • After spending a few grands, there is no guarantee that you make money.


About Tom Wang Amazon FBA Masterclass

Tom Wang is a successful Amazon seller. He found an Amazon coaching business, FBA Masterclass, to teach people how to make money selling a single product on Amazon.

Tom Wang Amazons grew up in China and immigrated to Canada in 2001.

Before selling on Amazon, Tom was an account manager at the Yellow Pages call center.

Tom started selling his first product on Amazon in 2017. The first two products were a failure because he did not know the right way to sell on Amazon.

His third attempt on Amazon is a success. Tom claims he has sold over $5,000,000 in sales on Amazon.

The Tom Wang Amazon FBA Masterclass was launch in 2019 to teach people how to sell on Amazon using Tom’s single product profit system.

Tom says with his coaching, you can make millions in a few months.

If making $20k – $40K per month selling on Amazon is this easy, why Tom Wang sells the FBA Masterclass for just a few dollars?

Tom Wang might not make money selling on Amazon. He is making a fortune selling the FBA Masterclass.

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Tom Wang Amazon FBA Masterclass Review

Tom Wang calls his FBA Masterclass, “The Single Product Profit System.”

Yes, this FBA Masterclass teaches you to sell one product at a time on Amazon using a simple the 3 actionable steps.

Step 1 – Choosing The Right Product

According to FBA Masterclass, the best products to sell on Amazon are:

  • Under $50, small, lightweight, and sold year-round.
  • Those with little competition, less than 100 reviews.
  • Those with at least 3,000 searches daily.
  • Something you can get for $1 or $2 per unit.

You learn to search for the right product using an Amazon gold mining tool know as the Viral Launch.

Viral Launch costs $58 to $166 per month. When you subscribe to this service, Tom Wang earns a commission.

If you don’t have time to do step 1, you can pay the FBA Masterclass staff to find you the right product.

Step 2 – Rock Bottom Sourcing Process

This lesson teaches you the process of sourcing the product for the best quality and cheapest price.

To find the rock bottom price for your choosing product, Tom suggests you contact 30, 40, even 60 different Chinese suppliers.

You then negotiate with a few suppliers to get the lowest price.

Once you have chosen a Chinese supplier, you need to hire an inspection agency to visit the factory to inspect the product quality.

Tom says never paid the supplier upfront. You should pay a 30% deposit to the start and the remaining 70% after the product passed inspection.

This process is time-consuming. I don’t know how you can do this while spending time with your family on the beach.

Now you know how to choose the right product and how to rock bottom sourcing, it’s time to sell the product on Amazon.

Wait! Don’t you have to get the product to the Amazon warehouse in the US first?

Yes, you do. You have to pay the shipping cost to get the product to Amazon before selling them.

Step 3 – Rank & Bank System

Once the product is checked into the Amazon warehouse, you are responsible to list them up for sale.

You learn to build your listing with photos, videos, copywriting, and adding keywords to your product description.

After the product goes live, you have to get reviews to boost its ranking on Amazon.

FBA Masterclass teaches both organic and paid traffic methods to improve product ranking.

Organic ranking is free but takes a long time to get results.

Tom prefers paid traffic to boost ranking. This will cost you a lot of money.

Paid traffic involves purchasing ads on Facebook using the “Free Product for Reviews” scheme.

So, you go on Facebook and offer people a free Amazon product for review. They click on the ad, purchase the product, and left a review. You verify their order and send them the rebate.

Recently, Amazon has banned this marketing scheme. You can learn more about this illegal scheme by reading my review on RebateKey.

I hope FBA Masterclass updates this lesson.

Amazon will suspend your seller account if you are using this illegal marketing scheme to boost your ranking.

How Much Does Tom Wang Amazons FBA Masterclass Cost?

The Tom Wang Amazon FBA Masterclass cost $6,997.00.


The FBA Masterclass has 320 lessons organizing into 13 chapters plus coaching calls and bonuses.

In addition to the course cost, you will need an investment budget of $10K to $15K to launch your first product on Amazon.

If you don’t have at least $20,000 to invest, purchasing the FBA masterclass is a waste of money.

You do not make $20K or $40K a month by attending Tom Wang Amazon FBA Masterclass. You make money by actually selling products on Amazon.

Is FBA Masterclass Legit?

FBA Masterclass is legit and nothing is indicating to us that Tom Wang Amazon is a scam.

However, this course is overpriced. There are Amazon FBA courses that cost far less than this, which I’ll share with you later in this review.

Making money selling on Amazon is not easy as Tom Wang telling you.

You need to take into consideration the competition and market saturation for the Amazon FBA business.

Everyone and their mothers are selling on Amazon.

The biggest risk of owning an Amazon FBA business is control. You have zero control over the business and customers. They both belong to Amazon.

Your business is 100% dependent on Amazon. If you make a small mistake, Amazon can shut you down. You lost everything.

Many Amazon sellers are starting to build their online stores to transitioning away from relying on Amazon. Tom Wang is doing the same.

Tom recognized selling on Amazon is not a long-term business. So, he is cashing in on this opportunity by selling you the FBA Masterclass while preparing to exit the back door.

Pros and Cons of Tom Wang Amazons FBA Masterclass

Before buying a digital course, you must evaluate the pros and cons.

Comparing the benefits vs. risks is very important in every business review.

So, I want to share with you what I like or don’t like about FBA Masterclass.

FBA Masterclass Pros

  • Tom Wang is legit. He was a successful Amazon seller. There is no doubt about his qualification to teach the FBA business.
  • The course covers every aspect of the FBA business. You will learn everything from starting to running an FBA business.
  • Tom Wang is constantly trying to improve the learning experience for every member of his program. He cares about his students.

FBA Masterclass Cons

  • The course is too expensive. The business model requires a lot of money to spend on digital ads and tools.
  • Be careful with a nonrefundable digital course such as FAB Masterclass. It doesn’t give you enough time to evaluate the training. You will end up buying something that you are not using.
  • The Amazon FBA business is very competitive with high start-up costs. It’s no longer a lucrative online business to make money. You are competing against millions of Chinese sellers for small profits.

Is Tom Wang Amazon FBA Course Worth It?

If you ask me this question 5 years ago, I’ll tell you to jump on board ASAP.

Today, selling on Amazon is no longer a profitable business.

Why do you think every online seller has their own Amazon FBA training course?

Here’s the secret. Amazon sellers make their money on selling Amazon courses, not selling products on Amazon. The same is true for the FBA Masterclass.

Purchasing the Amazon FBA Masterclass is worthless. It will not change your fortune. You are too late to join this business opportunity.

You don’t need to sell on Amazon to make $20K or $50K per month working from home.

You can make lucrative profits without dealing with suppliers, purchasing inventories, or selling a product. the Amazon FBA business is a thing of the past.

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I hope this Tom Wang Amazon FBA Masterclass review answers your questions.

Until next time.

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