NEWYOU Review – NEWYOU MLM A Scam Or Legit

NEWYOU mlm officially accepts Brand Partner in August 2018.

The company has created a little storm when it announced the first 8 months revenue of over $1.5 million.

This is impressive growth for a startup.

But, Is NEWYOU mlm a good home business to join?

Welcome to our MLM Coffee Talk.

We start a business to make money and achieve financial freedom.

MLM opportunities offer us an inexpressive option to start our own business.

However, it’s not easy to make money with mlms.

In this NEWYOU Review, we are going to discuss the followings:

  • The process of becoming a NEWYOU Partner?
  • The costs of starting your own NEWYOU business?
  • Understanding the NEWYOU compensation plan? And
  • Can you make money with NEWYOU?

At the end of this review, you should be able to decide if the NEWYOU mlm is a scam or a good home-based business to start.

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NEWYOU Review Summary

Business Opportunity:
Multilevel-Marketing (MLM)

Initial Investments:
$300 – $1,000

Business Earnings Estimate: 
<$100 Per Year.

  • NEWYOU was launched by Ray and Daran Grimm in August 2018 to promote and sell Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp CBD products.
  • The company is based in Carlsbad, California.
  • On Dec. 21, 2018 NEWYOU merged with Radiant Creations Group (RCGP) and currently operates as NEWYOU LLC.
  • The company’s first revenue report on March 31, 2019, eight months after the merger, exceeded $1.5 million.
  • At the time of this review, NEWYOU mlm is a startup, which I classify as a high-risk opportunity.
  • The company doesn’t publish the income disclosure statement. This is common with a startup.
  • CBD business is a hot opportunity. However, the CBD industry is becoming more and more competitive.
  • NEWYOU is an mlm opportunity that requires sales experience, especially with face-to-face recruiting to become successful.
  • The success rate for NEWYOU mlm home business opportunity is expected to below.



NEWYOU mlm was launched to distribute and sell Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp CBD products.

The company was originally started by a husband and wife team, Ray and Daran Grimm, based in Carlsbad, California.

Both the Grimm has decades of experiences in the network marketing industry.

On December 21, 2018, NEWYOU was acquired by the Radian Creations Group for an undisclosed amount.

The company manufactures and distribute its CBD product through an mlm network of independent Brand Partners across the United States.

The company reported the first eight months with sales revenue exceeded $1.5 Million in March 2019.

NEWYOU mlm is a startup which is a high-risk opportunity. It is not uncommon for startups to go out of business in the first few years.

There is no income disclosure statement published by NEWYOU. This financial document provides important income information to evaluate the profits and losses of a NEWYOU business.

You should compare NEWYOU opportunity with other home-based business before joining.

You can use My #1 Business Opportunity to make a comparison.

How to Join NEWYOU?

You will need a referral/sponsor to join NEWYOU mlm as a Brand Partner.

You are required to purchase one of the three Business Packs at the time of enrollment.

These Business Packs come with CBD products and a NEWYOU replicated site for you to promote your new business.

To earn commissions from your team, you must meet the monthly Personal Volume (PV) requirement which I’ll discuss more in the NEWYOU compensation section of this review.

How Much Does It Cost to Join NEWYOU?

The cost to join NEWYOU, ranging from $300 to $1,000, depends on the Business Packs you purchased.

According to NEWYOU compensation plan, purchasing the $1,000 Business Pack will promote you to the Double Diamond rank for 90 days, boosting your chance of success.

Honestly, I don’t believe it makes a difference. Success is based on your ability to recruit and promote NEWYOU, not buying a Business Pack.

Besides purchasing the Business Pack, there are other expenses to operate a NEWYOU mlm business.

One major monthly expense is the Qualification Expense, which NEWYOU calls Personal Volume (PV).

Brand Partners are required to maintain a 70 PV each month to stay in business and receive income from their business.

70 PV is approximately $80 of products ordered each month.

This monthly business expense is known as, “Pay and Play!” If you want to earn, you have to pay.

A Brand Partner that fails to meet the 70PV monthly Qualification is not allowed to receive team commissions.

This Qualification Expense will be the biggest monthly cost to operate a NEWYOU mlm business.

It can destroy your chance of making a profit because if you cannot resell the products, it becomes business losses.

Other home-based businesses, such as Affiliate Marketing, you earn the commission on every sale.

Do you know why mlm has this monthly order requirement?

Two reasons: to sell products and to avoid being classified as a pyramid scheme under the FTC guideline. (Check our MLM vs Affiliate Marketing for the discussion on the FTC MLM Guideline.)

NEWYOU Compensation Plan

The NEWYOU compensation plan is simple, but not easy to make money.

We will analyze NEWYOU compensation to understand how you can earn with NEWYOU.

As a Brand Partner, you have two options to make money: Sell products and recruit others to join your team.

I’ll provide an overview of the NEWYOU compensation plan. To see it in detail, just download a copy.

Make Money Selling NEWYOU CBD Products

NEWYOU Partners earn a flat 10% commission on the personal sale.

The Brand Partners can either purchase products to resell or selling directly from their NEWYOU website.

This sounds simple to make a profit, right?

Not really!

