Gano Excel Review – Is Gano Excel A Scam

Are you thinking about starting a home-based coffee business?

So, you heard about Gano Excel.

Did people also tell you Gano Excel is out of business?

Well, they either don’t want you to join an mlm or don’t know that Gano Excel USA has reopened for business.

However, the new Gano Excel USA is targeting the Spanish community in America, especially in Florida.

Yes, I was shocked to discover that there is so much misinformation online about Gano Excel mlm business.

Hello and welcome to our mlm review Coffee Talk.

In this Gano Excel review, we will discuss the business of becoming a Gano Excel distributor.

I understand you are searching for a coffee business opportunity to build a life dream of financial freedom, and you want to know if Gano Excel is the one.

It smarts for you to stop by and read this Gano Excel Review before joining the program.

Here’s what we will discuss in this mlm review:

  • The process to become a Gano Excel distributor.
  • The cost to join Gano Excel.
  • How you make money as a Gano Excel distributor? And
  • Is Gano Excel a scam?

After reading this Gano Excel review, you should be able to decide if Gano Excel a scan or a profitable coffee business opportunity for you to achieve your financial goals and dreams.

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Gano Excel Review Summary

Name: Gano Excel

Organo Gold, Vasayo, Valentus, DXN Global, Le-Vel, Plexus, Java Momma, Javita

Annual Revenue: $175 Million

Business Opportunity:
Multilevel-Marketing (MLM)

Initial Investments:
$49.95, $195, $495, and $995

Distributor Average Earnings::
$599 Per Year

  • Gano Excel is an mlm company dedicated to bringing health and wealth to every family through its world-class Ganoderma Lucidum nutritional products: coffee and tea.
  • Gano Excels offers you the opportunity to make money from home by promoting its products as well as recruiting others to join the business.
  • According to the Gano Excel income disclosure statement, 94% of Gano Excel distributors earned an annual average income of less than $600.
  • The business failure rate for Gano Excel is high. This is a high-risk investment.
  • To make money as a Gano Excel distributor, you must have exceptional people and sales skills, especially Face-To-Face recruiting.
  • Mlm is a recruiting business. Gano Excel opportunity is not suitable for people without sales and recruiting experiences.


What Is Gano Excel?

Gano Excel is the largest privately held multilevel marketing (mlm) healthy coffee company that has been around since 1995.

The company offers a unique Ganoderma Lucidum nutritional products: coffee and tea.

Gano Excel was founded by Mr. Leow Soon Seng. The first Gano Excel store was opened in Malaysia, 1995.

In 2010, Gano Excel was introduced to the US and North America.

After a few rough years in 2013, the company relaunched new products and opens industry-leading distribution centers throughout the US.

Gano Excel distributes and sells its products through an mlm network of over 500,000 distributors operating in over 60 different countries.

The company estimated sales revenue is $175 million.

However, Gano Excel income disclosure statement (IDS) reported over 94% of distributors earned an average annual income of less than $600, about $50 per month.

Only 0.79%, less than 1%, of Gano Excel business owners earned $100,000 and above.

Your chance of achieving financial freedom with Gano Excel is low, less than 1%.

You must carefully consider and compare Gano Excel business with other home-based business opportunities before investing.

You can use My #1 Business Opportunity to make a comparison.

How To Join Gano Excel?

You must have a sponsor to join Gano Excel. If you don’t have one, you can visit the Gano Excel website to request for a local distributor.

Your sponsor can help you complete the process of starting a Gano Excel distributing business.

All new distributors are required to purchase one of the Business Kits.

However, purchasing a starter kit is not enough.

If you want to build a business and earn commissions with Gano Excel, you must maintain an active and qualified status.

Active and qualified require distributors to meet the sales quota, which I’ll discuss in the next section of this Gano Excel review.

The Cost To Join Gano Excel

The cost to join Gano Excel depends on the business kit that you purchase. Gano Excel offers four business kits with the prices of $49.95, $195, $495, and $995.

Gano Excel review business kits

Each business kit comes with products, marketing materials, and your own replicated Gano Excel website.

Purchasing the more expensive business kits give you higher rank and better earning. The starting rank is Executive Success Package (ESP1) – $195, ESP2 – $495, and ESP 3 $995.

Besides the initial investments, there are expenses to stay in business and receive the commissions.

