RebateKey Review – Is RebateKey Legit

Your Facebook friends are showing off the free items they got from Amazon through a website called, RebateKey (Rebate Key).

They claim RebateKey is legit and invite you to join.

They even brag about making money from home with RebateKey.

Should you trust your Facebook friends?

You are curious and wondering, is Rebate Key legit or another online scam?

I was in your shoe before writing this RebateKey review.

I was excited to discover Rebate Key. I signed up for a free account.

This excitement quickly faded as I discovered free items were not necessarily mean FREE.

‘There is a catch with Rebate Key.’

Before joining RebateKey, you might want to know the risks of using RebateKey, and how to avoid getting scammed by RebateKey sellers.

I know you have lots of questions.

So, let begin our RebateKey review to answer your question, ‘Is RebateKey legit?’

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RebateKey Review Summary

Name: RebateKey (Rebate Key)

Business Type: Cashback Rebates

Investments: Free

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  • RebateKey is not a website to get free items from Amazon.
  • Rebate Key is free to join.
  • Sellers use RebateKey to promote and sell products.
  • Buyers join Rebate Key hoping to get a 100% rebate for their purchases.
  • The rebate process takes up to 35 days with Seller has the right to disapprove the rebate.
  • Sellers can exploit the disapproval policy right to deny rebate payment and forced you to purchase the item at full retail price.
  • If you haven’t seen how this Rebate Key scam work, you will enjoy reading this Rebate Key review.

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What Is RebateKey?

Rebate Key is an online rebate and coupon platform where sellers and buyers meet to conduct sales and exchange rebates.

Rebate Key Inc. was launched in 2017 in San Diego, California. The company headquarters is located in Sheridan, WY.

The founders of RebateKey are Leo Limin and Ian Sells.

They create the RebateKey marketplace after discovering rebates are a better way to improve product ranking on Amazon.

Amazon prefers to showcase products that sell at full price, in high demand and good reviews. Rebates are the best incentive to extract all these ranking factors from shoppers.

RebateKey doesn’t require you to leave product reviews to participate in the rebate program. However, sellers do.

Below is the company response to the feedback question asked by RebateKey Sellers:

Do I get the buyer’s emails so that I can follow up for feedback?

No, you don’t. However, you go to Rebate Queue > Recent Claims > Message Buyer and follow up there. Please keep in mind that you can only contact them for 60 days after the purchase.

RebateKey is not true rebates and discounts companies such as Rakuten (Ebates), Swagbucks, or Honey.

This company uses rebates to manipulate product ranking on eCommerce retail platforms such as Amazon and Walmart. This is considered cheating.

Rebate Key looks legit at this moment. But when Amazon starts changing its product ranking algorithms, Rebate Key is no longer legit.

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How Does RebateKey Work?

Rebate Key is a platform that offers services to sellers and buyers. I will discuss how Rebate Key works for both.

The rebate process usually starts with the sellers.

Rebate Key For Sellers

Sellers launch a rebate program with RebateKey to improve the ranking for new products and/or old products that don’t perform well on Amazon.

Sellers create the product listing with a cashback rebate offer, up to 100% of the purchase price.

Sellers add a direct link for shoppers to purchase the product at the full price on the Amazon site.

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Buyers then enter their order number into the RebateKey system to claim the rebate.

RebateKey deducts the rebate money from the sellers’ account and place on hold for 30 days. After that day, sellers have 5 days to approve or decline the rebate.

If sellers do nothing, a rebate check is automatically sent out to the buyers.

RebateKey For Buyer

Buyers using the RebateKey app or website to search for rebates, coupons, and deals.

When the shoppers find a 100% rebate listing, they can click on the link to purchase the item on Amazon.

Buyers are required to pay the full retail price, even if the item is overpriced.

Buyers have 1 hour to log in to their RebateKey accounts and report the purchase by providing the order number.

The rebate money is credited to the buyer’s account. Buyers have to wait 35 days to receive the payment. However, sellers have the right to deny paying the claim.

According to the RebateKey terms of use agreement, when sellers decline the rebate, buyer’s sole remedy is to cancel the account and stop using RebateKey.

Can you see how sellers can use this policy to force buyers to buy junk products at full price?

Because after 30 days, you cannot return items purchased from Amazon.

Do you think this is fair? Or Is Rebate Key legit?

How Does RebateKey Make Money?

RebateKey is free to join.

RebateKey makes money by charging sellers a servicing fee.

Sellers pay a RebateKey fee of $2.95 per buyer claim. This fee is collected even sellers deny the rebate claim.

Sellers can set the number of rebate claims per day. Every time a buyer files a claim, RebateKey deducts $2.95 from the seller’s prepaid account.

Is RebateKey legit?

It’s hard to say RebateKey is legit. I can only say Rebatekey is not safe to use for buyers.

This website uses a rebate scheme to manipulate product ranking on Amazon.