NEWYOU review CBD product

I did a search online and found a bottle of CBD Hemp Oil 1000mg selling for $21 with free shipping.

A CBD oil bottle with only 550mg retailing on NEWYOU website for $113.95 with a wholesale price of $89.

NEWYOU CBD products are much more expensive compared to the market price.

It will be a challenge to make a retail profit selling NEWYOU CBD products.

Make Money Recruiting Others

As a NEWYOU Partner, you earn a 10% commission on your Personally Enrolled Brand Partners monthly qualification purchases.

Partners also earn residual incomes from their team up to 9 levels, and the commission is ranging from 5% to 10%.

The team residual income is determined by your rank, starting with Ruby only earns commission on the 1st level.

However, you must be a qualified partner, ordering $80 each month, to receive these commissions.

This is the trick with mlm. The compensation plan gives you multiple ways to earn. But, to receive the commission, you must be a Qualified Partner.

You might end up receiving no commission even when you and your team are making sales every month.

Under the NEWYOU compensation plan, earning the commission is one thing and receiving the commission is another.

When evaluating an mlm opportunity, you need to know the actual income received by the Partners.

You can use the actual income to determine the business profit and loss.

Can You Make Money With NEWYOU?

NEWYOU will use the compensation plan and tell you, “Yes, you can.”

But, based on our discussion in the last section, this is not true.

The compensation plan offers only POTENTIAL EARNING, not the actual income.

So, where can you get the actual income?

From the NEWYOU income disclosure statement. This financial document contains ACTUAL INCOMES received by Partners from NEWYOU.

Most mlm companies, including NEWYOU, do not publish the income disclosure statement.

Why they do this?

NEWYOU doesn’t want us to know the truth. Partners actual incomes might be very bad.

It’s normal for 99% of Partners do not make money.

Where can you get a copy of this income disclosure?

You can request a copy upon enrollment. The laws require NEWYOU to provide a copy to every recruit.

With the income disclosure, you can see your chance of making money with NEWYOU.

As a business review writer, I look to the actual business incomes to advise clients on an investment. Potential earnings are just a guess, an estimate.

Don’t be surprised if the majority of NEWYOU Partners are not making money with this mlm opportunity.

Never join NEWYOU until you see the income disclosure statement.

If they refuse to provide you a copy, this is a sign of a potential scam.


Yes, you might lose money joining NEWYOU, but this doesn’t make NEWYOU a scam.

NEWYOU mlm is a business opportunity. It is a risky investment. Your chance of success is low.

When you join NEWYOU and the business fails, you cannot call NEWYOU a scam.

Every business opportunity has risks. You need to carefully research the opportunity before joining.

Reading this NEWYOU Review is a good way to learn the risks and rewards before joining NEWYOU.

Smart entrepreneurs hire professional financial analysts to evaluate every business deal to find a profitable opportunity.

As a Business Review Writer, I have evaluated hundreds of mlm businesses to help investors identified and managed the risks.

That’s all we can do, managing risks.

As a business opportunity, NEWYOU is not a scam. It’s just a high-risk business.

Is NEWYOU a pyramid scheme?

I have a different view of mlm opportunities.

NEWYOU considers itself a legit mlm company, not a pyramid scheme.

Sorry, I don’t agree with this.

Why I don’t agree that NEWYOU is not a pyramid scheme?

Based on their compensation plan.

Partners are forced to purchase expensive products to earn the commission.

You cannot sell these expensive CBD products on the market.

The only way to sell NEWYOU products is by recruiting others to join the business.

Once you join, you are forced to purchase $80 every month to remain as a Qualified Partner.

This is the problem with every mlm opportunity. The business Partners are the company primary customers.

The more people join your team, the more money you earn.

Recruiting is the way to get promoted and make money with NEWYOU.

Doesn’t this make NEWYOU a pyramid scheme?

I know, not everyone will agree with me on this.

But, based on our NEWYOU Review, you must agree with me that it is not easy to achieve financial success joining NEWYOU.

This opportunity is not profitable.

Is NEWYOU Worth It?

I hope this NEWYOU review provides you enough information to make this decision.

As for me, I would never start a business unless I know business profit is 90% or better.

Do you know why you want to start a home-based business?

To earn extra money from home, to be your own boss, or to achieve financial freedom?

And to make money, we invest in a PROFITABLE business!

There are much better and less risky home-based business opportunities.

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The best part, you are working on the computer in your own home or anywhere you like.

NEWYOU is a startup mlm.

Startups have a greater chance of “Going Out of Business.” This business risk is real.

If NEWYOU goes out of business. All Partners go out of business on the same day. When this happens, you will lose everything.

You have no control over this risk as a NEWYOU Brand Partner. You must carefully evaluate this risk before joining.

Starting a business is building a future income. It’s about making money in the long-term.

Future incomes are the reason we start a business?

There’s a lucrative method that I and millions of people have been using to generate six-figure passive income online.

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Can you write?

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NEWYOU mlm might not be a scam. But, it is a risky and unprofitable home-based business.

I hope this NEWYOU Review provides enough information for you to make an informed and sound business decision.

I want to thank you for joining our mlm discussion.

Until next time.

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