Gano Excel requires distributors to maintain an active and qualified status.

To remain active, all distributors are required to place a monthly Autoship of $50.

To qualify for team commissions, distributors must personally recruit 2 active distributors, one on the right and one on the left.

As you can see, the cost to join Gano Excel is not $4995. You must purchase more products to achieve a higher rank and better commissions.

You must pay attention to the monthly Active and Qualified Expenses.

Gano Excel is a Pay and Play business opportunity. If you want to earn, you have to pay.

Any distributor that fails to maintain the minimum sales quota is not allowed to receive the bonuses and override commissions from Gano Excel.

The expenses above do not include your time, the marketing costs, travel expenses, and gas.

The active and qualified expenses can destroy your business profit if you cannot resell the products. They become business losses.

Other home-based businesses, such as Affiliate Marketing, you earn the commission on every sale, no need to be active and qualified.

Why Gano Excel has active and qualified requirements?

Because they need to sell products and to avoid being classified as a pyramid scheme under the FTC guideline. (Check our discussion on the FTC MLM Guideline for more information.)

Gano Excel Compensation Plan

The Gano Excel compensation plan offers the most difficult option to make money. This is a binary compensation.

Binary means you have to build two successful teams to make money, double work.

This alone is a warning to all of you looking to join Gano Excel.

I’ll provide a quick analysis of the Gano Excel compensation plan. To see it in detail, just download a copy.

As an mlm opportunity, Gano Excels offers you two ways to earn: selling Products and/or building a team.

Make Money Selling Gano Excel Products

Gano Excels distributors can either purchase products at a discount price to resell, or they can direct customers to purchase from the replicated website to earn a retail profit.

Gano Excels doesn’t offer a flat discount rate. Each product has two prices, whole, and retail which Gano Excel publishes in the price list.

As a Gano Excel distributor, you have the exclusive right to purchase at the wholesale price.

But the question is, can you make a profit selling Gano Excel products on the market?

The cheapest wholesale price for a Gano Excel coffee bag is $17 with $25 suggested retail.

I did a search online and found a lot of Gano Excel coffee selling for as low as $10.

How can these distributors make a profit when the wholesale price is $17, and the market is only willing to pay $10?

Overprice is the reason why you cannot make money selling Gano Excel products.

Make Money Recruiting Distributors

This seems to be the only option to make money with Gano Excel, recruiting others to join.

As long as you are active and qualified, here are your option to earn.

Fast Start Bonus

You can earn $25, $75 or $150 fast start bonus every time you personally enrolled a distributor purchasing an ESP package.

However, to earn this bonus level, you must enroll as an ESP3, purchasing the $995 business kit.

Fast Start Override Bonus

You can earn from $5 to $40 override bonus on your downline recruits up to 5 generations.

Gano Excel scam bonus

But to receive this bonus, you must be an ESP3 and your downline must enroll as an ESP.

Residual Commissions

Gano Excel pays residual commission using the binary model.

This means you must recruit two teams, the left and the right, to qualify for this commission.

The second qualification requirement is both teams must achieve a minimum sales volume of $6,700, totaling $13,400 in group sales volume.

Once you have met the qualifications above, you earn a 15% residual commission, $1,005 ($6,700 x 15%).

The residual commission is calculated every month.

There are other leadership bonuses and incentives which require more purchasing of Gano Excel overpriced products to qualify. You can refer to the compensation plan
for more information.

As you can see, there are multiple ways to earn with Gano Excel. But to get paid, you must purchase more products to meet the qualification requirements.

This is how mlm works. Ways to earn is not the same as qualifying to receive the money.

You can potentially earn nothing with Gano Excel because the costs to stay active and qualified might exceed the commissions received.

Can You Make Money With Gano Excel?

The compensation plan is not the document that provides us the answer to distributors’ actual income.

Here’s what I mean,

The Gano Excel compensation plan outline options for distributors to make money. This is POTENTIAL EARNINGS.

To know the actual income, you need to look at the Gano Excel income disclosure statement (IDS). This financial document provides ACTUAL INCOMES
that distributors received from Gano Excel.

But, where can you get a copy of the IDS?

You can request one at the time of enrollment. The law requires Gano Excel to provide you a copy together with the compensation plan.

As a business review writer, I look to the actual incomes to advise clients on an investment.