Currently, the RebateKey scheme is not in violation of Amazon policy. Who knows what will happen in the future?

Amazon can ban the RebateKey scheme just like the paid reviews. Amazon wants to deliver the right product with high quality and good prices to consumers.

RebateKey is designed to manipulate the ranking system to promote unpopular products, products of low quality, and expensive.

You can get a free account to check out RebateKey and understand, why my initial excitement quickly faded once I became a member.

Even though RebateKey is legit, but the products you purchase through RebateKey might not be a brand name, high quality, or cheap.

You can end up paying the full price if your rebate claim is declined.

In a way, RebateKey is not a safe rebates program like Ebates.

Is RebateKey A Scam?

Rebate Key is not a scam. However, unethical sellers can use RebateKey to scam you.

Let me walk you through the process of this Rebate Key scam.

A seller can create a rebate offer with RebateKey for an expensive and low-quality product that doesn’t perform well on Amazon.

Buyers get excited about the 100% rebate, free product. They purchase the product at full price and submit the rebate claim.

The seller denies the rebate payment after 30 days.

After 30 days, buyers cannot return the product to Amazon.

The sellers keep the money, and buyers are stuck with useless products.

RebateKey does nothing to stop sellers from scamming you. The only give this warning: “… Sellers who dispute too many rebates will be flagged.”

RebateKey buyers have no option to dispute the sellers. It is a lot of risks to participating in this rebate scheme.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams.

I warn you; Rebate Key is not a safe cashback program.

RebateKey Alternative

Similar RebateKey schemes have popped up online lately.

A noticeable competitor is Rebaid.

RebateKey vs. Rebaid

  • Rebaid is newer and has fewer users compared to Rebate Key.
  • The rebate process is longer, up to 45 days
  • Unlike RebateKey, Rebaid is open to international sellers and buyers.
  • As a new website, Rebait has fewer items with 100% cashback rebate offers.

RebateKey vs. Rebatee

  • Rebatee is the newest member of the Amazon ranking manipulation rebate scheme based in Hong Kong, China.
  • Rebatee gives 3,000 points ($30) to new registered members, which can be used to purchase products on its platform. You can earn more points by doing various activities such as login every day, search for items, and more.
  • However, Rebatee is currently closed for new users.
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RebateKey vs. Ebates

  • Ebates is a traditional cashback rebate website.
  • Unlike RebateKey, Ebates is an approved partner of many eCommerce retail sites, including Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Target, and much more.
  • More brand name and high-quality products.
  • There is no need to file a claim for a rebate after purchasing from the Ebates platform.
  • Sellers cannot decline the rebates. It awards to buyer accounts automatically after purchasing the item.
  • Ebates rebates do not affect product ranking on Amazon while RebateKey rebates do.
  • Ebates is currently offering a $10 sing up bonus to new members.

Those are just a few rebate sites for you to discover.

You can join a site like RebateKey or traditional rebates like Ebates. You can even join both.

Does RebateKey Work?

Currently, Rebate Key works. But no one can say it will in the future. This is the risk of participating in this product ranking manipulation scheme.

RebateKey is using rebates to game the Amazon product ranking algorithms.

I am sure other Amazon sellers with a good reputation and high-quality products will log complain against RebateKey sellers. It is unfair to both sellers and buyers.

RebateKey buyers will also complain as more and more got denied of their rebate claims.

Sooner or later, Amazon will take action to combat these illegitimate schemes. Until that happens, Rebate Key is legit.

RebateKey is free and worth signing up for.

You just have to be careful and purchasing only items that you need.

Don’t buy an item just because the seller offers a 100% cashback rebate.

Only buy rebate items from trusted Amazon sellers to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of a Rebate Key scam.

I think RebateKey can be a good way to get free items if you play safe.

RebateKey Referral Program

Before ending this RebateKey review, I like to talk about the RebateKey referral commission.

You have read online that you can make money with RebateKey by referring others to join the program.

The referral commission is not bad. It doesn’t pay per member joining RebateKey.

Rebate Key referral commissions are earned based on the number of claims that your referral filed and approved.

Below is the referral commission you could potentially make with RebateKey:

  • $1 for 1 or more rebates paid
  • $2 for 5 or more rebates paid
  • $3 for 10 or more rebates paid
  • $5 for 25 or more rebates paid
  • $9 for 50 or more rebates paid

Each refers will automatically link to your RebateKey affiliate account to track your earnings. You can cash out when the referral commissions reach $50.

You can make money online with RebateKey. But the earning is small.

Rebate Key is a rebate cashback program, not an online moneymaking opportunity.

Don’t waste your time with Rebate Key.

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RebateKey is not a safe site to earn consistent money online.

I have shown you how the Rebate Key scam works.

You understand why RebateKey is legit today, but might not in the future.

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I hope this RebateKey review answers your question, is Rebate Key legit?

Until next time.

Please share your RebateKey experience below.

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