If Gano Excel refuses to provide you a copy of the income disclosure statement, don’t join. This is a sign of a scam.

Here’s a copy of the Gano Excel income disclosure statement for you to use with this Gano Excel review.

Gano Excel Distributors’ Income

Looking at the Gano Excel income disclosure statement footnote, we know that 94%% of distributors earned an average annual income of less than $600.

Before you get excited and concluded, “Yes, I can make money with Gano Excel!” I like to point out that this is the gross commissions, before taxes and expenses.

What happens if you deduct the business expenses from this commission?

94% of Gano Excel distributors made no money.

What about the remaining 6%?

How many distributors make money with Gano Excel?

Looking at the earnings table, you can say about 3.25% of distributors, the $20,000 an above income group, made money after taxes and expenses.

What is your level of financial success?

For me, a business must generate no less than $100K a year, take-home money.

Less than 1% of Gano Excel distributors made $100K and above.

Your chance of achieving financial freedom is near zero with this business opportunity.

Why I am so confident?

Because, how can you possibly achieve the top 1% income group in the first few years?

Gano Excel business opportunity is not profitable.

Is Gano Excel A Scam?

Gano Excel is not a profitable business. But this doesn’t make Gano Excel a scam.

Gano Excel is a business opportunity. Every business has risks.

You are responsible to carefully research, study, and investigate the Gano Excel business before investing.

If you become a distributor without asking for doing proper researches, then you cannot call Gano Excel a scam.

Reading this Gano Excel Review is a good way to learn the risks and rewards associated with this business opportunity.

Many entrepreneurs hire professional financial analysts to evaluate a business profit and loss before investing.

As the owner of an Online Business Review, I have evaluated hundreds of mlm businesses to help investors identified and managed the risks.

Gano Excel is not a scam.

It is a high-risk and unprofitable business opportunity.

You can potentially lose all your investment.

Is Gano Excel A Pyramid Scheme?

Mlm companies are legit if they follow the FTC guideline.

Gano Excel might be legit under the law, but I don’t make my investment decision using the laws.

I look at the compensation plan and distributors’ income to determine if an mlm a pyramid scheme.

I say Gano Excel is a pyramid scheme.

If you look at the Gano Excel compensation plan, distributors are forced to purchase overpriced products to earn the commission.

The best option to make money with Gano Excel is by recruiting others, not selling products.

The more people that you recruit, the more money you make.

Distributors become the primary customers purchasing Gano Excel products.

Doesn’t this make Gano Excel a pyramid scheme?

Well, you don’t have to agree with me.

But you can’t deny that over 94% of Gano Excel business fail.

It is not easy for distributors to make money with Gano Excel, and the compensation plan was designed to turn distributors into customer, not business owner.

You will not get rich with Gano Excel.

Is Gano Excel Worth It?

If you enjoy drinking Gano Excel coffee and tea, then joining Gano Excel might be worth it.

But if you are looking for an opportunity to make money from home, then Gano Excel is not worth it.

However, the decision to become a Gano Excel distributor is yours to make.

Can I ask you this?

Do you know why you want to start a home-based business?

To earn extra money from home, to be your own boss, or to achieve financial freedom?

And to make money, we invest in a PROFITABLE business!

There are much better and less risky home-based business opportunities.

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The best part, you are working on the computer in your own home or anywhere you like.

Another thing that Gano Excel rarely discloses to distributors is “Business Control”.

As a Gano Excel distributor, you have to obey Gano Excel rules and policies to stay in business.

You have no control over what to sell or how to promote your business.

What happens if Gano Excel goes out of business?

You are out of business!

You lose everything and nothing you can do about it. You have zero control over the business.

You start a business to build long-term incomes. You want to create a system that generates money far into the future. Isn’t this the #1 reason you want to build a successful business?

There’s a lucrative method that I and millions of people have been using to generate six-figure passive income online.

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Can you write?

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Even if Gano Excel is not a scam, would I invest?

Why do you want to start a business when the chance of making $100K is less than 1%?

If you want to get rich, you have to launch a business with the potential to make millions or even billions.

I don’t think you can achieve your financial dream as a Gano Excel distributor.

This is not a good opportunity.

There are much better home-based business opportunities compared to Gano Excel.

But the final investment decision is yours to make.

Thank you for reading this Gano Excel review. I hope this review helps answer your questions.

Until next time.

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